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  1. -1 This will clearly split the community. Those who play on one server will never join the other.
  2. Oh, ok. Thank you! I am happy with at least one of the two!
  3. I really like the "sickness" section of the emote wheel. It is great for RP. I would like to bring back the vomit and the laugh animation/sounds because I am a bad RPer and I am not able to do these things without the computer's help...
  4. Thank you! I always enjoy playing with The Community! Thanks also to @Dongle for always being around. And @i am Bambi : you have to cut your pants again! @FalkRP @OnionRingOfDoom today I took the eye of a person... and he said "an eye for an eye" it felt weird, and I thought of you!
  5. Given that we are no longer here to discuss the content of this thread, because it has already been discussed... can we... >>>>> ^^^^ This? This thread is already toxic (plus ridiculous, unfair, and OOC-related, in my opinion).
  6. You may not be flaming, but in my opinion you are being toxic. I have no problem to ask @HDragon to remove that bunker. As I said, for me it is an irrelevant room inside the main building. What worries me is that a subset of the community, that includes you, is making such a huge discussion of something that, for me, is irrelevant. For me, this discussion is not about that bunker. It is about OOC hate. I feel that you are trying to annoy us OOCly by forcing us to remove a tiny piece of the base. This is not because it affects you in-game in any way (it's just a room, and, after all, you did not play the game in the last 30 days). Therefore, there must be out-of-game reasons? I can only make conjectures about what it is that you really want... but, whatever it is, I believe that it is OOC-related. In any case, I really don't care if that bunker is removed or not!
  7. In that case, may I ask why did the group leaders start showing their bases in the Council section? I am really curious, because, until now, I always thought that it was these two disasters... Do you mean that Anarchy's base in Solnichniy was an RP-oriented base, that looked "in place", and that it did not give you a PVP advantage? (because I think that it was quite PVP-oriented, and, on top of that, extremely ugly) An Pobal's base is nice in my opinion. I see nothing against it.
  8. Wait a second, to my knowledge, groups only started to show their base in the Council section after two terrible events: - Your group's base, Anarchy, in Solnichniy. - The first base of the Wolf Pack in Sinistok. Both bases were TERRIBLE because: 1st Aesthetically they were ugly, disruptive and unrealistic. 2nd Game-wise, they were absolutely overpowered. Therefore, I not only think that you are wrong in giving so much importance to a simple room inside the main building. I also think that you are the last person who should be complaining! XD!
  9. I do not see your point. Your base is much stronger than the base of An Pobal. And, on top of that, the prison spawns weapons. An Pobal's base, does not spawn weapons. The "great discovery" of this thread is just a bunker... which was obviously there from the beginning because the base is raised over the ground... what do you think the builders had in mind??? EDIT: I have thought it better, and now I realise that your base in the NWAF also spawns weapons!!!!! Like tons of them!!!!! I seriously fail to see your issue with the An Pobal base. I strongly disagree with you
  10. FIRST I disagree that there is any problem with this base. Perhaps the video is way too long, but I cannot see any relevant thing at 04:52:00. SECOND No, I do not think that screenshots should have been shown. THIRD There are people living in the prison, a much more overpowered base which, on top of that, spawns weapons. An Pobal's base does not spawn weapons. Aside from this, I agree that as a rule bases should be more RP-oriented, like the bases of the Joyces, Corporation, and Redwood Radio.
  11. *William presses the PTT, and replies with excitement* I have been in that logging camp, and I have received nothing but friendliness and good trading offers from the people there. Today An Pobal received your backpack, full of weapons, ammunition and other expensive things only in exchange for a humble shovel. Therefore, I, my boss Mr Callahan (who received your backpack), and the whole group of An Pobal have good reasons to be grateful to you. I do really look forward to trading with you more often. I am very sorry, and I cannot understand your problems with those other... people. *Releases the PTT. Furious because he cannot understand why a group of homeless who received their base for free would attack a group of loggers... at least being a logger is a honest job!!! Those beggars... Mr Callahan should have given the base of Sitnik to anybody else... sad and confused, goes to sleep to his caravan. For some reason, he dreams with the voice of the person whom he heard on the radio...*
  12. William did not want to lie... Mr Callahan told that yesterday to me, Marek, and Sabina. He did not know that it was a secret...
  13. *William, angry, defeated and frustrated, presses the PTT* Hello? I am looking for Mr Shades. I found your note, with the clue, I want to follow them... please help me to continue the game! *sounds sad* A man called John was faster than me, and took one of the clues... he is not worthy of your prize, I promise! *releases the PTT*
  14. *A man (William) cannot contain himself and presses the PTT of his radio* Holloa therrr bais!!! *He pauses, as he tries to do this good...* Names Frederik. Frederik Smith. It will be my pleasure to visit you're camp. It strikes me as a foockin' lovely place, from what you lads relate. *He pauses again. Talking like this is taking him way too much effort...* But, ya' know, bais, I am sorta of a businessman. And I've heerd that you are lookin' for a bai which goes by "William". Which is this bai? What'cha want of him? Do ya' all fellows have a discription of him, or a last name? I've heerd that you've been shootin' some bullets into some purple-armband bellies while lookin' for him. Well done! But if he really's so much hassle for you, perhaps we can make some grand business? What'cha say, lads? *He releases the PTT. He hopes that he spoke correctly. Whatever they reply, he just wishes that everything goes ok... after all, perhaps there is another William... like Prince William, or William Shakespeare... and, if not, perhaps he will get some information... he has already found way too many people looking for him, and he wants to cut the problem at its roots*
  15. +1 Yes please! We do not want a PVE server. The environment is way too hostile for loners.
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