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  1. Born 1987 in the city Gothenburg, Sweden Karl was a pretty lonely person. He did not have a lot of ambitions in life and did not feel the urge to do anything specific. The loneliness started to grow his resentment for people altogether. He went through school with only passing grades being nothing special there either. Things weren't going very well for him and Karl realized that over time. He was still struggling with figuring out what he wanted to do with his life when he was finished with school. He saw an ad for "Försvarsmakten" (Swedish Armed Forces) one day and thought he could try it, there was really no other option. He joined and he fit in pretty well. Karl even started making some good friends and while the resentment for people did not go away completely it was certainly a step in the right direction. Although he loved hanging out and talking to his small group of friends he had a very hard time with the people outside of his small circle. Eventually though his service was over and he came back home where he was left without his friends, back to square one. The others weren't going to come back for more service and he did not want to do it by himself so instead he got a low-paying job as a cashier and was left alone in his tiny apartment. Being severely bored with his life he felt like he needed a vacation. The financial situation was not looking very good however for Karl so he saved up for a while and was able to afford a trip Chernarus. It did not really matter where he went as long as it was away from his home. Unfortunately for Karl he ended up timing his vacation to Chernarus to when the outbreak started. Karl eventually teamed up with a group called "The Interpol". The survival situation forced him to look away from his resentment and join his new band of friends. Eventually he got another group of friends. They roam around Chernarus helping people in need. Although this is not what Karl wanted it's the best possible situation for him currently.
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