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  1. RebelRP

    To all Chernarussians.

    *Static* "To all our brothers and sisters, evil forces are working to take our country and annihilate our culutre." "Join us now before it's too late." "Those of you who aren't fighters, impose embargos on foreigners and do not trade or work with them." "This is Kamenici - declaring war on the world." *Static before the transmission ends*
  2. RebelRP

    This event was literally cancer...

    LOL, nice try. Everyone who was in the Kamenici coms did the first push in the airfield, took losses there and the most kills to clear the building, after that we escorted her all the way to the CDF, taking out most zombies, wolves and then at the final ambush, we fought and lost plenty.
  3. RebelRP

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    I'm in.
  4. RebelRP

    This event was literally cancer...

    The event had it's ups and downs, it could've been done better. For next time: You only need 1 admin to spawn stuff & fix the gear. Allow players from this community to actually help with events, playing as CDF, BPR, pilot, etc. Personally I feel it was too much running in circles rather than actually roleplaying, just fighting wolves and zombies which we've NEVER seen in game in this amount before so it doesn't make actual sense to see them now. Literally wolves everywhere, it doesn't make sense to see 50+ wolves. As for the pilot, but no offence, everyone was shouting orders at you because this event forced groups of people whom IC are literally at war with eachother, that hate eachother. Ofc it's going to be hard for us to work together. Perhaps add in official groups as rouge elements, so that the groups can progress their own lore and we can build our characters IC. For me? I can't use this event IC on my char, because I went from a Chernarus nationalist, at war with most people, probably hated by everyone who roleplays foreign, to working with ya'll. This isn't a dig at anyone in the staff or anyone in the event, but next time just ask for help, see who's interested. I'd personally help out with the next event.
  5. Farmer-BorisRP

    • Farmer-BorisRP
    • RebelRP

    WE WON

    1. RebelRP


      We didn't just win my man, we OWNED them, literally, OWNED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. RebelRP

    • RebelRP
    • JackZRP

    Send location.

    1. JackZRP


      UntriedObedientDavidstiger-max-1mb.gif You insult me?

    2. RebelRP


      Chicken legs

    3. JackZRP


      Tree Trunks*

  7. RebelRP

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    I'm in. Vladimir Gagarin
  8. RebelRP

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Confused, is only staff allowed to participate in the event or will official groups have a chance to intervene and make a mark on our lore?
  9. RebelRP

    S1: Invalid kill, killing a complying hostage.

    I spoke to the guy and I want this report to be closed.
  10. JackZRP

    • JackZRP
    • RebelRP


    1. RebelRP


      My dawg


  11. RebelRP

    S1: Invalid kill, killing a complying hostage.

    Server and location: S1 Vyshnoye/Zub castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-10-10, 20:30 - 20:36 Your in game name: Vladimir Gagarin Names of allies involved: Kamenici. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: We get word that there's a new settlement in Vyshnoye, so we go there to kidnap the leader of the town, to interrogate him. Kamenici initates on the entire town, I myself is on sniper hill and then move up to zub castle to clear it and get an angle from there. Plan was to get the people we kidnap in the castle. As I'm looking around at the city with my SVD, I hear "Put your hands up." I put them up. He says, "Drop everything you have, drop your radio, drop your rifle." I tell him I can't drop my stuff unless i'm allowed to put my hands down, he says "Do it you have thirty seconds" He begins counting down and before he can reach 25 I've dropped my gun and emoted roleplayed that I drop my radio. He then tells me to crouch down and I do so, as I'm crouched down, without any word, he kills me. Without saying a word. Sadly I don't have any recording but you can see the part where I roleplay dropping my radio and typing out to the time I got killed, which was less than a minute. He gave me no roleplay at all and I'm unsure what he killed me for.
  12. RebelRP

    Hello Peoples,

    Welcome to dayzrp
  13. RebelRP

    Excessive Reporting ?

    Roleplay should always come over rulebreak. If that doesnt happen then you will have a growing number of people who try and find loopholes and use the rules to protect and benefit them in game thus setting aside good roleplay
  14. RebelRP

    Note from The Solnichniy Traveler

    Slava chernarus, welcome
  15. RebelRP

    S1: KoS in forest - 10/06/2018 2:35 AM (CEST)