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  1. Really dope song. Super desolate and intense. 

  2. Fae

    Genji best brother

    fite me

    Image result for Genji gif challenge

    1. Chaz


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      Fake news.

      Hanzo is b(roken)etter now without scatter. 

    2. Fae


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      Genji is perfect thhe way he is Hanzo is awful :^)

    3. Chaz


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      Its ok to have an opinion 

      Even if ur opinion is really really wrong

    4. Fae


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      you are the one who is wrong

      leave my robo husband alone

  3. Hearing the child and the man argue back and forth Sojiro slides his radio towards himself and speaks into it The voice of a Japanese man could be heard broadcasting "You know, maybe arguing and losing an argument to a kid isn't the greatest look in the world for someone trying to be a scary cannibal, just a thought." He stops transmitting
  4. *He picks his radio back up and transmits* "Nevermind, help arrived, but still...be warry of crazies prowling the woods and APPARENTLY walking into town disguised." *He ends the transmission*
  5. *The slightly troubled voice of a Japanese man comes over the radio* "Hello? Anyone? We need assistance. Some man in Grishino has been attacked by a cannibal...smiles or something like that. Anyways he's pretty hurt and so is his friend. Any medics or doctors out there that can help? We would really appreciate it." *As he sets the radio down he can faintly be heard saying "safe town...right" before the transmission cuts*
  6. Wow ok I admit I was a bit skeptical at first but after having some real RP in the new hub (Thanks @UndeadRP and friends for making this) I got to meet some really interesting characters and develop my own a bit. Fun couple of hours!

  7. Very cool! Excited to see this in game! ?
  8. Hearing the most unfamiliar voice, Jiro pauses for a moment, then continuing "If you're a friend of Dan's then you can likely count yourself invited as well Mr. Kyle. Link up with Mr. Yates and he'll know where to go. The transmission falls silent
  9. While I get some points people say (And I do need to take their words for it as I have limited experience so far) I am going to have to says keep them due to realism and farthering roleplays and stories with people. Where is the story and RP supposed to go if I get shot by person A in some confrontation that meant a lot character developing for me? Just pretend it didnt happen or I can quite remembers who done it? That seems lame for me. I would prefer to remember and be injured if I don't kill the characters off. That way I can further it from there you know?
  10. Chaz


    I hate Fortnite but this was funny and made it watchable. Good vid!
  11. New profile theme ?

  12. After debating doing so for quite some time, Jiro decides to dust off his old radio and rummages through his bag for his notebook, thumbing through it to find the right frequency After finding the corresponding one he powers up the radio and speaks into it. The voice of a Japanese man transmits through the radio with the sound of rain in the background. "...Dan? Are you still alive out there? It's Jiro. The thing we spoke of a few months ago? It's time. You know where to meet me...If you're still alive that is." The transmission cuts silent awaiting a reply from the man he reached out to
  13. I'll do my best ? Here ya go! Tried to not sacrifice too many frames and as little sharpness to it as I could. Obviously not perfect and I had to tweak the speed a bit but hopefully it is to your liking! @Chewy
  14. Fucking slaps hard. Mans flow is mad befok. 

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