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  1. Why most splendid montage, if i dare say so, yes indubitably. Remarkable song as well on the video, yes quite so.
  2. Unfortunately it won't happen, staff is dead set on staying on Nyheim, with all the implications it brings.
  3. +1 on this, right now you barley even sense if it's night time. Darker nights will switch up the atmospheric feelings of Nyheim alot more.
  4. Really like the art, amazing. Having met you IC and even trying to find out who's behind that mask, the reference makes good sense!
  5. Had great and fun RP today with Kai (@tz) and Zach (@Mason) in the forest adventure we had with Monty (@Scott Fynch). Shout out to @Zrni also in regards to the sniffing debacle, had me crying in tears.
  6. Unfortunately i hadn't updated my Nvidia drivers so my Shadowplay wouldn't record any of the events that unfolded. I was outside Bunker by the hospital across the street when i was approached by @Mason. While in character he asked me about the possibility of entering the Bunker despite being told not to show up anymore by @ImNovaaa the other day. I told him i had to go inside the Bunker and check with the rest of the people within if they would be fine with it, to which @Mason told me that: ''we might as well go back to Square one.'', If he wasn't allowed to enter. I entered the Bunker and told the VK inside that Mason was outside and wanted to come in. I decided to go to a more secluded area of the bunker to radio on the rest of VK that @Mason was inside the Bunker with @Sc0ttie who had just arrived. They both managed to come inside the bunker (not sure if they were told to or just walked in) and RP'd for awhile till more VK showed up and both of them were kicked out from Bunker. With the conundrum of being told that ''We will be at square one'' which could be interpenetrated as a threat due to prior hostile events as well as not heeding our warnings about showing up anymore to the Bunker, both @Sc0ttie and @Mason were initiated upon outside. As 5 or more VK's aimed their weapons and gave them commands to put their hands up and not move. @Sc0ttie decided to make a run for it and was gunned down while @Mason complied and was escorted towards the tree lines.
  7. Had some intressting hostile RP with Omar (?) near Admin building at Bunker, bravo on his part and rest of the IM.
  8. Deacon speaks with his regular mono-tone sounding voice: ''Mhm... i might join in on this...oh and cocaine aswell eh?'' *He lets go of PTT*
  9. Had some fun RP with the Handlers today at the slum.
  10. Welcome back! Great to see new people whom are returning back, It's always a welcoming sight!
  11. I'm conflicted about this, on one hand if there were to be a black market trader that buys rare ingame items (similar to Tarkov) i think it would be an interessting thing yet i haven't really felt the need at the same time to bother with the traders when we did have them.
  12. Hey, hope you enjoy your stay, if you have any questions at all, just DM me!
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