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  1. TehMellow

    What new food items would you like to see?

    All I'm gonna say is... Dairylea
  2. friend did this snapped this of me while we were out on the town getting some crisps lol
  3. Born on the 16th of May 1974, Tony Walsh had a relatively normal upbringing on the outskirts of Birmingham, England. At the age of 16 Tony was sent to a young offender institution for leaving a boy seriously injured after a fight at school, when he left he had no direction in his life and he didn't know what to do. After numerous job applications being declined Tony turned to the streets to make his money he started with petty thievery and ended up getting nicked for burglary, in prison he met a shady character called Colin. Colin taught Tony how to be an effective con man so he had a way to make a living when he got out, he served his sentence with no problems and was back on the streets before he knew it putting his new con knowledge to use, he targeted the vulnerable first conning old people out of hundreds of pounds by offering them useless services and botch jobs. After making a somewhat hefty profit Tony now nicknamed Walshy made an investment in some cheap double glazing with the idea that he could charge people 5x for what he invested in the first place, his first target was oblivious to his his plan and Walshy robbed him blind, this pleased him greatly and he could see future in conning people out of double glazing. After many successful deals he started to feel unsatisfied and wanted to broaden his horizons after searching around a place called Chernarus was brought to his attention, a land full of shit windows that need some UPVC attention and Walshy is the man for the job. After a cheap economy class flight Walshy checked in to a coastal hostel in the town Kamenka, he started hearing rumors of civil unrest in the north and attacks on civilians by CDF soldiers who had seemed to have gone insane. He didn't take much notice at first but when the town started to evacuate he knew it was serious, in all the commotion all he could think about was his shipment of double glazing which was held in a warehouse in the city of Chernogorsk, throwing caution to the wind and ignoring warnings by the the military he headed north to check on his precious shipment, on arrival it was clear to see the town had been overrun by the infected and all hope was lost, not knowing what to do he turned round and ran deep into the wilderness.
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