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  1. Over the Altar radio, a timid, nasely, yet respectful voice comes online. A rather light native accent is offered from his speech in Chenarussian. (Chenarussian) "Hello, hello? Testing? Ah...yes." The clearing of a throat is offered, before a continued speech is offered in his native tongue. (Chenarussian) "I am Ostap, a former student at Elektrozadovsk's seminary a...simple man. I was once going to be a priest." A weak, forced chuckle is offered. "But that is dwelling, I do not feel like it, and I'm sure you do not! Recently, me and my friend have managed to arrange a small radio here at the station of Altar. Our own little Alter to the Lord...haha. But...I digress. We are simple folk and...if any of our Holy Fathers' are left, offer us your blessings, no?"
  2. Thank you @Hardwired for the assistance, I shall post a radio thread and hope it works. Glad to get such a quick and polite responce.
  3. Hey there! Name's anti, or Ostep in the game. Been wandering around Alter, Gorky, Electro, and other areas I'm used to finding people in, but have yet to find anyone! I'm not sure if it's still active, but in the Hotposts thread, I was wondering if anyone would have possibly any tips for finding people for a newplayer such as myself, or perhaps locations to help build rp at?
  4. Ostap Kosenko, a young man of faith. A man blinded by ancient values pounded into his mind for the soul purpose of revering the one true god of mankind, and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. A young, young man, and native Chenarussian, Ostap was born to Artem Kosenko, and Mira Kosenko in Dubky in 1996. Two devout Doukhobors, or Orthodox pacifists, he would be raised into simple life of farming, and prayer, even in the backdrop of upcoming turbulence. His youth was an average one of playing football in the fields with the other boys and helping his father out with their tractor. Ostap was the teacher's pet of the village, always obsessing over ideologies, history, and culture. And then, he'd take them and try and tie them into modern times, or religion. The other kids thought he was a bore, but a good bore. Whimsical, if weak and overtly passive. A happy, simple youth was his own, or at-least, his parents hid him at first from the horrors of growing ethnic, and political tensions of the nation. Civil war would happen soon, but he didn't want to know anything about. Once Ostap became a young man, he quickly became more religious. Focusing himself on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Orthodox Church, and great pacifist heroes such as the Indian Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. of the Americans, and the Catholics of Albania who refused to submit to Soviet totalitarianism. He enrolled in church missions and pacifist activism in the war, helping other civilians cope with the loss of loved one in life with the beginning of political conflict in 2009. This of-course, would lead onto his enrollment in the Novy Sobor Orthodox Seminary program, and start studying to become a holy father. The first signs of infection were greeted with fear by young Ostap, but he would carry on with his life. He had great things to do, and would not be stopped by any rumors of cannibals or madmen. Of-course, that was before the power went out. Eventually, with his teachers gone, and his life dwindling, Ostap ventured out into the wastes. A bible in one hand, a cross in the other, he will never take a life, even in this world.
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