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  1. Damir Marksen was born in the fastly developing capital of Novigrad, Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1976. Born to a worker's immigrant family - his mother Alisa, a nurse in the newly built hospital, and his father Dmitriy, an engineer in the Soviet Armed Forces, stationed as a reservist in Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, later on, deployed to Afghanistan while Damir he was still young. His father's influence and personal curiosity drove interest in scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical knowledge, resulting in him joining an after-school contriver program where he'd spend most of his time and meet most of his friends. Viktor Kranz Völker was raised by a German father, Kranz Völker, and a Ukrainian immigrant, Anastasia Völker, was born in the fastly developing capital of Novigrad, Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1976. His mother, a hard-working nurse in the central South Zagora hospital, his father a former CSFSR soldier, amputee, working as a taxi driver. Life was uneasy in his family, due to the developing international debt crisis, it was hard to make enough to live. But, being very young, and the country already in stagnation, it quickly began to spiral into chaos as the country was nearing collapse at the fall of the Soviet Union. And as such, his mother made a decision to move back to Northern Zagoria in 1989 or known then as Dalgor, to her family on the Russian border. The father was adamantly against it, being a hard-born Chernarussian nationalist, but he could not support his own by himself. And so, abandoning the capital behind, they moved to Anastasia's parent's residence in Dalgor for the time being. Now 1997, Viktor 16, it was still hard adjusting to the new life. As Chernarus became independent, the political attitude was shifting gradually. His school was going well, with slightly high marks, but he never really seemed to make any friends, mainly sticking to himself. Being a communist, like his mother at a young age, it made him somewhat unpopular, same with his father disliking it. The year was now 1999, and Viktor finished his high school. Failing to convince his son to move with him back to the South, disappointed and depressed, he walked back on his own, to a now re-unified nationalistic Chernarus, still in massive economic problems, but regaining its strength with the West's support. Dealing with severe depression and an alcoholism addiction, he'd commit suicide after failing at his job after being laid off, the family not even knowing it, leading them to think that he has just vanished, or left them, not making life any easier. Not only with his mother, he decided to help her financially, by working at a local newspaper called Cert24. It wasn't much, but, it did cover some expenses, and later on, helped him to save up for his education, plus he enjoyed the work. Like his mother, he decided to go into the medical field, focusing on being a general physician, traumatologist being the speciality, but not coming from a wealthy family, they couldn't, at least initially, afford the proper education, for the Dalgor State Medical University to be specific, due to socialism being a far distant thing from now on, the expenses being rocket high. While working for the small and yet instead growing independent newspaper, he'd partake in many part-time jobs, from truck loading to an illegal huckster. Life seemed to be going well so far, and his dream of entering the University was finally achieved. Due to slightly higher marks in his high school, he was accepted without much of a problem, after taking a large loan of course, and so his education begun. At the beginning as a freshman, it was hard, due to the language barrier, Russian being the second official language, and his mother becoming ill. But, after only a few years of his studies, the horrifying news struck the small family, as it turns out that his mother had lung cancer. As such, he had to postpone his studies, and later on completely abandon them to turn all of his attention on her, financially as well. Just by himself now, caring for his mother, he had to spend all of his time working at the local newspaper as an amateur assistant journalist, spending many hours a day at the building, trying to make as much as he can for her growing medical expenses. His time working for the small group got him in many different exotic places, from reporting unofficially during the Coup d' état and civil war in Takistan, to covering the US Marine Corps in Grozovia, Bombings in Chernogorsk, covering the NAPA attacks, the ChDKZ group's engagements in skirmishes with Chernarussian Defence Forces. He'd spend years with the group, that'd become the most prominent news station in the country, and due to his intelligence, loyalty and true journalistic values and attitude, he'd be promoted to a field journalist, which would earn him a lot more money-wise in the CRK's, but would also mean he'd get to be in many interesting places. The year is now 2009, September, also known as the 'September Crisis'. ChDKZ (Chedaki) masses its forces on the coast to take control of the most developed part of the country and gain access to harbours, trade routes etc. This effort is coordinated by three warlords and is mostly successful. Chedaki seizes the majority of Chernarus including Chernogorsk, the capital of South Zagoria. After negotiations to join Russia result in dismissal by Moscow, Chedaki executes Alexander Baranov, the prime minister of Chernarus, and declares the nation the Chernarussian Socialistic Republic. Part of the Chernarussian government manages to find a way off the island into exile abroad and insist they are still the only legitimate government of the country, asking western nations for help. Viktor would be heavily involved in his country's events, covering and reporting for his station on the assassination, marines being en route