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  1. Looking solid and looking forward to seeing the sleeping bags for sure!
  2. *Chris rumages through his medical supplies to find his walkie* "God damn it where is this thing, RICHIE! You got my damn radio!?!?" *Chris continues to look and notices it on his vest* "I'm so stupid..." *Pushes the PTT* "Nice to meet you too! I looked at my map to find out where we are at the current time and it looks like Star-OY... I took the bare minimum of the langauge on high school so bare with me with my pronounciations. I been here a couple times and that's a pretty safe spot to me if you're interested we can wait it out here for you miss." *Releases PTT* "Did I say too much? Damn I ramble a lot"
  3. *Chris turns his radio on, already on 96.6* "Hey Richie ( @SpeedyRL ) you happen to hear this earlier by chance? If you did why the hell ain't you say nothing. There's someone out there looking to maybe come help adventure this god-forsaken earth." "Yoooooo" *Chris looks puzzled at the radio and says "is this thing even on"* "Lady, if you get to hear my message or my buddy Richie's we'd be keen on helping you out and anyone else you got with you if you met up with em. My name's Chris and we use this channel pretty frequently so if Richie heard anything and didn't say nothing to me I'm gonna beat that boy." *Looks dimly at Richie and grins, puts his head down and turns the radio off while pulling out his pack of cigarettes and lighting on up"
  4. Stardude

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    I am gutted for y'all my man. The set piece was hella nice though https://www.clippituser.tv/c/kaqqxn

    1. lukaszxe


      Sigh it's hurting but Sweden was too passive. We fell back too much and should've taken over the match when German lost a man

    2. Spartan


      Nah, Sweden needed to wait for the winter to come. We all know that the Germans lose everything in Russia in the winter ? 

  5. *Chris frantically messes with his new found radio to figure it out* "YOOO Jack, you hear me fam? YOOOOOOO" "WE GOT A DATE BRUH! Homie we played that game with is tryna meet up." *Patiently waits for a response, hoping he figured out how to use the radio*
  6. My pick going in was France but I'd love to see Belgium win it. Allez Les Bleus! I'm hoping Sweden can definitely make it out of group with how Germany played.
  7. Oh yeah! This Croatia game right now! I can't even imagine the scenes when Luka scored that goal. Who you got winning it all?
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  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! Stargirl! That is great! ??XOXO
  11. Just wanted to extend my hand to y'all and say hi! I am looking forward to meeting each of you in and out of game! I come from a GTA 5 RP background and have dabbled in some DayZ RP. If you guys ever meet my character in game and can offer feedback, good or constructive, please send it my way! Always looking to improve my quality of roleplay. As far as I go, my name's Chris. Stardude comes from TheWeeknd (Singer), that guy is my man. I love music and love sharing songs I've found with others. If you want to talk soccer/football, MMA, sports in general, other games, etc. Then feel free to send a message my way, I don't bite! Thanks for reading just a few quick thoughts of mine and have a wonderful rest of your day! ?
  12. Just some quick points - Chris Right is the brother of Jack Right. The voice of reason between the two brothers. Chris is a handgun enthusiast. Purple Belt in BJJ. Likes: -Hanging around people, even strangers. -Being around his brother -Shooting -Soccer -Fashion Dislikes: -Children -Arrogance -People with more knowledge than him (Periodically will shut down or just say very few words) My character's name is Chris Right, brother to Jack Right ( actual player in-game ). Chris comes off as very apprehensive and shy at first when you first interacting with him. He is not one to speak a lot but pays attention to what is spoken. He holds people very accountable for their word and makes sures they know if they've done him wrong. His brother is... sort of and oddball and out there. The two are polar opposites, Jack was always a wild one and not to be messed with. Chris being the one to force reason and sort things out with words. They work together magically while still being so different. You would never really realize that the two are brothers until you see them together. Chris and Jack originally got to Chernarus via vacation. Being 20 somethings they had no worries in the world and were simply looking for a fun time. One fateful day, while on a hike, they saw a guy whom they though was skinning a deer in the middle of the hiking trail. They had a friend with them, Joe, and they all looked at eachother and pointed like "What in the..." They gave eachother a puzzled look and just stood there. They then realized that this man was not skinning anything... He was EATING the deer. Chris unlike his brother does not like to recollect on the events that took place that day. He gets chills and almost has mental breakdowns when the thought of it crosses his mind. Jack on the other hand has no issues because he has a more primitive mind. Read Jack's character background for more info. on that day After getting themselves together and starting their hike back to their hotel they saw smoke in the distance followed by a loud bang. The two then started to quicken their pace, giving eachother a look that they knew something was terribly wrong. While looking to seek medical attention they had realized that Chernarus was not the same as it was when they entered.
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