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  1. Jericho Bell Age: 27 Birthday:July 22, 1990 Sign: Leo Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Height: 6ft Weight: 200 lbs Language: English Favorite color: Silver Favorite Food: Spaghetti and lasagna Favorite Drink: Water Favorite sweet: Candy Favorite thing: Black beaded bracelet with a gold thing with an engraving Personality / Attitude: Jericho was caring, honest, independent, stubborn, genuine, and compassionate. He tried to see the best in everyone, but is cautious to trust people easily because of his past. He grew up with his adopted brother that they would do just about anything together. They both spent a lot of time in the wilderness learning how to survive on their own. They didn't want to get in trouble for getting hurt so they started to teach each other how to hide their injuries and even make somewhat simple stitching, though his brother was a lot better at it than Jericho was. Jericho tended to be caring to a fault if he felt what he is being told is genuine he would believe them. He always wanted to be there for the people he trusted and cared about, but he feels he lost those pieces of himself when he lost his brother and hasn't fully come to terms with it and still feels guilty for the the loss of Alexander. He felt he should have been there for his brother when he died and blames himself. He feels that some people only have motivates to get things from other people. He tends to be reserved, but isn’t around those he cares about and shows his true self with them. He can easily misread signals sometimes, but feels he has a good head on his shoulders and feels he can pick people apart pretty well. Skills: Observation, hunting, basic medical treatment, traveling, creativity, listening, persuasion, honesty, fairness, communication, leadership Dislikes: Lying, dishonesty, picking on those who may be perceived as weak Strengths: Honesty, focus, observation, fair, ambitious, straight forwardness Weaknesses: Caring to much for those he has a soft spot for or for those he feels are in need. He can also be hot headed and stubborn. Fears: Losing parts of himself that he feels makes him whole such as being caring for others. How he came to Chernarus: Jericho and Alexander were very close growing up. They had spent a lot of time in the woods hunting, fishing, and camping, but of course they would also get hurt. They helped teach each other how to perform basic first aid along with trying to stitch each other up because they didn't want to get into trouble. Alexander was much better than Jericho at performing medical treatment and later decided to go into medicine. When the first news came about the infection and breakout in Chernarus Alexander volunteered to be sent to try to assist. During the outbreak communication with Alexander was lost and Jericho tried to make his way there for his brother. Because of the checkpoints set up by the military Jericho made his way through the woods. Jericho was able to learn that his brother was sent out with a group to help give treatment, but when they were nearly overrun some abandoned the group and fled leaving Alexander and a few others behind to fend for themselves. Jericho eventually found Alexander who was clinging to life. He was infected and knew what was going to happen to him and he asked Jericho to kill him before the infection took over. Jericho pushed Alexander to give him the names of who he was with and abandoned them. Alexander gave him a few names, scribbled, messy, and the note covered in his own blood, but it wasn't much to go on. Jericho fulfilled Alexander's wish and managed to carry his body and buried him nearby underneath a tree. Jericho has been looking for the names on the list to get revenge for what had happened to his brother.
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