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  1. Arindel

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

    Maltezes are love!!
  2. Done ^^ Also thank you everyone for the warm welcome
  3. Arindel

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

    Meet Cherry and Shelby my yappy little floofs!
  4. Hello ladies and gents! My name is Thalia even though everyone calls me Ari. I'm living in the UK for the last 12 years. I play games since i remember myself and i have been a roleplayer...well....for a long long time! I am very very excited to join the community get to know all of you and reveal Lunas story! P.S. i own two very yappy fluffers so from time to time you MIGHT *cough* might hear my character barking mad! Catch you all in game!
  5. Personality / Attitude: Luna is Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. She can read between the lines with curiosity and energy, she sees life as a big puzzle where everything is connected, like a prism of emotion , compassion and mysticism and is always looking for a deeper meaning. If she finds a cause that sparks her imagination she will bring an energy that often places her in to the spotlight. She knows how to relax and she is capable of switching from a passionate driven idealist in the workplace to that imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor, often with a suddenness that can surprise even her closest friends. She however some times rely too much on her intuition, assume or anticipate too much about motivations that she can misread the signals she gets and make things more complicated than they already are. She is very emotional and sensitive and she will spend a lot of time exploring social relationships, feelings and ideas before she finds something that really rings true. Skills: Writting, Reaserch, Creativity, Negotiating skills, Identify strenths and weaknesses, Listening, Reading, Persuasive, Communication skills, Self control, Honesty, Conflict resolution, Fairness. Dislikes:Lies, Rudeness, Pessimism, Cats, Carrots, Attention seeking. Strengths: Honesty, Caring, Fair, Ambitious, Communication skills, Ability to Handle Work with Difficult People in Difficult Situations, Focus. Weaknesses: overthinking situations. Fears: Losing someone that she loves, Spiders, Being burried alive, failure. Hobbies: Reading, Writting, traveling, Learning, Fishing, Camping. Strange behaviors: She can easilly get lost in her thoughts (daydreaming), People watching, taking unnecessary risks, losing track of time. What brought her to Chernarus: Luna and Ash were always very close. Even thought they grew up in different countries after their parents separation they always kept in touch and visited each other in every chance that they would get. Ash grew up to be a recognized detective and Luna a psychiatrist. When the outbreak happened Ash was in Chernarus already which Luna only found out from the very last communication that they had. A phone call. Ash's words to her were: i am in Chernarus, please do not look for me, stay with mom and look after her, stay alive. I love you. Shortly after that all communications went down and there was no way of contacting her. Luna had a decision to make. Stay with her mother or find her sister. The thought of her sister being all alone in a country that wasn't even home made her sick so she decided to leave her mother in a barricaded shelter and make her way to her sister. It took her months to reach Chernarus and she had no idea if her sister was still alive, or her mother, or her father. She managed to survive by scavenging hiding and always moving. Currently she is still looking for her sister while trying to survive the outbreak.