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"The RP boys are the RP in BadRP - unknown circa 2019"

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  1. Artyom, an active special agent in the FSB, Spetnaz branch. Recurited a long time ago in his youth, he has actively served in Syria, Crimea and has now been deployed to Chernarus. Artyom was borned into a orphanage, he lived a hard life and struggled all his youth. Now standing a man, having earned several medals for his anti ISIS operations and acts of heroism. Artyom and his brothers are now in Chernarus, deployed on a top secret mission. However the infection crippled their plans and now they have to adapt.
  2. RebelRP


    So basically, people/groups are using the rule 2.3 to threathen us yet even though we try to make deals with them, even some deals went through certain groups and people break those deals and continue to agress onto us, openly employ spies to undermine us and then destroy us. We're at a standpoint where multiple groups are agressing onto us, then when we go to retaliate they take it OOC and threathen to 2.3 report us, to prevent us from doing anything IC. What route can we take after this? We're literally being forced to stop playing because we can't do anything IG, we just have to sit and be ducks. Let me also give you a little bit of insight on how this all started. A coalition got formed against our group, the Time, since we're slavers in game. So here we are, literally facing a "40 man good squad" unquote. So after receiving this threat, our group came up with a plan to undermine the coalition and then effectively dismantle it. We launched a guerrilla operation and showed most groups, if they decide to stay in the coalition they will die. So most groups agreed to deals with us, they gave into our terms and it was all good, we left them alone. However, now they're breaking the deals we made with them. They've betrayed us in multiple ways and we haven't/can't retaliate because we have been told OOCLY, seen through streams and been told from word-to-mouth that if we do anything they will take advantage of rule 2.3 and use it against us even though it hasn't even been abused here. Since Roland's statements and the archive of our group The House, people have been more willingly and under the impression that you would ban us if they simply reported us for rule 2.3 even though it hasn't been broken or even remotely closed too. I want to ask staff, firstly why they would allow groups and certain people hide behind rule armor and then use OOC means to change the outcome IC. And what can be done about this? I only wish to hear from Admins, especially you @Roland, since you have the final say. If you have any other questions, or want more information, just let me know.
  3. RebelRP

    Rebel's Final Warning

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Rebel's Warning History. https://imgur.com/a/sOkektn Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've changed my attitude since being banned and I think the forced hiatus from dayzrp was for the better, it made me change. Since i've been back I've done everything I can to become a productive member of the community. I haven't been involved in a single report or had one put up against me since back. I've approached a different RP style to that of what I'm used to. I've been active a lot in game and on the forum, not so much on the forum post wise, since I don't see a point in cluttering the forums, yet much more than before.(I have always believed that in game RP is what matters the most) I've tried to make every post be meaningful and I've only posted to voice my opinion and tried to have it enable a good dialouge. I've been positive, embraced all kind of RP and been trying to help the community and in game roleplay as much as I can to atone for my behavior in the past. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to have my final warning removed. What could you have done better?: I should've stayed calm and collected and avoided the hive mentality and not act on impulse. However I've learned from my mistakes.
  4. RebelRP

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    If you’re talking about the novay factory you can either build up to their roof, jump from the radio thingy behind it, starve them out since they cant grow plots inside of the factory or come back later/another day and catch them slipping or as they go out searching for supplies. These tactics can be applied to any base.
  5. RebelRP

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    We can only judge from what we’ve seen and in the past we’ve never had a settlement last due to the fact that when people go offline their walls are destroyed. This new system prevents that. There is not a single settelment that can’t be breached and if you say otherwise you’re not creative enough or have the patience to get it done, either by rp means, cutting off locks or building ladders.
  6. RebelRP

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    You can get killed just as simply when bashing down the walls, tbh its about luck, numbers and strategy. Use plenty of ladders and have the numbers or just know what you’re doing and you should be fine. It shouldnt be easy attacking a settlement, it should be a challenge
  7. RebelRP

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    For me this topic seems about being able to raid/ruin some1s base when they’re offline which seems counter productive for RP. If you want to get into a base, rp it, give off ultimatums, catch them as they go out for supply runs. Build ladders to get in and out. If it wasnt so hard to break down walls like it is now, it wouldnt be worth having a base. I mean literally, even now people find ways into your base just to despawn gear, it’s happened to us plenty. we should keep it as it is
  8. RebelRP

    The Time.

    Through out my time with the Boys, I’ve never seen our group do more campfire rp and friendly rp then now. Literally the most friendly loving slavers you’ve ever seen.
  9. RebelRP


    You have the option to play as you want, why try and force everyone to play how you want? Pointless topic, if you ask me.
  10. RebelRP

    Add A Pump To The Prison Island?

    For those of you thinking that it gives whoever settles there some sort of upperhand, you’re mistaken. Prison Island even with all the building we have now can still be taken. Just ask Ser Bronn I don’t mind having a water pump there
  11. RebelRP

    My brothers...

    *Fahed is stood on a field, overlooking the smoke from a burning car which recently exploded* *Dismembered body parts and limbs of House members lays scattered over a field with burnt grass and scrap metal from the car* *He kneels down, burrying his head in his palms, crying & begging Allah for forgivness* "Declan, my brother, wallahi I am so sorry-- device malfunction, is mistake, please Allah yerhamak..." "I not mean to kill you, please, stupid Khabib connect wrong wire." "And little Boris... stupid bomb..." "I so sorry, all my brothers-- I make dua, insh allah you find Jannah..." "KES EMMAK!" *Fahed kicks over a can of beans* *He tosses the radio across the field*
  12. RebelRP

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    Ahh, the army of god, so it begins.
  13. RebelRP

    Why is the server crashing constantly?

    It isnt just our server almost every server out there with mods get these crashes, dayzrp might get them a bit constantly tho
  14. RebelRP

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Thanks man, hopefully we'll meet in game.
  15. RebelRP

    SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS! Stary Sabor Red Barn, Saturday May 25th, 7:00 PM EST (Peaceful!)

    sounds fun
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