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  1. Bloody

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    change needed please // Gina: You have not upgraded your account. Follow instructions on THIS thread to do so.
  2. The iron sights are surprisingly accurate too
  3. Bloody

    [CS] Chernaya Strazha [Recruiting] - Long live Novy Chernarussiky!

    Thangs I have read it. And it really brings nothing new or unique. As they say in America, same shit different toilet. Your ideal views might differ from CLF but your views on foreigners don't. Your mad at a government so you take it out on survivors who are just trying to survive? Wouldn't it be power gaming to make someone work in a labor camp until they see "the error of their ways"? You should take out the goal to kill capitalism, the infection did that for you, and focus on restarting a new communist state, make laws, enforce them. Oh what, that's SVR. You can focus on the nuances differing this group from the next instead of the big picture. You can make something similar, or something completely different to all the rest. Good luck.
  4. Bloody

    [CS] Chernaya Strazha [Recruiting] - Long live Novy Chernarussiky!

    Looks like you put some work and thought into this. Looks good, but just another Pro Chernarussian, anti everyone else clan. Very generic to me. Just join CLF. Your goals aren't any different than any other clan. Kill Capitalism? Dude, Capitalism is dead, so is Communism, democracy, socialism, any government or ideal at that matter. This is a zombie apocalypse. I don't see anyone going to the mall buying nice clothes, Jewelery, cars. It would be more realistic to just be Cherna-thugs and rob people just because rather than masquerading behind some anti-capitalist propaganda.
  5. Bloody

    My not so angry suggestion thread. In other words things that I have a problem with.

    I think your group ideas are a little harsh, however I do agree that the group requirements need to be raised. Now, the minimum number for group to be accepted is 5. I think it should be raised to 10 or 15.
  6. Bloody

    Expanding Chernarus: Miroslavl Region

    RPpoch server????
  7. Staroye and shakhovka are going to be tricky
  8. Name: Harry Douglas Role: Racer Group: None
  9. Tmrw I could try making a video, but logged off for the night. All you do is go to the top of the stairs and there is a prop door on the stair landing. Just walk thru the door and your in a false room. You don't have to vault or anything, just walk thru the prop door.
  10. Describe the issue: In the 2 story apartment buildings in berenzino you can glitch thru the door at the top of the stairs. Is the problem reproducible, ie can you re-create it on demand? Yes, I tried it in all the 2 story apartment buildings in berenzino. Time, server and location of this occurring? Around 03:00 server time, S2, Berenzino. How long have you had this problem? I just noticed it today. What have you done to fix this already? Nothing.
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