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  1. Thank you @Zero and @Billy for your quick replies! I will give you Beanz tomorrow. Right now I have nothing because I gave all of them to Ducky. I have heard that there is someone who calls herself the "queen of boxing". I am not sure if that could be @Jean???
  2. Hello! Basically I always lose all fistfights. It's very embarrassing, and I would appreciate any tips. I always do it like this: right click to put my fists up, approach my opponent, left click as fast as I can to punch his head many times while approaching/rotating around him... and invariably I will end up being badly beaten. Anybody has any idea of what I am doing wrong? Are there keys to block/punch harder?
  3. William89

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    I am going to be the black sheep... sounds like another mercenary group... we already have that: the Vultures, and you cannot compete with them because they are great... I liked PALMYATI better!!! Other than that... Best of luck! I hope you get approved!
  4. William89

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    I really like being around this group. You always have funny people and situations around. I cannot give you any feedback because I think that you are already perfect! XD!
  5. @Ducky You are a genius! I will give you as many beanz as I can to all your posts! XD!
  6. -1 There are different groups living in S1 and S2, and they interact with each other. We don't want people to change their character when they change server.
  7. +1 This would bring a lot of RP! Sounds very interesting! But you should add a poll @FknSnow
  8. William89

    Add Safety Mechanic to Guns

    This would be cool if a sound effect/animation was added when pressing that key.
  9. William89

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    @Jackfish Because I would feel like a true hero removing Peter West from the world.
  10. William89


    Is this @FalkRP??? Whats happening, everything is going crazy! XD! First you come to the camp of the Wolf Pack, you try to make a deal with Phoenix, then you dress... like that... PS. Your legs look disgusting... XD!
  11. William89

    S1: Invalid kill/Baiting/NVFL, Berezino - ~6 AM server time

    First of all, I would like to apologize to @Kain. He is right in everything that he says in the post, except that I did not expect that it was going to end like that... Nikolai's POV: we received notice in the Wolf Pack's camp that @lunathecat is injured in Berezino, so me, @WongRP and @Willow go to pick her up. Then, we meet @Kain when we were running back to the Wolf Pack's camp. Grace and Kazimir have a very tense conversation, for a very long time... it was great RP between the two of you... I tried to stop the conversation and help Grace go back to the Wolf Pack's camp. For this, I did put myself unarmed between Grace and Kazimir, I tried pushing him back (see chat log: 06:02:35 | Chat("Nikolai Pavlov"): *tries to push him back // do i succeed?) and I punched him once (actually twice because I misclicked). Just as @Kain says. Then he was dead... I believe that I did not commit NVFL: I was being protected by Grace, Willow and Wong, and I had a weapon myself. I punched him only for RP purposes. And I certainly did not intend to bait (see chat log: 06:08:57 | Chat("Nikolai Pavlov"): /lol i did not expect that! XD!). But, of course, this is subject to interpretation from the staff team. I thank you in advance for your time and for your judgement, and I will be happy to reply if you need anything else from me.
  12. William89

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    But that's not trolly at all? He is just great, he is funny! XD! In my opinion, not everybody can say or do everything in RP. Same as in real life. Some people can throw you an insult and they will sound funny! Others will sound hateful. You have to test... ask for feedback to make sure... but try it! I am sure that I could never try! XD! PS. I read that this guy got permabanned? That's such a loss for the community... I wish that this and many other permabanned people could come back...
  13. Today it was funny because the combination of characters was too explosive! XD! What was @FalkRP doing in the Wolf Pack's camp??? With @Phoenyxx @SexyPutin and @Jsesse White practicing how to surrender??? XD! Later it was great running back to the camp with @lunathecat @WongRP and @Willow. I could not find the guy who was shot... that was so dramatic... XD!
  14. William89

    Chernarus Trade Federation ( Open Recruitment )

    BUMP This group is great, and Chip always brings great RP! I love how he opens doors that would normally be closed to my character... like when we visited Mr Moon in the castle of Severograd... or when we visited the cathedral of the toy makers... XD!
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