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  1. Jedidiah Morgan, Jedidiah was born in London, England. He grew up a fighter and soon found himself in trouble with the law. To settle his anger, he joined the British army, he was posted to the middle-east, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. He learned new skills and became a strong soldier. Years later Jed was enlisted into foreign intelligence, he was sent with a small group of men recruited from British intelligence and special forces to ensure intelligence on Chernarus diplomacy. In the first week of the infection the group was split as CDF forces compromised the mission. Jed and one of the men "Mac" found themselves running with nowhere to hide. With little chance of survival and no communication with the outside world they came to the realization that they were stuck on Chernarus. He started his journey searching towns and cities, moving along the coast to find shelter and staying out of sight from infected and CDF. Scavenging for as much gear, food, and water he could find he made his way to a small town just north of Berezino. He set up a camp there, he'd go out at day to look for survivors and for supplies and he'd bring it back, it was too dangerous to go out at night, at least alone. Now Jedidiah goes by a new name 'Berwin' as he makes his way through life on Chernarus, searching and surviving.
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