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  1. Rustam is a principled person, resolute. Ready for reckless deeds. Values justice. Rustam's speech is equal, deliberate. He speaks fluent Russian, speaks a little English, which he taught at school. Also Rustam is observant Muslim. Brought up in a strict family and has a determined, masculine, fighting character. Because of this, he was impatient to go to the VDV airborne forces. Rustam was born in Vladikavkaz. At the moment he is serving in the VDV Airborne Forces as part of the operation in the Southern Zagorie. He is orphan, parents died, he is not married. He graduated from secondary school and technical college. Rustam values justice above the law. Therefore, when it seemed to him that the Russian government was defending justice, he entered the VDV. But when he realized that the Kremlin was defending only its own interests, he spat on the law. As part of the VDV airborne assault, Rustam was sent to the Southern Zagorie. Initially, Rustam thought that they were sent to take over the North of South Zagorie in order to prevent Chernarussian army attempts to take over Severograd base, control and contain the situation among civilians and to prevent any threat in close-to-border zone in the North of Zagorie. Disarmament of marauders, control over the movement of the masses, protection of the border from within the Zagorie - these were the main tasks of the group, which included Rustam. But unexpectedly for him it became clear that the command was going to take control of the rest of Zagorie, so the groups were ordered to disarm the headquarters of the United Nations. After the bloody massacre between the VDV and the UN, Rustam clearly realized that he was thrown here not only to protect civilians or the border, but perhaps to provoke an international conflict as a part of Kremlin new geopolitical totalitarian strategy. He didn’t know are his thoughts true or not, but he was not able to do his job anymore. Rustam decides to desert and no longer return to Russia. His plan is to flee from the VDV airborne position near the northern border and find a way to move from Zagorie to any other country and try to ask there for asylum.