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  1. I came from GTA 5 RP and needed a break. I signed up for DayzRP awhile back, but shit happened and wasn't able to really play out my original character or play on DayzRP at all for awhile. Decided recently with my boyfriend, to start RPing on DayzRP because we wanted to RP some where there is real RP. People on the GTA 5 RP server I am on, would follow the rules, but would do bare minimum RP. Instead, they'd just rob banks and provide very little RP in general. There wasn't any story in that. They did it because they could. They did it because if you weren't a cop or EMS, you played a 1 dimensional character that did everything everyone else was doing. Point is, what I've learned so far in DayzRP is that, everyone except maybe 20% of the server are bandits and just go around robbing people for their things. Not only that, but they also steal when no one is at their base. So you're saying that in RP, because you CAN rob people, that you should rob them every chance you get without roleplay? From my experience here, this is a some what watered down version of a PvP server. Roleplay should always come first and it honestly just seems like people decided to RP a bunch of bandits and that's the only route they are going to take in RP. I've met 2 people who are not bandits, but have been robbed multiple times. Does it make any sense for a person to be robbed multiple times in an entire week? This RP environment is not safe for those who want to RP solo characters. It caters to larger groups who can actually protect not only themselves, but their people and their things. You'd think with this being a survival game, after watching movies or TV shows that are based on surviving some kind of apocalypse, there would be more to just coming up on someone's base that no one is occupying for whatever reason, you'd leave it alone because you aren't gaining any RP. Is this a RP server or we going around exploiting the fact that you CAN rob people offline and rob those who are out and about etc. and can avoid YOUR character getting conflict for stealing someones crap? Because you can't get conflict or have pvp consequences for stealing someones things. You are literally providing zero RP to protect their things or RP giving up their things because they don't want to die over things that they could easily get some where else if they once again had to go looking for it. Some of you are missing the point of roleplay. This isn't roleplay. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. This is the same crap you get in a lot of GTA 5 servers. Too many crims, not enough originality with characters - everyone is a crim and does the same kind of crime. So because my character got their stuff stolen, I should use that to my advantage to develop my character and RP "not hording things and keep it in a safe secure place" or that my character should ALSO steal peoples crap when they are offline or out and about not able to protect or do anything about their things? Because that's character development to you? Are you guys aware of Conan Exiles RP? A lot of the rules and guidelines in pretty much every conan RP server is that roleplay comes first, you aren't allowed to just go to someones base and raid it and steal people's things because there is ZERO RP in it. The way Conan Exiles game lore is, would allow people to rob and steal things from other people because it is a survival type of game and its based on people who have done crimes who are exiled to lands where bad people go. But these servers, like myself, see no RP consequences in blindly raiding or stealing shit from others. Honestly the only reason I stopped playing Conan Exiles was because of personal reasons and because of the dumbass eRP/sex mods they have on it. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. But that's a whole other thing I won't get into. Like I said before, this server is a watered down version of a PvP server without the KoS. When your stuff is stolen offline or when you are out and about in server, your RP gets taken away from you because you can't RP conflict out and you can't do anything after it's stolen because you don't know who stole what. Your character can't go and retaliate or go after those people because they have no idea who did it. There is literally TWO ways your character can go from there. That is, become one of the thieves (super 1 dimensional character development btw) OR dust yourself off and try again until you do become a 1 dimensional character who does what everyone else is doing with their own characters. Keep telling yourselves over and over again, that it makes sense for people to be robbed while they are offline or out and about etc. It doesn't change the fact that there is zero RP in it.
  2. Thanks for all the welcomes you guys
  3. Hey guyssss I go by Charli but it's not my real name. Shhhh. ? I love to RP. I've been doing it for a really long time. Only recently - a year ago, did I realize you can RP GTA V. So I've been doing that for about a year. Tried DayZ rp in some random RP server about 6 months ago and it didn't take. But recently for the past 3 weeks I've been getting into the game itself with a group of friends who aren't strangers to Dayz RPing at all and they wanted to RP here, so here I am. =D Hope to see you guys in game
  4. Oh hey, wait. I know you! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU BB
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