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  1. My character is Richie Donovan, a 22 year old male. A former cadet in training, who is a formidable man when it comes to people's actions and words. Because of his childhood it is very hard for Richie to now trust people and he's almost gone a little insane with what he had to do to his best friend. He used to believe that all people were good and that people could do no wrong. Until he met a fellow named Jason. Jason was his right hand man in NATO and those two were inseperable. They literally went and did everything together, best friends was an understatement. Jason was... morally opposite of Richie and Richie was fine with that. Opposites attract is what they say I guess. The thing is though, Jason never told Richie that he would do whatever it takes for him to get by. It was one of those days back in Colorado where you get summer showers, the sun is out and the rain is ever so slightly falling. After serving his shift, Richie went to meet Jason at his house unexpectedly, he figured he'd surprise him. knock knock "Jason you there man?" Richie heard shuffling and heard a cry for help, very faintly however. The door was locked but Jason had given Richie the key to his house. So as anyone would do, Richie opens the door and nothing seems out of the ordinary until Jason pops out of nowhere. "Oh hey man, what's up" he said in a panic. Richie being very observant saw blood on Jason's knuckles and asked what he had heard just outside the door. Jason said in a calm demeanor, "What? I didn't hear anything bro." Richie asked Jason if he could take a look around and Jason quickly shut that down. However, Richie having a way with words got Jason to crack and unfold his story. He led Richie to the spare room of the house where he had 2 males tied up to chairs, beaten badly. Appalled at this because Richie would NEVER think that Jason could do this. Richie asked the 2 men what this was all about before asking Jason. The one taller male said, "we missed our payments." Richie then says "Payments...?" in a very puzzled state while looking at Jason. The same male uttered "Yeah your friend here can't let us have a break man. The coke ain't selling like it used to." Richie's eyes widened "The... COKE?" he turned towards Jason. Jason had no words and looked angrily back towards Richie almost in a, you shouldn't have come here type way. Jason proceeds to sneakily grab a book from the bookcase behind him. The last words Richie heard were from the one male who had told him about the coke, "Watch ou-." Both Jason and Richie were far from slim and slender so a book you might ask, will definitely knock someone out when you hit them in the back of the head. They finally arrived at Jason's house and he had paid the taxi driver an absurd amount of money for the drive, he tipped well however. Richie walked up and knocked as hard as you possibly could without breaking the door down. No answer and it was completely silent. Richie went for his key to the door, but it wasn't there. He roamed around the house, looking in the windows, the window to the spare room was wide open. The restraints were either broken or taken off and the 2 males were gone. Richie climbed in and looked around, finding nobody. He went into Jason's bedroom and saw on the dresser something that looked very similar to the billboard he saw from the underpass. A flyer of the sorts, to Chernarus. Jason's home phone was off of the reciever as well, so Richie presumed Jason had just fled without letting anyone know. Richie called his supervisor whom had met Jason on multiple occasions. Richie did the right thing in reporting this to his supervisor and he had thought so as well. He had asked his supervisor if had any indication of where he had went and he said no. A couple days had passed and Richie recieved a call from his supervisor. "Richie...I'm really not supposed to do this, I'm not supposed to tell you where he went but... You've been a bright guy in training, up-front and honest. So I think it's only right I'm honest with you. Jason is somewhere in Chernarus" Richie said confidentely back" Sir...You know what I have to do, I may still be in training but that can be done at a later date. That's a friend who has wronged me and I have to make it right. I'd like to have leave... indefinitely." The supervisor said calmly after sighing "I understand Richie, good luck." Richie proceeded to Richie was now on, unbeknownst to him, a one way trip to Chernarus.
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