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  1. Stefan was born in Berchtesgaden Germany two years later his brother came along Guenther. He was always at his brothers side caring for him and helping along the way as they grew older they moved to Moscow around when Stefan was 8 this was their mothers home land. Stefan didn't have much interest in medicine until age 14 when his brother started to show him books he found in the library about the human body and different medicines. 4 Years later Stefan was drafted into the Russian military after doing 4 years in Faculty of Physics and Chemistry in the Moscow State University.He was given the job of field medic and given some questionable jobs while doing his service.Once his brother finished his Education and was also drafted into the Russian Military some of the missions they did took a real toll on the both of them.They were sent to South Zagoria to study the "Infected".They got easily over run by the Infected Stefan ran away to safety with Guenther.
  2. lol @Funiculus yes that was fun nearly got us shot twice but thats besides the point!
  3. Well @groovy tonyRP i dont wanna be an asshole and see you get points and shit like that for a missclick so ill just drop this report its fine if it was a miss click im not crying over gear or bad rp atleast we got to go down guns blazing lol
  4. Server and location: S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 21:10 Your in game name: Avery Costello Names of allies involved: @ZombyBeard @TReed99 Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0ehnnnuk65n2xz/KOS S1.mp4?dl=0 Detailed description of the events: @ZombyBeard @TReed99 and me were up at bash going to go investigate some shots up there and we see a man to our right running into the woods we then go to say hello to him and talk a bit we then see his other friend in the distance watching us so @ZombyBeard says "why isn't your friend coming to say hi?" the man then said they don't have time for pit [email protected] lets go fuck these guys they are assholes we then went down the hill north eastish from bash down to the big cement wall and fence we then see them start to surround us so me and zomby ran down to the ruins and zomby was told by another guy hey there is a zombie behind you and i was in the ruins pulled my gun out and got shot i then hear the man yell put your fucking hands up at zomby and i hear them start to shoot each other i then pulled my gun out sprayed at the guy then died. i was shot far before the initiation making everything after it invalid i believe.
  5. Welp. coming back from my bathroom break after trying to find s2 i head on there and before i even got to kab @JoeyS was dead and i believe @Leon_Idas was dead as well im not too sure who he was at the time but once i got there. there were 3 dead and one hostage we then took the hostage to a house with a piano in it and we went on to rough him up a bit and ultimately he was executed after some time after he was dead i then shot him twice in the head and someone later cut him up
  6. -User was Cautioned for this Post-
  7. Yuri Reznov was born in Ivanov Russia into a poor family. His family was living in a tiny home in the middle of the woods trying to survive with the little money they have. His family was composed of hunters. Since a young age Yuri was taught the mastery of camouflage and long range shooting to hunt food with his father. His family very rarely bought any sort of electronics since they were far too expensive and they did not help bring food to the table. At the young age of 14 him and his family went to moscow to sell some pelts during national Russia day. He saw the army parade going through the centre of moscow and was fascinated by them instantly. He then spotted the Russian Para Troopers. The VDV, they are the best of the best. Their weapons and outfits perfectly sewn together, in perfect order. The sheer intimidation the VDV gave hooked young yuri and that was his dream ever since he saw them. He wanted to be one of them. Ever since then he would read books and books on rules and regulations for how to become a VDV.He would write down all the rules in a little booklet making sure he will never break a rule. At 18 he applied for the russian military and by following the rules, to the tee, he was able to be selected for the VDV. His first mission was heading towards Chernarus with a squad of VDV. That squad consisted of Yuri Reznov, Gregori Makarov, and three other soldiers. They were dropped off to maintain control over the revolution however they were forced to retreat into the woods. His squad decided to head to northern chernarus to gather food and survive there but after food supplies ran dry, along with their ammunition. Once they near the Tizy military base they encountered wolves. Without any ammunition and ammo they decided to split up and find each other in south zagoria. Yuri's number one priority is to keep the rules of the Russian government and the VDV alive. Rules and regulations are what brought success to his life, and they will remain within it until his final breath.
  8. Avery Costello Came to Chernarus on a vacation trip wanting to see a well... lesser known country this was before everything happened... he arrived at the town/city of Svergino and had a room in a local Hotel suddenly one day everything went bad gun fire woke him up from his sleep and he rushed outside to see what was happening what he saw was just chaos people covered in blood chasing others.. he had no idea what the hell to do he was in shock trying to process what the hell was going on when he heard someone shout "Fucking run!" he snapped back to reality and went back into his room quickly shoved some necessities water some food that was out (granola bars and the such) and ran out in his casual wear onto the streets of Svergino he caught up with a group of people that lead him into the woods and camped out there for awhile due to being in the deep woods they had no communication with other people no cellphones anything... so they ultimately failed to get to the Evacs in time. Now Avery Wanders around Chernarus often heading back to his small group of friends in the woods to check up on them and see how they are doing...
  9. Are we still on the experimental branch?
  10. is the team speak a thing still or is that gone now?
  11. Yuri Reznovs POV From The Grocery Store and on till Death: I took two men hostage Godryc And Harrison due to un fair trades and being rude. The men were nice and cooperated with me the whole way through I then had them lay on the ground and tied them up with duck-tape and one with handcuffs. We talked to them for a bit gave one of the men water due to him being thirsty and then one man came up I believe it was Keiones Character Dazzie I believe. I didn't recognize him at all so I was acting just a little defensive around him he then Offered to bring the two men into a grocery store to protect them from the elements I Agreed to this and started bringing them inside at this point most of my men I was running with seemed to disappear they just weren't around the only one I saw for the last moments of my life was Keiones character Dazzie he then walked out so I brought my hostages to the back room of the grocery store to untie them and let them go as I did this G19 showed up and asked what was going on and after a bit seemed to walk out I then finished untying my hostages and through a little hole in the wall G19 initiated and held me up I complied due to the hostages now being on both sides of me I could not run I then had my hands up so G19 instructed the hostages to tie me up and strip my Weapons. They did not have any thing to tie me up with I'm guessing from what Harrison just told me and decided to hit me in the head with an axe
  12. Avery


    Ok, Thanks!
  13. Avery


    Where can I find out what killed me? I was laying outside of a pond tabbed out nothing around me and came back dead
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