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  1. my name is Kay Sharpe i was born and raised in England in a small town called edale i grew up there with my 2 siblings jimmy and Scot thay were both younger than me my mums name was jane brickwarter untill she married my dad clive sharpe. my dad was a farmer and loved tending to his crops and life stock and he loved showing us the tricks of the trade i remmber wonting to be just like him when i grew up. a few years down the line and i was just like my dad unitll my mum was taken ill and we was at the hospitly then i dedicated all my time helping her and careing for her while my younger brouthers kept the farm with the watchfull eye of my dad it was when watching the doctors help my mum that i fell in love with being a doctor and a week after my mum had got the all clear i was off to med school were i studied for 5 years after i finish i decided to volunteer to work over seas to help those that can not help them selfs about 2 years into my work in afica i was told i would be moving to chernarus as thay needed a english doctor to start working in a hospitly so that when english torist came to chernoaus thay had a english speaking doctor after 2 years at the hospitly i can not say what happend after that by law all i can say to sum up is am 35 years of age with alot of knowledge of the wourld
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