to the Green Sea, as the Chernarussian Crisis Intensifies. After Russians call emergency UN meeting, the world's attention would shift at the small country as Operation Harvest Red begins with the USMC 27th MEU is sent to Chernarus to prevent civilian casualties in the ongoing conflict between Chedaki and remnants of Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF). As there is the Security Council stalemate continues, shortly before USMC invasion starts, Razor Team is deployed near Chernogorsk with the objective to destroy communication station. During the mission, they discover a mass grave created by Chedaki forces, both of the events Viktor would participate in. It'd be the first time he would be directly involved locally in the Civil War and the incoming invasion, investigating both NAPA and the Chedaki. As Razor team joins the battle of Chernogorsk tasked to locate and capture Chedaki leaders - Andrey 'Akula' Lopotev, Mikola Bardak and an unknown man going under the identity of Kostey. They manage to take the first two captives while transporting them back to base; they are ambushed and taken captive. It's learned that Kostey was actually a CDF officer who now revealed his true identity. Shortly after the warlords leave the scene, USMC squad rescues Razor team, but they're too late to save Sgt. Miles' life. Though Andrey Lopotev manages to escape, Mikola Bardak is captured after a long hunt by Razor team, now led by MSgt. Matthew Cooper. At the time, US Marines were only reportedly inside Chernarus, but local rumours and trails of evidence would lead to prove that it was indeed correct. On the 9th of October, the United States confirms Marine incursion, as on the same day Marines retake Chernagorsk - mass graves discovered, as on the same day the media is confused as the US first declares, then denies capture of rebel leaders, while Russia continues to amass its troops on the border. CDF flood into South Zagoria in the wake of USMC incursion. ChDKZ forces – who only days ago controlled the entire South Zagoria region from the Russian border in the north to the Green Sea coastline – have been pushed back to a frontline beyond Vyshnoye and Staroye, two villages in the centre of the South Zagoria province. Nationalist guerrillas attack ChDKZ strongholds in the north. Chernarussian nationalist extremists are launching violent reprisals on ChDKZ strongholds in the north of South Zagoria. Civilian militias belonging to various nationalist groups are reportedly assaulting towns and villages in the remote regions north of the Vyshnoye/Staroye frontline. ChDKZ forces have been pushed back into this region by the advancing CDF and USMC forces in the south. The civilian militias are said to be destroying homes as well as assaulting ChDKZ military targets. One eyewitness claims to have seen ‘NAPA’ nationalists burning a house in the Krasnostav region with ChDKZ sympathisers still inside. The area has a long history of minor skirmishes between ethnic Russian settlers – long-standing supporters of the defunct Chernarussian Red Star movement party, the political wing of the ChDKZ – and Chernarussian nationalists. The approach of US and CDF forces to the south appears to have drawn an angry populace out of hiding after months of ChDKZ dominance. Meanwhile, in the Chernarussian mainland, an interim government is being established after the assassination of PM Baranov and other cabinet members at the start of the current crisis. The new interim government is being elected by existing members of parliament rather than general public vote, after which he'd be elected. After the elections, nationalist reprisals would intensify, forcing Viktor to go deep into the woods to search for evidence, tracking down guerillas. 2nd chance for UN talks begin as ChDKZ line begins to collapse, with the Chernarus crisis nearing an end as USMC advance. As USMC pushes north, Forward Operating Base Manhattan is set up. Razor team searches for Chedaki base and smaller camps in the region. While doing that, they meet Father Fyodor, a local priest with ties to NAPA. Viktor and his assistants would continue to follow Razor's tracks, interviewing anyone on the way, such as the priest. Though, on the 16'th of October, the Moscow bombing happens. Fifty-three people are killed and nearly two hundred injured, many critically, in a bomb blast that tore through Moscow's Red Square. NAPA is linked to the attack and Russia readies itself to enter the Chernarussian conflict, Viktor re-opening the NAPA investigation with his assistants, Perviy Kanal and local-based AAN journalists, attempting to track down the ones in charge. Under diplomatic pressure, USMC withdraws from Chernarus, leaving arriving Russian Forces to handle the situation. After gathering enough evidence, Razor learns that Lopotev was the man responsible for the Moscow bombing. While US government presents this data to the UN council, USMC forces return to the country. Tolerated by Russian Forces, they help Razor team with the assault on the main Chedaki base, followed by the swift capture of Andrey Loptev. And as such, the Chernarussian crisis ends. Years would pass, the major battles finally over, with only the occasional NATO training exercises in the Green Sea Region, with news of a Chernarussian Geologist Killed in Karzeghistan. By now a senior correspondent, he'd be in charge of his own wing in his home, now working at the capital. Chernarussian beer export market would stagnate, along with other trades, the economy post-war having troubles. The Chernarussian judiciary agrees to extradite weapons dealer, Aslan Radayev, to Russia, who was linked with the Chedaki leaders in supply. Time would pass, and Chernarus was slowly starting to recover. To many, it was shocking to discover that most of the NAPA leadership, along with the soldiers were pardoned, some even outright joining the CDF, which was ironic, considering their hate towards the corrupt government that they despised. Meanwhile, the