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  1. Chaz

    To Fae, Sal, and Meika [Open Freq]

    Hearing the child and the man argue back and forth Sojiro slides his radio towards himself and speaks into it The voice of a Japanese man could be heard broadcasting "You know, maybe arguing and losing an argument to a kid isn't the greatest look in the world for someone trying to be a scary cannibal, just a thought." He stops transmitting
  2. Chaz

    Assistance Needed! (Open Frequency)

    *He picks his radio back up and transmits* "Nevermind, help arrived, but still...be warry of crazies prowling the woods and APPARENTLY walking into town disguised." *He ends the transmission*
  3. Chaz

    Assistance Needed! (Open Frequency)

    *The slightly troubled voice of a Japanese man comes over the radio* "Hello? Anyone? We need assistance. Some man in Grishino has been attacked by a cannibal...smiles or something like that. Anyways he's pretty hurt and so is his friend. Any medics or doctors out there that can help? We would really appreciate it." *As he sets the radio down he can faintly be heard saying "safe town...right" before the transmission cuts*
  4. Chaz

    The Horsemen [IC Recruitment]

    Very cool! Excited to see this in game!
  5. Chaz

    Jiro To Dan (Open Frequency)

    Hearing the most unfamiliar voice, Jiro pauses for a moment, then continuing "If you're a friend of Dan's then you can likely count yourself invited as well Mr. Kyle. Link up with Mr. Yates and he'll know where to go. The transmission falls silent
  6. Chaz

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    While I get some points people say (And I do need to take their words for it as I have limited experience so far) I am going to have to says keep them due to realism and farthering roleplays and stories with people. Where is the story and RP supposed to go if I get shot by person A in some confrontation that meant a lot character developing for me? Just pretend it didnt happen or I can quite remembers who done it? That seems lame for me. I would prefer to remember and be injured if I don't kill the characters off. That way I can further it from there you know?
  7. Chaz


    I hate Fortnite but this was funny and made it watchable. Good vid!
  8. Chaz

    Jiro To Dan (Open Frequency)

    After debating doing so for quite some time, Jiro decides to dust off his old radio and rummages through his bag for his notebook, thumbing through it to find the right frequency After finding the corresponding one he powers up the radio and speaks into it. The voice of a Japanese man transmits through the radio with the sound of rain in the background. "...Dan? Are you still alive out there? It's Jiro. The thing we spoke of a few months ago? It's time. You know where to meet me...If you're still alive that is." The transmission cuts silent awaiting a reply from the man he reached out to
  9. Sojiro Ren was born into a world of crime. His father, Hatori Ren, was a well known and prolific member of the Yakuza in Japan. He was an underboss in the Ren Yakuza family, and was feared by many for his brutality. Hatori at a young age, sent his son off to do some schooling in England, before having him return home permanently at the age of fifteen. During Sojiro's time in England, he learned English there and retained knowledge of the language for the rest of his lifetime. When he returned home he was promptly thrust into the life of a Yakuza that his father had planned for his son. While not very interested or joyful of his involvement in the Yakuza at first - he eventually grew to accept his place there and spent many years climbing the ranks and impressing his father with his work ethic. After nearly a decade in the clan he was a relatively high standing member withing their ranks. It was around this time that Sojiro changed and became a more brutal person, and a less trusting one at that. One of his fathers most trusted soldiers had assassinated him while they were in a car together, headed home from drinking out late one night. The man shot Hatori right in the side of the head and turned to shoot Sojiro too. Sojiro didn't drink that night and had his wits about him enough, and so he was able to overpower the man and kill him. Losing his father and nearly his own life over one mans power grab and greed taught him a valuable lesson. That he could never truly trust anyone in this world. If you have more than anyone, there will always be someone else out there trying to take what you have. Fast forward to mid 2017 and Sojiro was now in his fathers former position as underboss to the Ren Yakuza family. He was informed that they would be starting trade with some European allies of theirs. One of whom was a Chernarussian connection that would be purchasing Heroin and Opium from them. Since this was to be their first trade interaction with the man - Geguri Ren (Head of the Ren Yakuza family) wanted someone with a higher ranking to be there to greet the man. And so he did. With a false Chernarussian ID and papers, Sojiro went along with a crew of around seven to the country. Long story short? Their contact was a narc. Sojiro's people were promptly arrested and sent back to Japan. Sojiro on the other hand was caught with fake Chernarussian identification papers and citizenship identifications. He was kept and imprisoned there for a few months while they sorted all of that out. He was to be temporarily held on their own island prison until they could sort out his true identity and have Japanese officials come pick him up and return him to his own country. On June of 2017 he was confined to a cell on that island. Help never came. Shortly after his imprisonment the infection began, chaos ensued. After a few weeks he escaped the island along with a few other prisoners, and swam to the shore. Since then he's been surviving in the wasteland. Although lately he's been looking for something more substantial that survival. He wants to thrive in this new land.
  10. Chaz

    Chaz's Profile Art Thread!

    I'll do my best Here ya go! Tried to not sacrifice too many frames and as little sharpness to it as I could. Obviously not perfect and I had to tweak the speed a bit but hopefully it is to your liking! @Chewy
  11. Chaz

    Chaz's Profile Art Thread!

    Last ones that I have done for now - will do new ones on request.
  12. Chaz

    Chaz's Profile Art Thread!

    Some additional ones that took up too much file space in the post. Same as above - they're totally cool to use just ask/let me know before hands.
  13. Chaz

    Chaz's Profile Art Thread!

    Hey recently gotten into making profile gifs, banners, and backgrounds and everything in between! Hit me up if you want to use anything listed below or if you have any requests! (Shoutout to @Dirty Dan for showing me how to) My Gif's *Unoptimized as of yet - will do when the Gif is requested* Additional Gif's will be placed in the comments upon requests or as I make them. Thanks!
  14. Chaz

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Last bit i'll say on this because it would be unnecessary to continue this any further than it's already excalated but Saying you'd "Shoot them yourself" and that they "had it coming" among other things is beyond an opinion. That goes without saying. It's just really not needed and inappropriates to say less than 12 hours after the boys death - especially when you know saying it would just cause controversy. To me it seemed a bit baity and they got the replies that they expected to get, plain and simple. Whats done is done, hopefully peoples can remain civil on this thread from here. Anyways moving on - I was going back through some of their YouTube stuff last night and shit like this gets to me because it epitimizes that he really was still so fucking young. Sounds like half the people in this community in this video. Just a young guy playing games and having fun. Didn't take him for a League player but
  15. Chaz

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Like i've not really followed him hardcores but I just read that he was doing a charity event soon among other things in the past few years. Fucked past or not the kid was trying to make a change. A mans past shoudln't define him in the face of good deeds and now death. There's an old saying my Grammy used to tell me when I was little Is dit beter vir 'n man om uit sy foute te leer en die waarde van sy optrede te ken of om goed gebore te word? Is it better for a mans to make mistakes and learn from those to know the value and weight his actions can hold or to be created as good? A troubled past - a bad person does not make. That aside, as a father, I couldn't imagine having to bury my son when he was twenty. That's fucked to the core.