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  1. William89

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    I am slowly becoming less active and I would like to ask @C-J to take me off the roster, please. But the group is great, thanks for the RP to @Hebirura, @King, and @Ozymandias. Nikolai will escape tonight
  2. William89

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    How could you not see it???? I see it all the time!!!! XD!
  3. ^^ I agree with everything in here. Executions are cool some times, but nobody who is trying to give good RP should be forced to PK.
  4. William89

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Hello! I just wanted to say that I am very sorry because of all the people from your group that got permabanned recently @WongRP's avatar of a hand scratching a wombat was the cutest thing possible (Joah's last reply to you is suddenly coming to my mind) And those moments with @RebelRP calling me foreign dog and pig were great! XD! I wish good luck to the rest of you with the group!!!!!!!!!!
  5. William89

    Current State of Rule(s)

    Overall the "soul" of rules is right, but some aspects are poorly written, in my opinion. Just as an example, right under the title "DayZRP rules" it says: "Last edit: 2019-07-15", which is a bit wrong, and, in my opinion, it shows little care. Moreover, the rules don't use the vocabulary of that our community uses. Two examples of this are: 1) The concept of "initiation" is not defined in the rules. There is something about "hostile actions", but nothing about initiations. 2) Also, the concept of "permakill" is not defined. Is a permakill the same as an "execution" or the same as a normal "kill"? I have no idea... However, the main problem is that I, like many others, believe that, some times, being hit in a report may be a product of pure luck. A number of verdicts sound random, perhaps because, while most admins do a great job to help this community, and I really admire their job (I don't know how they resist! XD!) a few may believe that they can do anything with relative impunity: from closing threads, to giving points, to banning people. And they are right, changing the rules will not change this fact.
  6. Hello! I would like to start by congratulating the DayZRP community for being extremely friendly and mature. I am impressed to find a place like this in the middle of the internet, and I am happy to share my free time with you However, for some time I have seen a trend to increasingly ban more and more people... For this reason, I would like to ask the community to be more forgiving and to write less reports, even if rules are broken some times... BUT I know that this will not be possible! XD! For this reason, I would like to propose two suggestions, which are possible: 1) Ban the permaban. Nobody should ever be permabanned, in my opinion, unless he is a hacker or someone extremely toxic. I propose substituting the permaban for longer (6 month-1 year) bans. 2) Offer an amnesty to all those people who were previously permabanned. I want to ask the community to forgive them, and I also want to ask them to forgive the community. I think that at this point we all miss people. We have lost too many voices! @JoffreyRP @MoodyOG @groovy cali @Joah @aeryes (even his page was removed, like he never existed!) @shipwreck117 @NorwayRP @Cipher @KyleRP @StewieRP... I really think doing this would be extremely beneficial for the community. It would reduce tensions OOC, and it would bring back some great RPers! Please, listen to me!
  7. William89

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    I saw some great RP from you today! Thank you!
  8. Today I really enjoyed the RP between @Kordruga and @lunathecat, and whoever else was there! Actually, both Vlad and Grace are always cool, and I had never seen them together... today it was interesting to learn so many things about Grace's past. And also it was dramatic to watch that ping-pong game! XD! Also, thanks to the Phoenix-like lady! I don't know who she was... (Katie?) but she was too weak to really hurt Nikolai Also great to find a second Nikolai @Eldifire!
  9. *Nikolai sits down in the middle of the forest, too terrified to hear Falk's voice. It seems that the trick of using stones to distort his voice is not working good enough... But, at the same time, he is encouraged by Mr Durhill's words. He sounds very professional. He has never heard of Biogate, but it sounds like this must me a really serious company. However, he has never seen an AUG. He does not even know how an AUG looks like, or where to even start looking for it... He starts thinking of the different countries... He also does NOT want a Canadian citizenship: it's too cold there! And full of wild bears! Also, for the same reason NOT Swedish, Finnish or Norwergian. Those countries don't even have normal days and nights... Also NOT French: those people speak weird and eat snails... Nikolai does not know much about the rest of the world after the infection... but he thinks and thinks... and puts stones into his mouth to distort his voice, and takes the radio...* "What about Ireland? Is... is it possible for you to get me an Irish citizenship, Mr Durhill? Also, this should be cheaper than any of the other countries that you told me before, right? Really sir, thanks a lot for your time and information!" *Ireland must be a really GREAT place, Nikolai thinks. An isolated island, far away from Chernarus, right on the other corner of Europe, without snakes nor any bad animals... there are even chances that the infection did not reach there! And he can travel to Ireland by foot, hopefully, crossing just a few countries... He really hopes that an Irish citizenship is cheaper to get than an AUG... whatever that is* "Also, sir, where is your office? Perhaps we can speak in a more private frequency?" *This time, he does not want Falk to find him*
  10. William89

    Green Dragons

    Oh, wow good luck! I like seeing old groups back!
  11. *Nikolai would take the radio and, again, he speaks with his voice distorted* "My name is..." *he pauses, fearful and embarrassed. Then, he speaks very fast* "en-aɪ-keɪ-oʊ-el..." *he stops abruptly* "Wait! How much would it cost? What is your organisation? And what are the countries that you offer?" *Nikolai asks worried because, as much as he is suddenly embarrassed of Chernarus, and feels pain for it, he will NOT join any of the countries that he considers evil, like Russia or Takistan*
  12. Unlike you, I do support the idea. Though I don't have a very strong opinion... BUT I do have VERY strong opinion on this point that you are saying here. Food is not balanced at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so DIFFICULT to play as a VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!!!!! I used to eat tomato after tomato after tomato... and still die of hunger... I had to change. Now I eat vegetarian burgers! XD!
  13. Hey! I really enjoyed running with you yesterday! Thank you for taking me to that secret camp! :)
  14. *Nikolai stands in the middle of the forest. He feels extremely angry: all these foreigners, destroying Chernarus... his homeland... his heart... But also, yesterday he met for the first time two Chernarussian groups who rejected him. They told him to go away. One group even told him that a foreigner could do a messenger job better than him. A different group (the police!) told him that they were overwhelmed with paperwork and had no time to investigate the crimes that he was trying to denounce... He feels embarrassed for what Chernarus has become and, having lost his previous life, he is also losing the connection with his country. Too much pain inside his chest... As he has done other times, he takes a few stones from the ground and puts them inside his mouth, so he speaks with a distorted voice. This trick seems to be working...* "Hello? Anybody out there? I was looking for people who can help me obtain a new nationality... I don't know how to do that paperwork" *He pauses abruptly, and adds sadly* "I also don't know if any nation would like to accept me, or if there are any nations, or if the whole world is broken..." *He drops the radio, partly ashamed of himself... but perhaps this will relieve him from this pain...*
  15. +1 But I would go further, and try to add more seed varieties. For example, now we can just grow 4 types of vegetables, and 1 drug... I would like to add useless plants, like any type of flowers: tulips, roses... would be great for trading! (I know, it's the apocalypse.. but... I would like to see them anyway).
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