government would begin a terror campaign hunting down the remaining Chedaki forces; something Kranz would focus on in the post-war, documenting crimes committed on all sides. But, now the focus of attention was switched to more important matters. On the 7th of July, rumours, followed by video evidence started circulating online regarding strange CDF mobilisation and activity near the Severograd base, stopping all incoming and outcoming traffic, which was rather suspicious and unusual. Using his press documentation, and a little bit of bribe money, Kranz and his crew was able to get past the outer perimeter checkpoint, recording from afar the commotion within, some of it which included the Russian helicopter landing, the video of which would be later on posted on Twitter. The results of the investigations regarding the relocations remained inconclusive at the time, but tensions would rise after the departure of the helicopter, and later on, the airstrike that shook the nation, followed by an aerial bombing exchange. Severograd began experiencing attacks from several soldiers that appeared to be rabid and unresponsive, the soldiers having emanated from the base. The locals were always happy to assist and share rumours with their follow Chernarussians, especially with the TV crews as it would shed a spotlight on their tiny, mostly irrelevant town, but this time - it was something bigger. The stories were true, men in burned military uniforms emerged from the woods and attacked civilians, the city entering a state of complete martial law. Then, the Russian artillery campaign would continue on the outskirts of cities, and so it prompted them to interview the locals for their opinions and information regarding the situation. A man in Severograd who was interviewed by a local news station in Novodmitrovsk said the following about that morning, his information he shared, a theory of it all being a ploy, later on turning out to be true. Interested in this theory, Volker and his TV crew would remain in the town, only to be awoken during the night to the attacks of the hundreds of men and women coming from the North. Seeing as the city was practically lost, they would steal one of the cars left open and drive south, only getting into the traffic jam, the horde following from behind. At that time, something wrong started happening with his crew, most of them getting presumably sick, but it was getting worse. Stuck in a quagmire for hours, they'd decide to walk on foot towards the checkpoint a few kilometres in front. It was almost too late as he realised that his crew and many those in the traffic jam were infected, as they begun to turn. And so, he ran towards the checkpoint, that would be reinforced by that time by units from Balota. The soldiers told him that only the Coast was presumably safe, nobody knew what was going on. And so, Volker joined the long refugee line heading towards Elektrozavodsk. Now stuck in the city, he would keep worrying about his sick mother back in the North. She would be living close to the Russian border, which was rather safely guarded, so he hoped that she made the smart move and crossed the border into safety, being a duel-citizen. But, he still had to be sure. Miroslavl would become research stations where he was assigned to head to, after handing over all of the footage and documentation he has recorded throughout the whole commotion. But after a few weeks, it would be dangerous to stay there, joining a convoy to Chapaevsk instead. Another disaster would strike Chernarus, as a large storm swept through the country. Most electricity would go offline, same with telecommunications, rendering TV and the internet useless. Seeing as there was no point anymore, he would purchase a car from a village and head back North, curving past and around the ground zero in his hometown, in search of his mother. As he neared closer, he'd reach checkpoints, manned by the Russian military. As it turned out, the Russian Federation has moved slightly southern past the border to secure it, seeing as the CDF lost total control, leaving hope. But, to no avail. His hometown, Dalgor, was struck by CAF strikes and artillery barrages due to the military losing control of that region, fear of it being overrun and due to the Russians coming closer. He'd search his apartment complex, the whole building, the surrounding streets, check the hospital records and witnesses, but it would all lead to the same place. And so, he checked with the local cemetery, where it was confirmed that she passed away, critically injured in one of the strafes. His mother dead, the country in ruins and the whole Earth nearing total collapse, he would feel like it is his personal duty to find the ones behind this responsible, or, perhaps find out how and why it all happened. He'd team up with a doctor from the local hospital his mother worked with, his colleague from AAN and a few other men and women who had family missing in the South, all heading in that direction. A few CDF garrison soldiers, under Russian protection, were also allowed to leave with them, heading towards Severograd. During the night, someone yelled out in horror, stopping the convoy. People started disembarking, but there was no understanding as to what exactly happened. The soldiers would panic, people running around in chaos, everyone confused. Not wanting to fall victim to the undead, Volker would take his team and head into the forest with the little gear they had, chased by the zombies. They'd run for hours, but the zombies would not get tired, some of them catching up and tearing apart those who were not fast enough, others running off or simply getting lost, leaving just Volker and his colleague Dmitriy, a photographer from the AAN. Together, they continue South, attempting to recuperate from what just happened, gather their strength and continue their journey towards ground zero, to find out what happened once and for all.
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