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  1. Jake Kaminsky

    Can I get some conformation please?

    so just to be clear, if someone speak to me and tell his name if i see, on the server status page, that he's hostile i can yell him "on the ground bitch" and rob him because someone told me he's not a "good boy"?
  2. Jake Kaminsky

    Change on Hostility Colors

    I totally agree with u...as a new player and fresh of whitelist i tought it was metagaming like the rules said "12.1 You may not use metagaming to give your character information that he/she would otherwise not have access to or to gain any kind of advantage over other players. 12.2 You may not use information posted on the forums, said in TeamSpeak or acquired in any other OOC way to get unfair advantage in game. You may however use information acquired through approved IC methods on our website like radio chatter threads or the DayZRP map." This is why i tought it is stupid and nosense to go on forum and see who is hostile or not.
  3. Jake Kaminsky

    Change on Hostility Colors

    so I should alt+tab while im RPing and going to the character page and make a search?? it sounds so stupid.....
  4. Jake Kaminsky

    Change on Hostility Colors

    I speak as a new member so I could missing something, how can a green player have benefits if he doesn't know who is in front of him? I mean if I meet someone and he tells me his name i can't know if he's hostile or neutral, or i'm missing something? thanks
  5. don't ask why i was dubbing in a fox pijama
  6. Thank u all! I hope i'll run into u guys one day
  7. Thank u for the advice, i'll take a look
  8. Hello guys, im new here and i hope i'll have a great time I hope i could join some group of survivor to improve my experience in role play Is there any town where people usually met? I only met some guys who were afraid of a lone man with a knife during my journey...
  9. Jake is the oldest of the three brothers, Dominique, Lars and Jake. He was born in Berezino, in 1990. Son of Marie and Jason Kaminsky. He grew up in a family where nothing is missing, with the dream of becoming a professional footballer. Things go well at home, the father is a manager of an important public company, and the mother doctor earn enough to allow children to do anything. Dom wants to become a teacher of history, Lars wants to be a chef and Jake a footballer. Things for him are great at 16 it seems like he could be a star but in the following years heavy injuries forced him to give up football. Depressed and frustrated Jake can not find his place in the world, lives doing odd jobs and never anything stable, always bored and without goals until the world does not change radically .... Now one year after the propagation of the virus Jake, that is 28, has seen his father, mother and brother Lars die, he has seen his brother Dominique going mad, who is currently missing. He travelled through Europe in search of his brother helping anyone in trouble on his way. Finally Jake has found his way: helping others and search Dom far and wide wherever any clue can lead to him. Next stop: Sinistok.