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  1. John Castelle


    Good luck to you guys, I really love how the group was formed IC
  2. John Castelle

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    From my experience in other roleplaying games/servers when you start putting rules over realism things always go south, after all it's the apocalypse and we all should be roleplaying accordingly rather than to have rules to protect us from certain elements
  3. What a fucking night in Svetlo. First we run Sanctuary out of town and seize it then we get invaded by the Black Roses and we fight them off. I'ma give a special shout out to @JackZ for being my road dog today and getting into all kinda interactions. Big ups to @Rakesh & @steemy1000 for the last stand which brought us victory. Well fought Reds. It goes without question that @JoffreyRP crazy ass is MVP of the day. Code name streetsweeper LOL
  4. I've enjoyed roleplaying with the crew for the last couple of days. @UndergroundLV @JackZ @xdproslim11 @steemy1000 @Tomu @Toaster Thanks for everyone in Svetlo and big up for keeping the server active. #allinsvetlo A special shoutout to @GenjiRP & @Cal for the hostage roleplay. And whoever the tattoo guy is, with the gasmask big ups for doing something different, like your character.
  5. @Metawarrior Meeting George and Paul at the airfield was fun, I hope you all enjoyed my pranks. Id like to give a shout out to the NBG, especially those who stayed on late last night. @Keione @jacob67121 @Svenne Overall the rp has been good with you all. @Reaper badass. @JackZ We're not here to take part we're here to take over, i enjoys u @xdproslim11 the sandman ❤ thank you for bringing joy in the most tense moments "This is the Sandman" @UndergroundLV thank you for all your knowledge
  6. Oh hey , didn't realize you are Wolfgang! I gave your character a ride in my cargo truck yesterday.

    I was the guy who rescued you in NWAF, and fought wolves/explored with, when you were John Castelle.

    1. John Castelle

      John Castelle

      I know lol, ill always remember those scenes. we did some trading also 🙂 hope all is well

    2. Camokid95


      Yep yep. Thanks for the roleplay! 👍

  7. John Castelle

    S1 Invalid Kill North Of Novodmitrovsk 2018-07-18, 00:03

    This is my first time with a report so bare with me, I'm new to the community. Basically the situation started when we escorted somebody to a hospital, once there Louie and a couple of his friends arrive. I haven't been in this community for a long time, but I have to say, they constantly curse try to provoke people and want to trigger a response from people so they can abuse you but every character is different so I don't mind, just putting this out here. When they arrived they started to disrespect us, they we're calling us names, provoking us and trying to make us put away our weapons, even though wastly outnumbered, that doesn't seem like realism to me. After a series of back and forth and after I found out that he had threaten to come out our camp and "take care of us" we ran twoards our camp and on the way there we saw Louie and ambushed him. We initiated on them and took Louie hostage. Once he was hostage we found out that Louis people we're in a firefight with another group and some of ours on our turf in which we lost a life by his people. After taking Louie hostage and questioning him, I came to learn that he had wiped out entire factions before in a "war of all wars", that he does indeed have some sort of influence and enough power to strike back so we executed him because he simply couldn't be trusted to be left alive. I learned that he was hired to investigate one of his friends getting shot by us, I wasn't part of that scene so I don't know what happened or if it even did. So from my own point of view the reason we killed him was: He kept provoking us, disrespecting us, acting hostile twoards us. He said he was going to kill us more or less. His people killed one of ours. Like I said, I'm new and this is my first time involved in a report so if you need anything else from me, please let me know.
  8. Too many to name, everyone I've interacted with its been great today. I would like to give a special shoutout to a lady, I cant recall the name but during a meeting when she found out her friend was in trouble, she started screaming in panic and everyone tryna calm her down it was perfectly roleplayed and I salute you
  9. John Castelle

