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  1. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a knife. Like I would literally give every skin in my inventory for a knife
  2. What do you want for those dual Berettas? Anything. Don't really care. add me on steam. LucaG982
  3. What do you want for those dual Berettas?
  4. Anyone who is SUPER mlg wanna play csgo, message me up!
  5. Anyone wanna play CSGO? Message me on steam. LucaG982
  6. what oliver said If anyone wants to play CSGO, join CSGO room in the ts Good job I got told this I was gonna spend all my money from the knife on keys. Did it sell already? And do you want to play csgo?
  7. I just spent like 40$ (29 euro) on keys for CSGO, and I cant use them for two weeks because it locked me out of the market place. fml
  8. I will give you 5$ for that
  9. Does anyone have an spare keys? I wouldnt mind any of those free skins Message me and I can send you my steam
  10. -30F with a wind chill that makes it feel -50F USA USA
  11. I dont even have a level on csgo, Im a noob haha, but I love the game
  12. I dunno, I really like my AK. Probably wouldn't give it up unless it'd be a rare item. Imma edit my post a bit. You up for playing, maybe figure a deal out?
  13. What do you want for the AK-47 Blue Laminate?
  14. Don't we know it I will still wreck you mate. You dont even have to trade, Im just so desperate to play. If you are up for it pm me. This goes for anyone