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  1. Are them permbanned champs like Winslow gonna be welcome in the new wonderland? Can I.R.A. visit?
  2. Holy crap this will take some time to get adjusted to, but it's nice.
  3. Jerry and Patrick but that might happen in a while newayz
  4. DunnZ

    well then

    Bye ol' IRA pal.
  5. IF SA delivers on what rocket has promised it's a solid vote for that from me.
  6. Personally I'd have to agree DayZRP is "nannied" a bit too much sometimes. Ever since I joined it's had it's ups and downs more or less, back in the day the forums were alot more lenient and there were drama but only a few stirred things up more than they had to be, just like now. Atleast that's how I saw/see it. With the actual RP it's bound to be endless bickering about bad RP and drama surrounding that, you'll never escape that sadly. DayZRP is the first community I've encountered that started rooting out players for what they did not do on DayZRP though(excluding cheating), which is strange to me. And from my observations, which is pretty much the only thing I do these days, DayZRP is focusing and pushing on more and more about the quality of the RP and DayZRP's groups, but there are still rules limiting RP like no Sexual RP or usage of abusive or racistic words. As long as it does not fall within power or metagaming why are those rules even in place? And as long as ERP is consentual there is literally no reason to limit RP'ers because it is their responsibility, just like with ID or KoS. Just some things I feel right now, a couple others I forgot but with the demand that has been, the limiting game as far as RP-potential goes and the direction DayZRP has taken overall a good job has been made, it's hard to say anything else.
  7. What I felt was a main issue was that some players never even got the chance to come forth and be truthful and partake in the "amnesty", they were off'd right away because there was proof against them(What else?). Simply acting on that proof after everyone was given a chance to be honest seemed like the logical thing to do from my point of view. Anyway, take care Hellbreed.
  8. I don't see the overall negativity in this. The players that play DayZRP and want to keep doing so - Nothing will change apart from the forums maybe? I'm pretty sure the developers will stay on that and staff too. It's just that DayZRP will try to expand into more game servers under the same "banner" with sub-forum, other staff and peps to take care of that server. Is DayZRP dying when you start any other game than DayZRP? It'll just give you an incentive to play on the server whose community you are a part of instead of that random server. That's how I see it atleast. Epoch is also another thing because it is centered around DayZ, which is an actual reason why the DayZRP playerbase would be split apart, not for other game servers. I voted yes, because it is a clear opportunity for DayZRP to expand and become something more. If there's a good plan, a vision, and Rolle with staff takes it easy and steadily there's a good chance it will pay off, but if it doesn't? Just go back to how it was. I don't see how it could backfire more than that, as the DayZRP playerbase have no reason not to still be here then.
  9. I was an administrator for a community called HL2Land back in the day, we had a DarkRP server that I was an administrator on and it was quite popular, Crackbone and Xanatos was seen in there too. DarkRP changed a bit since then but after checking it out briefly I might be able to help.
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