    Nordic Battlegroup

    We're roleplaying in a post-apocalyptic world, tbh I wouldnt judge people for not talking to strangers just like that. Personally I would take a few days to open up to people and just keep it simple. There's been tension in town and everyone's edgy
  10. Im going on a vacation for two weeks. Will this effect my character in any way?
  11. Shoutout to Alex/Doc who's keeping activity up in Vyshnoe. The bushmen and their drunken shenanigans. Scary Boris. Roth. And everyone else I crossed paths with.
  12. Rick Stefan Anatoly Alex/Doc Jackal Kentucky Trent Boris Mad Dog The Italian Mobster (Salvatore something) The Bush men
  13. Wolfgang Karlsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden to a working class family. He grew up with three brothers and two sisters. Wolfgang later went on to join the military in which he then became a Jäger soldier. He had an outstanding military career, an expert marksman and strategist. After hearing about the troublesom news on Chernarus, Wolfgang decided to volunteer and left the safety of Sweden to go and help the people in Chernarus. After a while the lawful Wolfgang quickly had to adapt to survive in the chaotic Chernarus, all his values and morals were put to the test.
  14. EARLY LIFE John "Johnny Balls/JC" Castelle was born in Brooklyn, New York in April, 1986. He had embarked on a life of crime at the tender age of thirteen, when he joined a street crew comprised of boys around the same age who specialised in burglaries and fencing stolen goods. The crew was short-lived, however, after three out of the five members, including the leader, Tommy Mascera, were sent to youth correctional facilities based around New York. Now bereft of the excitement that his life had revolved around, John looked elsewhere for his fun. He was described as a bully by those who had known him during his adolescence, who would pick fights with people considerably weaker than him and beat them to a pulp, threatening to "gut them like a fish" if they reported the incident to the police. Seventeen-year-old Castelle was challenged by George Donoghue, a local boxing gym owner, to fight with one of his boxers of the same age and stature, in order to prove that he was indeed the toughest in the neighbourhood. John was paired with Thomas DeNapoli, a stocky, eighteen-year-old who was at least four inches taller than the slim, thin-waisted Castelle. Although blatantly a mismatch, Castelle refused to back down and accepted the offer. DeNapoli, a seasoned boxer, knocked Castelle around the ring for four or five minutes before he landed the knock-out blow: a sweeping haymaker that caught John across the jaw, leaving him slumped against the ropes. Once news had broken out that Castelle had lost to DeNapoli, John refused to show his face for several weeks. His reputation for being a brute had been tarnished and he was consequently outed as a coward. No longer did his peers fear him; instead, he had become the victim. Castelle's father, Salvatore, encouraged him to apply for the job of a butcher's apprentice, something which Sal had hoped would distract his son from his criminal activities. John had initially refused, citing as many excuses as he could, before eventually conceding and applying for the vacancy. He was promptly hired after the employer received a bribe from John's father. It was here, authorities believe, that Castelle had begun to plan his revenge; and while being praised for his adept butchery during the day, by night John was gradually amassing a cache of sharpened blades that he'd stolen in preparation for an attack that would reinvigorate his fearsome reputation and shake the neighbourhood to its very core. A REAL LIFE HORROR SCENE John Castelle had turned nineteen-years-old in July, and had been working at Shapiro's Meat Market for almost two years. His life had changed for the better; he was a man now, and his father was proud of the progress that he'd made. Though despite the personal growth in Castelle's life, he was unhappy. He was a loner, distant and unapproachable. While the jeers over the beating he had succumbed to in the ring against Thomas DeNapoli had stopped entirely, when in contemplation in quiet moments during the day, his mind would draw up what had happened. He ran through the fight from start to finish; how Thomas had humiliated him, and how the community came to despise him for ostensibly pretending to be something he was not. These events had taken a toll on Castelle's psyche. He was not the hot-headed teenager that his neighbourhood knew him as; he was now circumspect, taciturn and cunning. For almost two years, John had developed a plan that most would dismiss as unthinkable, but to him, it was justified. Thomas DeNapoli had recently wed Sandra Castiglione, daughter of Frankie Castiglione, a revered politician with deep pockets, who had single-handedly provided the funds to pay for the extravagance of the wedding. The newly-wed couple were the talk of the town for several weeks, which only served as fuel to the fire for John, who winced each time Thomas' name was spoken. One morning, however, a customer had entered the meat market and mentioned Thomas and Sandra to John, who replied languidly as he prepared the meat that was asked for. That was until it was mentioned that Thomas was set to see a new horror flick at the pictures on 8th Avenue with Sandra on Saturday night. According to a source who claims that they were waiting in line when the conversation took place, John immediately perked up and showed interest in what was being said. He began to ask questions, and the customer didn't hesitate to answer them as he exchanged money for the meat. It was set. John had inadvertently managed to find out where Thomas was located, and he knew just who he was going to be with. It was often the case that Thomas walked with a large group of men who attended the same boxing gym, and he thought of himself as untouchable when with them. Now that it was revealed that Thomas would only be with the feeble, dainty Sandra, John set his plan into action. Sources say that he drove from his father's apartment to the cinema at approximately 8:45pm on the night of November, 23rd, 2005, and parked his car on the corner of the street. It merged in with the others that were parked front and behind. It was about 9:15pm when Thomas and Sandy had emerged from the cinema and walked to their car, which was four vehicles apart from John's. They both climbed in and took off. John surreptitiously followed. Thomas and Sandra hadn't noticed anything by the time they had reached their house. They were in the midst of a conversation when they clambered out of their car; too invested in what was being said to have seen the car being parked at the end of their drive, virtually swallowed by the darkness. The two entered their house. The final thing Thomas did that night was call his mother at around 10:50pm, before heading to bed. Two days later, the headlines that were splashed across newspapers all over New York revealed that a newly-wed, young couple had been brutally murdered in their home. Those who were brave enough to read on discovered how a window downstairs had been cracked open by a brick enclosed within a bed sheet, which would've softened the noise of the glass breaking. Detectives deduced that the perpetrator had stalked around downstairs for a couple of minutes, before heading upstairs to the unsuspecting couple asleep in their bed. Sandra Castiglione was found lying awkwardly with her torso sliced open, which revealed her insides to the police that had been sent to the house after the couple were reported missing. Her jewellery had been stolen, and the two chest of draws on either side of the bed had been raided and valuables were gone. What had shocked the detectives and police officials even more so, was the state that they had found Thomas DeNapoli in. Both arms were absent from the corpse; the face was beaten to such a bloody pulp that it may have been impossible for police to recognise DeNapoli, if it weren't for the home that he was in; the throat was cut deeply; the torso had been sliced in the same fashion as Sandra's; and the legs were both mangled and covered in slashes and blood. Detectives deduced that the victim had attempted to flee from the perpetrator, and that he may have been woken by Sandra's death. John went on the lam for two months before being captured by police in the basement of a nondescript apartment block in Manhattan. He had lived on food which was stolen from the residents of the apartments, who were almost all elderly. Castelle were then caught and tried but acquitted of all charges. Several years later John enlisted in the Navy and were part of the units sent to Chernarus in the 2009 intervention. This is where his life changed for ever... THE THREE HEADED DRAGON. A story which began in Vybor by the airfield. John was searching the airfield for gear, ammo and weapons. This is where we came across three men. Three men which did not use guns or knives as weapons. Trickery, manipulation are their weapon of choice. The three friendly men caught John in one of the hangers, he was outnumbered and outgunned. However they did not initiate, they resorted to trading. The men stayed huddled up for a while, sharing stories and canned food. Some hour later, the men departed and John went on his way north. Then the unthinkable happened, the three headed dragon surrounded John, striking from the shadows. (more coming soon) (western evac)(railroad)(kentucky trent)