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  1. Born in the Nizz to a rather large middle class Turkish family, childhood wasn't the easiest for Ajay and he soon fell in with a group of unsavoury fellas, this would later leave him gang affiliated where he'd be watching over bando's and serving late nights in a German. After a couple years of living this life he became a well in established member and would buss case on a 4 year stretch, which would lead him to hearing about a pagan that was chatting wass and writing statements, Ajay swore he'd find said fella on the back roads and dish out numerous chingings, several days pass and Ajay thought he was out of luck until some poor neek jumped out of a grey Mercedes with a baseball bat. Ajay produced a wap in response, the man laughed in his face and claimed it was fake, he was then shot twice and managed to razz off in his car only to return later and get shot again, Ajay dashed the gun in the Thames and burnt his clothes, these events would leave him wanting out so he decided to start working legit at his family owned barbers where he'd give discounted trims for the olders, youngers and the occasional free cut for the OG's. In his mid 20's he decided to go travelling with some of the illicit money he had stored away from his riding days, after travelling most of the world he would end up stranded on the outskirts of Livonia due to the apparent apocalypse and hordes of undead.
  2. Liam


    Looks good fella
  3. I can understand a few of the goals may give the impression of being gear orientated and that's by design. Weaponry, ammunition and general gear will be vital to this groups success as it will be our main export. We are traders and will of course keep a little bit for ourselves but on the most part it will be a revolving door for all these items, we don't want to horde anything, just keep till we can distribute.
  4. Brought up in one of the roughest areas in Birmingham, Jamie was no stranger to going up cunch and and taking numerous trips to the opps strip, this criminal lifestyle eventually landed him in HMP Birmingham where he still banged on the opps bait and would later get released for good behaviour, he later linked up with a prominent gang member named Darren at the 23 blocks of Erdington where later they'd go to Bulgaria and splash there racks in clubs, they ended up travelling across Europe and met a man nicknamed bare pills where he told them of a fabled pill capital called Zapadlisko, after spending some time on the sesh and slinging to the local cats their graft was interrupted by hordes of undead, this didn't phase Jamie and his rambo knife was still doing up flesh.
  5. Liam

    Masali Salamander

    Nutty geeza
  6. After coming across a base on our travels @ChrisW guesses the code to a 3 digit combo-lock on the entrance, I have a mooch around as you do looking around for some nice treasure. After doing a full circle of the compound I notice someone pointing a gun at @Jpurts I stay in cover in-case the situation escalates, eventually he comes across @ChrisW so I slowly emerge from the bushes towards the front gates, as I open one he says something along the lines of "Oh you sawed the fucking locks" as we go to walk out he says "You're not going anywhere" which we promptly tell him that we definitely are. When outside @Jpurts puts the combo-lock back on the front gate, as we start to leave the area I hear a shot go off and @Jpurts shouts "He just shot at me" I see him running to cover so I spray a few shots into the compound. We retaliate with @ChrisW taking a position on the hill and myself helping @Jpurts get back inside in which he finds the guy and kills him.
  7. Remove it. It doesn't fit in at all.
  8. I think it's quite strange tbf...
  9. Tony Walsh POV: After arriving at Vybor I hear a little bit of commotion and go and check it out, I come across a group arguing with a man in a house, from what I made out of there conversations he must of been trying to break in. The server goes down and when it's back up someone tries to throw a flashbang in the window and I hear him say something along the lines of "I can see why you play on server 2 now you're all bad at pvp", some time goes by and people tried to come to a peaceful solution then he sneaks down the stair and opens fire without initiation tagging me and killing another. Me and Bojek Swoboda ran into the building firing our saigas when Bojek drops him and the situation was concluded.
  10. Born in the city of Ashgabat to a poor travelling Arab family, growing up was a rough struggle for Masali which would eventually lead him to abandon his loved ones in venture of power and wealth. He went south to Iran in which he found himself in service of a rebel group, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a well decorated commander but this was only the beginning for Masali as his goal of ultimate wealth was yet to be reached, using his new found connections he started to acquire a stock of numerous firearms and started making sales with various groups across the middle east, eventually getting a name for himself as a respected arms dealer, he would soon be travelling and making sales world wide which would sadly leave him abandoned in Poland after getting waylaid by hordes of undead, where he'd later link up with a group of like minded individuals going by the alias Brass.
  11. *Walshy turns on his radio and presses his PTT.* "Stay wary Rich, the Sandpeople are easily startled, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers." *Walshy let's go of his PTT.*
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