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  1. Yogug


    I've been running around on the server for a few days now and not met anyone ? I was wondering where the HotSpots to meet people are?
  2. My name is Dave Jhona, I was a Russian soldier, at least before everything went south. My regiment was deployed to Chernarus for a peacekeeping operation, we weren't told the extent of the situation. Two of our helicopters, including my own, crashed due to total engine failure. I was the only one to survive, I had no means of contact with the rest of the soldiers, I didn't know what to do. My first encounter with the 'infected' isn't one that I like to recall, I watched a civilian get eaten alive. From then on I knew I could trust no one, I killed anyone that posed a threat to me, I've lost count of how many I've killed, I'm not proud of what happened next. For the first week I was surviving well, soon food became scarce … I began to cook and eat those that I killed. My gun finally ran out of ammo, I just left it in what I presume used to be a school, there were desks and bodies strewn everywhere, ill never get that image out of my head. My wife has no idea what's happening, my only thought now is getting back to my wife and child, no matter the cost...
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