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  1. *presses the PTT, static noises follow* "He-hello? Is there anybody there?" *pauses* "My name is Patrick, Patrick Bobek. I was earlier at the castle of Lopatino. There was a problem earlier because of..." *he is about to say "because of that terrorist bastard", but bites his tongue* "... a problem earlier... and... eh... Actually I would like to be your friend. You are the only settlement with people that I have found in the past few days and... yes, that. I... I am bringing you a present. A very big one, coming from a very long distance" *sounds tired, and something like a huge piece of metal clank sounds through the radio* "This is just a sign of friendship... I was hoping to meet you soon in your castle, I hope that you will open your door to me... it is already a few days since that incident..." *releases the PTT and continues walking while he waits for a response*
  2. *presses the PTT* Hello. My name is Patrick. I would like to speak to a member of the RAC. I have been trying to find you for some time. It seems that you have abandoned Berezino... Is there anyone of you still around? Thanks! *releases the PTT*
  3. Patrik was born and grew up in Miroslavl during a difficult time in the history of his country. Fortunately, we was born in the midst of a wealthy family, which attenuated the problems that, otherwise, he would have suffered. He always had food and medicines at home, unlike so many other people, and, while he was not able to attend school for two years due to the Chernarussian Civil War, during this time he was taught at home by a private tutor - one of the many servants that his parents had at home. On 2020, after a few years of delay, he was planning to move abroad to study in a foreign university, but he was not able to do this due to the virus outbreak. Sadly, his parents were among the first people to be infected and die. After Miroslavl became a dangerous city, he was forced to leave his home and decided to move to a more rural area. Now he roams around South Zagoria, trying to obtain food from any of the camps that offer humanitarian help to survivors.
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