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  1. I can't enter the entirety of my active character's name into the DayZ prompt, and when I try to join after shortening the name a bit, it doesn't allow me to join. Any tips on how to change the name, or do I have to completely delete and redo my character?
  2. Michael D. Parker was a very curious, very active, and bright child at a younger age, and while his household wasn't one of unlimited happiness, he made do with his constant curiosity and love of the ocean. At around the age of 9, Michael's parents divorced, leaving him with his mother for a solid 4 years before he finally reunited with his father. During this time away from his father and a complete household, he spent most of his time near the Galveston beach, taking photographs with a small Polaroid his father had gotten him for his 8th birthday, observing people, or just thinking. At 18, Michael moved out of his mother's home and in with a good friend of his, Mia Becker. Mia Becker had been a good friend of Michael's throughout his entire life, meeting when they both in elementary school at the age of 6, up until Michael's most recent project that took him to Chernarus. Mia gave Michael his trademark nickname, "Ark", after his quick actions and bright mind, akin to, as she would state, "an arc of lightning." Michael decided he liked it with a "k" more, and so it became his personal nickname. Michael pursued some college experience after high school, but after receiving his Bachelor's degree in Photography, he gave up college life in exchange for a job with his local news station as a photographer for their magazine. Here, his love for the ocean expanded to love for nature, and a furthered love for photography than what it had been previous. He was sent on several out-of-state, even out-of-country projects for this magazine, and one in particular nearly costed him his life. He was sent into Tijuana, Mexico, to take pictures for a story of a local to Galveston that had been found dead there. It was here that Michael was robbed, and nearly stabbed. Thankfully, the robber only got one slash in, one that is still apparent on his face, before Michael overpowered him, and got away safely. After this incident, the news station only ever sent him on one more out-of-country project, which he took as more of a vacation than a true job due to the abundant wildlife and forests in the area he was photographing. He invited Mia on this trip, unlike most others, out of guilt of not inviting her on these trips he often took. However, this turned out to be a mistake, as his latest project landed him in ground zero of the world ending virus- Chernarus.
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