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  1. Andrew Jackson

    The Dollars

    Congrats on being approved
  2. Pov: I walk into a barracks where I find a guy and we talk. The 3 of us initiate on him and he doesn't comply so we kill him. The guy we killed in the barracks didn't say a word about what we looked like or how many of us were there. A little bit after we killed him @Dew walks up and talks to @Murshy and then points his gun at him and me and starts shooting but he has ghost bullets so I run for cover and kill him after he kills @Murshy and @tosstheball, then I was shot from behind while I was lagging in the open.
  3. Can you please drop this report I talked to the person who killed me OOC and we worked it out.
  4. Server and location: S1 Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~9:30 pm 8/10/19 Your in game name: Andrew Jackman Names of allies involved: Luke Runningham, Kyle Wilson, some Wolfpack members Name of suspect/s: Possible red armbands Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: The boys and I were in Cherno hanging out we heard that Hutch and another person called Bread(Wolfpack members) were in trouble so Luke, Kyle and I throw on yellow armbands while in the Wolfpack compound and we head up to where the shots were with a wolfpack member to see what happened because we went close to where the firefight occured. When we get up there we see Hutch dead, and two dead people with reddish/Pink armbands on so we all spread out and look for people with those armbands when I look at Hutches body so I can get all the stuff off of him when I just get shot and killed. My friends nor I were initiated on, I had a yellow armband on which is a very noticeable color and it is different from the dark green armband on that wolfpack wears so it wasn't an accidental kill.
  5. Andrew Jackson

    S2: Combat Logging/BadRP/Blackmail?/ Sosnovka 2019-08-05, 05:15

    My PoV: Luke a friend of Valis and mine was held hostage and released by some people that said lived near Sosnovka and we assumed that it was the old Toymaker base. So Vali and I went on over to have a conversation with them and to see if it was possible for us to raid their base. We approached and saw a guy in a watchtower looking at us and I saw others in the base scrambling around to get into positions. Vali and I decided that he would hide his identity and use an accent and let me do the talking. I tried to get them to let us in by saying that we're Deans boys but they wouldn't let us in so we asked for food and they threw it down to us which was when Vali rped it out that the steak hit him. Vali reacted and said some stuff to them calling them names when Mille called him a baby and Vali said "Don't insult me dude" and then it spiraled out of control as Vali asked more questions for Mille who then went and said OOC "I'm gonna absolutely report you leave my fucking base right now" which is a clear break of the rules. I was shocked because I haven't had someone go completely OOC in game while in a roleplay situation so I didn't know what to do for a few second before I said that we would be on our way and head to Zeleno but we instead circled their base and went off into the woods. We saw one of the people from the base and we chased him down because we thought he was sneaking around us an we found him hiding in a tree and he kept circling around it until I got behind him. The guy said "What do you want" in which Vali said "Put your hands up or I will kill you" and the guy kept walking backwards with his gun out so Vali shot him. A minute or two later we go back to the compound and we see a guy looking at us with his hun scoped in and Vali gets close to the compound and says "we killed your friend and for everyone in the compound to put your hands up or your going to die" with a megaphone but everyone in the compound logged out. We looked through all of the cracks and waited for footsteps and eventually Vali went off into the forest to see if they combat logged and they did. After this Vali had a discord discussion with Mille and we broke into their base.
  6. I was in this situation as well Andrew Jackman PoV: We were going up to the camp and a few guys tell us that we need to leave. We didn't know why they told us to leave but we stayed and started talking to the guy with the guitar. After we talk to him for a few minutes, Vincent comes up to us and says that he knows stuff about the corporation after we talk to him for a few minutes and listen to what he has to tell us we go into the summer camp. When were in the summer camp the guitar guy starts singing the "baby shark" song and Vincent said that it is a well known corporation song. After Vincent says that the guitar guy trys to book it and run into the forest but we hold him up and another guy that was in the forest that was nearby because we thought he could've been corp. We take them back into the camp and bring them into a cabin while we strip them down for weapons and radios when a guy that was in the cabin starts shooting at @Jorrdan and I kill him. The guitar guy was still alive at this point but my game crashed a few minutes after when I killed the guy but when I logged back in the guitar guy is dead. I wasn't with my friends as the guy in all black was killed by Tony I was still trying to get back into the server.
  7. Andrew Jackman is a 20-year-old male a 196 cm, 95 kg, he has dark brown hair and, brown almost black eyes. He was born in Ohio on December 7th, 1998 to a small farm in the countryside. Andrew is a black ops mercenary, he goes out and does jobs and gets paid to do anything that needs to be accomplished. He went around the world doing jobs and becoming a very well known and experienced mercenary being able to do anything from being hired muscle too, intelligence, and surveillance skills, he also has extensive weapons training, survival skills, and tradecraft skills. He ended up in Chernarus when he was hired by a private businessman to secure the businessman's facilities because they were being targeted by Chernarussian extremists for unknown reasons. Andrew and his team came in and secured his facilities but while Andrew was in Chernarus the outbreak occurred and he and his team were caught up by the infected and he was the only man of his team to escape from where they were pinned down for weeks having no way to call for help. Andrew was the only member of his team to escape from where he and his team were pinned down. Now his main goal is to just survive and figure out how to get back into contact with his contacts if they are still alive in the USA so he can get a new team and get his operations back up and running.
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