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  1. Johnny Riverboat is a 23 year old NATO peacekeeper that has been working under NATO for 5 years, hes learned many combat skills and mental skills while training under his platoon. Due to the fact that Johnny was admired by his superiors and showed a daredevil side of himself, he was given a job to go Chernarus with a native guide and document and interview victims of the recent civil war there. As Johnny arrived to the Chernarussian airport his guide ditched on him and Johnny was alone, Johnny had no trouble with this however since hes a true outdoor man. Johnny spent a couple months in Chernarus and got to know the landscape, the towns, and the people very well, the local populace started calling him белый man or white man. Months later with no current connections with NATO or UN forces Johnny met a Pro-USSR man under the name Joe Riverboat, Johnny met this man when he saw Joe trying to rise up against the bourgeoisie, They became the best of friends and soon survived off the land together for years.