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  1. My names Scott Green and this is my story. It was many weeks before the outbreak occurred and I had received a call from my three cousins Joseph, Andrew and Garret who lived in Chernarus. Andrew and Garret were both studying at University, so my Aunt and my three cousins decided to move over to Chernarus and live in Zelenogrosk. They called me asking to come over for a couple of months as I was living on my own and I had never been to see Chernarus. They paid for my flight and let me stay with them. They even helped me get a part time job working at a garage even though I had no idea the ins and outs of a car. Life was looking good in Chernarus and I was thinking about getting my own place and staying for longer. Weeks passed and people started to get sick and lose their minds. Things soon got worse and worse. Then everything went to shit. I lost my cousins and I was left alone in a land that I barely knew anything about. I had little to no water and I had no transportation other than walking everywhere. I thought I was well and truly fucked.