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  1. So admins it has been 8 days I don't know if this time frame is being intentionally drawn out because accused party are your friends/other staff or what? But I'd like a decision... I shouldn't have had to remind anyone about this... It is your staff role after all...
  2. Congrats then? if you have such a big issue with how it was handled make a separate report about my conduct OOC this is about your friend and his groups misconduct Ingame and IC.
  3. Note: I am not happy with how I was spoken to in the discord, Onyx's video will be able to show what I mean by this. Id love to clear up the Discord incident since your friend Onyx really only caught half of the conversation. Thrash messaged me on Disc asking to talk I agreed. Once in my channel Thrash said "So how can we sort this report out on here" I replied "No we cannot I'll let the forums handle it I'm upset from the situation and discord wont help" Thrash sighed or grunted upset and then began to explain his point of view of the situation, during which i would stop thrash at points in his story where we would be directly blaming myself or jacko , after the 4th time thrash had accused Myself and Jack of the hostilities i said "this is getting nowhere leave it to the forums" thrash started to become hostile at this point in time and began say that we were the rule breakers not him and that we were using the rules in our favour, I again said "that I am leaving this with the forums " to which Thrash upped provocation game and increased his hostilities in turn i responded back with hostilities and thrash continued with his excuses until Onxy joined. Onyx joined discord 2-3 minutes after the conversation had started and thrash despite having been told by me multiple times I didn't want to discuss it continued to provoke via discord. Now I know why Thrash stopped talking trash and being abusive once Onyx joined the channel but i guess you can't get done for baiting a verbal response if only your friend recorded half of a convo. I'm honestly tired of people in this community who break rules then use any avenue they can to worm their way out of things.
  4. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-02, between 12:10 - 12:25 ST Your in game name: Mykola Ilkiw Names of allies involved: Jacko Campbell and 3 other public members at Green mountain. Name of suspect/s: Pavel @Thrash plus his 4+ unidentified friends Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: Chilling at Green mountain enjoying RP. We noticed a guy acting sketchy running around in circles jumping up and down on the rocks, when we asked him what he was doing he claimed he was "Im on the radio with my boys" jacko said bye and came back up the tower. A few minutes later Adam (the guy from green mountain co-op) got held up at gun point by a random assailant outside of green mountain who followed him to the gatye then fell back into the tree line ( assailant had on grey outfit plus purple backpack and MP5K). Bloke named Pavel came up to the radio tower which i was in with jacko being extremely hostile swearing and spitting on us, we asked him to leave the tower he continued having a tantram so we said he could stay, he continued to be aggressive and then as he was saying "DO YOU WANT TO GET PUNCHED" hit me twice I fired my rifle ONCE instinctively which hit him, I only fired because i thought he was trying to knock me out and kill me with how aggressive he was acting. I retreated to the ladder corridor RPING "FUCK MY FINGER SLIPPED AS HE PUNCHED ME WHY IS HE PUNCHING ME WHY ARE WE TAKING FIRE" and then i got shot and or Ko'd by pavel bloke or his mate. Jacko put his gun down after realising what had happened to try help pavel who was bleeding out and started to get shot at by an unknown assailant Would love to know why pavel thought he could just punch me and why the shooter in the forest was waiting to fire, there was no initiation at all. Only hostile action was pavel punching without warning. WE DID NOT HEAR ANY INITIATION OR ANYTHING Would love logs and accused's parties POV. My friend continued to speak to them and supposedly they aren't a group? I cannot provide any evidence because i don't record since potato PC.
  5. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!! exactly what i was thinking
  6. I don't agree, A3 is trash.. At least A2 runs fine for all members..
  7. Saladin Nassrallah from Mod... Sorry mods have nfi how to make videos a smaller size ohhh the good old days. Excuse the shiiiiiiiiity accent mic quality was potato and cant forget the time CRA messed with Prud civs and Katib..
  8. ^^^ This. I love the mentality of flogging a dead horse (that being Standalone) but when does the community actually look at the shambles of a game SA is and finally put their foot down and say hey maybe we should go back to having something or moving onto something that actually works and is proven to work.. I'm a white list from back in 2013 myself and its sad to say, In the few hours i've played on the SA servers i have not even come close to how much fun and interaction that I experienced in mod.. SA is like a loot goblins paradise (not saying that didnt happen on mod) but it just seems that with SA the interactions and RP are scarce and sub par compared to what mod had to offer, maybes its because many of the OG RPers have left the community not just from general lack of interest but also frustration at how stagnant it is.. I had high hopes of coming back as I heard rumours of mod possibly being brought back up, but I see this may have just been rumours. GG DayZRP you had a good run..
  9. The games been out for how long now?? and it still plays and handles like a 12th grade computer studies project... The devs are a legitimate joke at this point.. the list for EXP release and what has actually been ticked off is even more laughable..
  10. Well well well a topic to bring ol' myk out of the shadows... IMO there is some promise here but as other have said its a little late tbh.. unless they can provide even more content and this was a little peak at a few things than mayyyybe it will be alright. As for rust I've played since legacy and I don't honestly see it as a game where RP is viable.... and if it were to be RP you would end up with clans with huge bases who never leave them, just like in regular rust.. I would love for mod to come back those were the glory days but also its be tried and tried again and it never sticks.. I'd also love to try arma 3 but id have to say no since my PC is potato mode and can barely run that at 30fps.. GTA5 RP seems pretty decent, ive seen a few videos of it by Pitchdank and the like on youtube. In all honesty, Mod is where its at out of all the options. *Starts chanting "DESAL DESAL"*
  11. No worries man <3 Hope you had a rad Christmas/Holidays
  12. This is what 90% of this community said 1year ago when SA took over Mod... No shit talk or anything but <3.. We can all argue til the cows come home the SA will be great but lets face it, Bohemia give zero faux about SA since sales are non existent and popularity is low. Hence why these "Updates" come out so slowly and aren't really fixing much.. Yet they claim to have a huge team on the development of SA, Indie games with smaller teams smash out way more content in a shorter period of time... I would 100% back a Miscreated RP server. The game is cheap to buy off steam or even possibly g2a (Pls dont ban for mentioning if im not allowed to PM me) it has almost as many if not more mechanics than SA and even more features and to top it off its FUN! Anyways just thought I'd put in my two cents
  13. Feb 24th 2016 12:43 PM - Myk had finally arrived in Chernarus, the bus ride had taken so long he lost count of the hours, it didn't seem to deter is eagerness to begin his new contract. Back in Australia Myk was a well sought after Contract hunter, helping numerous farmers protect livestock and fields from pests. Myk had been contracted to help a handful of local farmers with pest eradication, in particular Rabbits, Wild Boars and Wolves whom had been slowly eating through the produce and livestock in the region and severely impacting some farms way of life. Myk grabbed his duffel bag, swag and rifle case and packed them into the back of the private taxi awaiting him at the bus station and took off for the farmland..
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