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  1. Jake Kaminsky

    Worth coming back?

    I don't get your question, if u like RP u know the answer, if u like the game as well u know again the answer.
  2. ye me too, it was like 75.. But one thing, if they release the server files u can put your private server and have how many players u want or am i wrong?
  3. It worked with this thanks a lot
  4. It seems stupid but it works like it for me
  5. Jake was lying down watching the sky when he heard those words on the radio and suddenly jumped up press the P.T.T. "..warmth, water, and food free for all??!?? Sir.. *pause* ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?" release the P.T.T. Hey Dom! Did you hear? they said there will be free food!
  6. i'll try with this, I already did the others..thanks
  7. Hello everyone, since im back on dayz(like 2 weeks) I had this problem, game crash and give me this error: Bad_Module_Info I searched and already tried to: update w10, video drivers, put dayz in compatibility mode with w7 and windowed mode Someone has this problem? Thanks
  8. Sorry guys I must do it...I totally left my heart on it and I was only 7 y old..
  9. glad to see that there aren't only kids with instagram filter
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