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  1. Birthed in the small community of North Creek, Washington, John lived a relatively normally life with an absentee father. Television and media had played a great role in his youth, to pass the time, or for information, his interest obvious as the world was shown to him through a box. With his interest spark, it was time for it to be kindle as he gradually found himself down the path of journalism, primarily for the job’s flexibility and capabilities for adventure. Having been picked up via the company Global Nomadic after High School, John quickly established himself and showed off his natural fluency in writing. Working his way up in the company gradually over the span of two years. The civil conflicts of Russians and Chernarussians had become an interest to him when a marriage between a Chernarussian woman, and a Russian man had been violently upheaved and denied. While it wasn’t a major focus within the states, John saw potential and fought to go to Chernarus to expand on the story. Global Nomadic after a hard fought battle, begrudgingly allowed John to cover the story. He was sent over to investigate, gather first hand accounts-- and then delve further into the topic of future Russian and Chernarussian affairs. Getting involved with an extremist Chernarussian group, the ones whom supposedly stopped the wedding, John had a convincing story and narrative. His stay within the country was long, and tiring, from the political rallies, public demonstrations and protests, the outcries for the secession of ethnic russian territories, it was all too much for him. However, bound by the company-- they too having realized the potential of his story though not in the traditional sense had forced him to stay within the country. The growing local suspicion of the CDF sent him elsewhere, Severograd, pushing and shoving for information he was denied and told to kick rocks. The bombings that happened days later were of no help to him, and further propelled his anxiety and want. The area was getting dangerous, and so he went to Chernogorsk, awaiting any new directives from Global Nomadic. Tensions picked up, and soon foreign intervention was prevalent and broadcasted across the local news. He was called by his company, and told to flee the country-- but with Russia and Takistan’s borders cut off, there was nowhere else to go. Trapped within the country, holed up in a room downtown, the International Hotel. Chaos rose in the streets, seeing it was time to leave John grabbed for his backpack full of journals, keeping a few, but discarding most as he hastily shoveled all he could from the bar and refrigerator inside before leaving. As he had stepped outside, the city was already worse for wear as locals had turned to depravity within the streets, and up in their apartments. People drank away what was happening, and others looted, and robbed. Screams erupted, and the fumes of smoke filled his nostrils, this was the fall of Chernogorsk, and it wasn’t even midnight yet. Wading his way through crowds, following the streams of people, he evacuated the city-- destruction hind him.