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  1. Short lived Fourth day - 05-10-2021 The whole fucking Cherryton idea was short lived.. We have been raided 4 times in a span of 3 days, Houston has been shot in the leg and the chest.. (Need to find a doctor asap, he needs medical attention..) I can't.. I want.. I FUCKING HATE... I carried Houston out of that fucking place, the bullets were flying around and explosions were going off in and around the building we lived in.. I found an abandoned shed in the middle of the woods near Berezino, Houston is doing ok (i think?) Used my bag and jacket to keep him warm and well as he tr
  2. *The radio turns on, 2 explosions and many shots can be heard immediately* "DEAN IT'S NOT FUCKING WORTH IT, WE NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" *A loud shotgun bang can be heard* "TAKE COVER FOR FUCKS SAKE HOUSTON, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND SHOOT WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE" "I'M NOT GIVING UP THIS EASY" *The sound of another explosion comes over the radio, followed by what sounds like gunfire of an automatic rifle* *Houston can be heard screaming and panting, it sounds like he has been hit* "HOUSTON..!? HOUSTON GET THE FUCK UP! HOUSTON!!" "Heavy breathing" "I got you, i got y
  3. Best of luck guys! Already had the chance to interact with the group and i'm really looking forward to the other RP!
  4. Its only getting worse Third day - 05-09-2021 Pointed my glock at my own head for the first time today, i'm lost.. i'm done.. The page of this day won't be long. Getting robbed and tortured by the guys with orange armbands only to come home at a raided house with nothing left. I've lost everything we build up to this point and i'm on my lowest.. Fuck.
  5. Dean's voice can be heard over the radio again, he repeats the message a couple of times "In additions to the previous message we would like to make clear we take people in!" "We are building a new community, a village named Cherryton!" "We have food, water and facilities voor housing, we only need people to help with making Cherryton bigger." "We want to bring back a little of the life we knew before the infection, and can use your help!" "If you are interested, contact me on frequency: "62.6" (//discord: Cherrygamer#1518)" "Thanks for contacting Cherryton, see you soon."
  6. Deans voice comes over the radio again "Priviet Vasily! I'm happy to hear from you again! We will welcome you with open arms! If needed we have place to stay the night" "Thanks for reaching out, see and speak to you soon!" Transmission ends.
  7. Things going bad Second day - 05-08-2021 FUCK FUCK FUCK, EVERYTHING WAS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN! After doing all that building a little rest is too much to ask for!? Taking a little nap in between building the walls to keep the shit safe and this fucker is storming in with a loud bang, holds me on gunpoint and demands all the AKM bullets.. Took everything he wanted from the lockers and i couldn't do anything because the bag with the weapons was next to the bed, i didn't stand any chance.. The fucker even took the time to write a note before coming in.. *Written in sloppy En
  8. *Presses PTT, a voice can be heard over the radio* *Building sounds can be heard in the background* For the people who receive this, hey there fellow survivors! My brother and i decided we wanted to help people out after finding each other after months.. We are building a new community and can use some help with securing the area, we have some good plans and need some good people! I don't know who is listening now so if you want to help, contact me on frequency "62.6" (//discord: Cherrygamer#1518) I will check in every hour to receive messages. Thanks for contacting Cherryton.
  9. Hey there! The spots where you can place/build fences is very limited.. I decided to look around for a mod/plugin to fix this and i found one! (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854626456) With more-doors removed i think this is a pretty good addition to secure our bases, homes and other stuff a little better. The biggest reason i would like to see this added is the RP possibilities, the big groups have the option to place a prefab border around their compound without the limits of a sidewalk etc, if this mod could be implemented on the server other people are all
  10. The move to "Cherryton" First day - 05-07-2021 Abandoned the old house in search for a new place with Houston, we want to help people, hopefully we can do this here.. Some weird feeling cought us on the last days there.. Berezino is a weird place, too many different kind of people (Love the people of the Belic bar though..) *Reminder, bring a little present with the announcement we're leaving* Thought i might capture all the things going on in this journal here, if we die.. Maybe someone will find it.. Otherwise we have something to look back on every now and again... Welcome
  11. +1 Would be nice to see some more "custom" options with the magazine, looks a lot better in my opinion and why not? It doesn't change anything in the game as far as i know, only a extra option to customise the weapon more to your liking.
  12. Personally i think its a good change! Lets bring some more people to the server! I don't even think it will be that much of a difference RP wise.
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