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  1. Azazel and his dog Anubis were apart of a NATO SAR unit sent to Chernarus to assist in plucking Russian scientists that claimed to have the cure for the infection that has plagued the world. The Scientists wanted to be safely taken to the least infected country possible in exchange for the cure. Not wanting to risk the possibility of it not being a lie the SAR unit was sent in. But just before making landfall an instrument malfunction occurred Azazel and his chopper smashed into the ocean depths leaving Azazel and Anubis separated. Azazel is brave(possibly foolish) man who seeks the truth and justice in situations where it may not always be needed. But his courage in the eyes of death and his skill in surviving is what made him renowned in the SAR unit. When confronted with a challenge, he pushes towards it head first and always beats it. He always overcomes his problem without a hassle, however his methods may seem unorthodox to some situations.
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