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  1. At a young age, Mia Becker had always had a nose into getting into trouble. To pranking the neighborhood or just getting nosey into other's people businesses. At age six she befriended a boy name, Michael Parker in elementary school. Michael would be the one that would keep her in check and what fueled her drive to be a journalist. At the age of 10, Mia began to realize she had a knack for easily eavesdropping and sneaking around unwanted areas. Puting these abilities to use, when she turned 15 she started up a blog about corrupt politicians and scandals revolving around America itself. Around 16 disaster struck as she was visiting one of her close friends Michael, just smoothly cruising along the shoreline with her mother driving. A drunk driver swerves into them resulting in both of them in the ER. Mia got out alive but scarred as it a small diagonal scar on her upper right forehead stuck out, but her mother, unfortunately, passed away due to internal bleeding in the lungs. Devasted with the news Mia tumbled into a state of depression for years. It was not until a few months after the accident her father and Michael coax her out of her depressed state. At 18 she had finally graduated and moved out with her best friend Michael. Both of them had gotten a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Photography dropping out of college to pursue their dreams. While Michael had been fortunate, Mia not so lucky while she wanting to be a journalist the local news station decided her to be their news reporter. Years passed and as Mia's 23rd birthday rolled around she finally quit her job at the news station and became a freelance journalist. Looking for and dirty scandals or dangerous news to report, her friend Michael invited her out to Chernarus for 3 months to document the rising tensions while photographing the surrounding environment. And that's when it all started her trip to Chernarus.