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  1. a pleasant upbringing in a middle class family far frome conflict but seeing so much on television influenced him along the path of a firefighter has a wife and 2 kids who he lost and will never see again during a mass evacuation of chernarus which alex sadly missed he wanders just looking for the face of someone who else he left his family in france and iscurrently unaware of the state which his 2 sisters and parents are in currently he refuses to cause violence unless absolutely nececary due to his bad history and trauma he has suffered over the past due to bullying and witnessing wars happening throughout his child hood he has finally come to turns and accepted killing infected people but still struggles to pull the trigger when facing people no matter the danger of the situation this is what has led to the death of friends group members and almost himself. growing up alex struggled to fit in but never lashed out at anyone when he was picked on or bullied cause he knew they weren't worth it
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