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"Sovereignty is not given, it is taken. - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk"

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  1. DeaconLN

    Swedish meetup, Gothenburg

    Damn, I live like 15 min from there shame I'm on vacation otherwise I would have definitely joined, have fun tho.
  2. DeaconLN

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    Yep i agree with this, this can of course be implemented in different ways (like stated above). Most RP communities I've been part of would have the perpetrator who committed the Perma death ask the individual if he accepts the PK, if he doesn't then the Gamemaster takes over and see if it was a valid enough of a reason to let the PK remain. One way this would have been done, would been informing the Game master or Admin beforehand and let him know you are about to PK someone and let him know the reasons behind why (IC reasons of course).
  3. DeaconLN

    Cosmetic / Clothing items & features you'd like to see in DayZ

    Facial hair would be a great addition to have, right now even simplistic ones would be appreciated.
  4. Born in 1983, 27th of January, Boyar was brought up in a rural low class family in Mekenskaya to a devout Sunni Muslim mother and father. Like most in his youth he attended a substandard school in his neglected town, where corruption and crime would have been a regularity, despite this he showed great potential in his classes even being nicknamed ''Kamal'' (meaning ''perfect'' in Arabic) by his teachers, history being his favorite subject with a fascination towards past events like ''The Great Patriotic War'', Battle of Thermopylae and ideological founders like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. His father would often speak with pride how several individuals and family members from his village joined the draft to beat back the fascist Germans during the ''Great Patriotic War'' and his admiration for Stalin during the era. In High School Boyar continued his education with alignment towards logistics. It was here he meet Leyla, she was slightly short with long brown hair with a short stature and fair skin. Her initial reaction of Boyar was indifferent to say the least, he was considered to rowdy and sometimes even a bit scary however during several encounters and conversations she ended up being fond of him and Boyar was granted her hand in marriage, making him engaged. The Father worked as a mechanic, repairing and scraping vehicles while his mother would produce textiles for the local bazaar. Being the only child, Boyar decided to put his education on hold, instead focusing on making direct income by working in a steel factory producing shingles to help provide for his fiance (whom was still studying) and rest of his family . in 1994 a civil war broke out in his home republic of Chechnya, Islamist factions along with Chechen Separatists demanded independence and the Federal forces went in to quell the revolt. The Northern administration area of Chechnya (including the town where Boyar lived) quickly became occupied by the Federal forces whom met little resistance and remained relatively unscathed, however during the second Civil war in 1999 it was getting more difficult for the federal forces to get supplies in to the soldiers on the front lines due to harassment by Chechen rebel ambushes. To counter this local pro Chechen's were drafted and recruited by the federal forces to become ''Village guards'' with the duty of intercept and organize their own ambushes against the Rebels as well as holding the rear lines safe as sentry. As Leyla (Boyar's then girlfriend) was returning home from class a 82mm mortar shell from the exploded near the bus stop she was waiting in, resulting in her and 4 other death. Upon hearing the death of his fiance Boyar wept and mourned for weeks, secluding himself from friends and families, despite being an atheist he ended up seeking help from a higher power, this however turned him more Agnostic oriented then a fully devoted individual. Depressed with a craving for vengeance and retribution Boyar joined the Pro Federal forces despite the heavy disapproval of his family due to fearing retaliation for having family sided with the government, with several weeks of paramilitary training in Chechen oriented combat approaches with involved in ambushes, reconnaissance and hit and run tactics, similar to that of the rebels. During his time as being part of the Paramilitary Boyar found condolences with his fellow comrades whom had lost families, friend and acquaintances. The first month were consistent of Ambushes, The Federal forces would pass off Intel to the Paramilitaries about potential Rebel movements inside friendly lines and a firing line would have been established by the paramilitary however long distance skirmishes would have been common. As the Civil war was coming to a deceive end with the federal forces as the victor and the establishment of a puppet government in Chechnya Boyar exiled himself along with few other Paramilitary comrades from their own homes for fear of being executed or assassinated by the Islamic insurgents that were still roaming the country side of Chechnya and the neighboring Dagestan. Boyar ended up fleeing towards Chernarus where he was offered citizenship. (Will continue)
  5. Danila ''Danil'' Berezil was born in Miroslav, Southern Chernarus. Born in 1992 of January as a single child to a low middle class- deeply conservative family with religious values. Often considered gregarious and loyal to his own. His stance in a group would often leave him as the follower rather then the leader, leaving him however content, at times something he enjoys, having others do the the thinking and him the work. As an individual Danila would often have a Cynical world view and towards certain situations and individuals for example, meeting people in need of help would leave him slightly skeptical and quickly force him to make a situational awareness before engaging, this isn't due to lack of piety but mostly for caution. Despite him being cynical he considers himself religious but could be per seed as agnostic at times. His mother was a maid for a more well of family which often meant Danila spent more time with his father whom was a Police officer, he often enjoyed hunting and gathering, this was due to his family sometimes saving money by scavenging for food resources in the wild such as hunting for meat and picking mushrooms and herbs. Growing up as a child he was more or less unaware of his family's poverty, this was due to the fact that most of the folks where he lived weren't that wealthy off to begin with unless for the lucky few whom owned business and foreign investment. Danila would often be considered as a trouble maker, often not for initiating a confrontation but taking part in most of them. For him his friends was his family as well and he would often be protective of them, something he would recall as blindness loyalty. In school Danila didn't thrive for much, he had already settled to become a police officer like his father not because he was so law obiding but because it ran in the family, he was often content with his life and decisions. ''Why strive for bigger ambitions, they just make you a bigger target, not only for your potential enemies but from yourself as well.''- Danila Berezil, (somewhere in a camp fire during the outbreak). Later years: During the Civil War Danila's family was left mostly unscathed expect for the economical difficulty the war brought on to everyone, the civil war made him more nationalistic oriented something that would continuously follow him. During the events unfolding in 2017, Danila was living alone in the outskirt of his home town about to graduate as a Cadet from the Police Academy during the war, when rumors began that infected people were roaming the the Northern parts of the country, attacking and killing anyone they can get their hands on, by now waves of refugees were making their way to safety and Danila had to act.. Months later: Danila by now had established himself as a scout in a group of other survivors, Although indifferent to other people they were sometimes forced to rob other weaker groups of civilians when times were difficult, although he disliked such act at times, he knew the group had to come first especially at times like these. When relocating the camp Danila was sent as to scout out an area for a potential place for them to move when he heard cracks and whizz of gun shots upon his return, as he ran back he saw signs of a fierce ambush, most of his group members were either dead or had scattered..