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  1. Born April 3rd 1987, Nathan Chandler was born and raised in England, in a small village near Birmingham, enduring a relatively tame upbringing as did nearly all the children from his village. He experienced no particularly galvanizing moments throughout his youth, however during his attendance at the local secondary school he fell from a great height whilst on an excursion during a geography trip to the lake district and was hospitalized for a short while, later being told that the height he fell from would likely have led to permanent medical issues later in life, and that he narrowly avoided such miraculously. This notion sat heavy with him whilst still hospitalized, and during the many hours of boredom he suffered whilst recuperating he fostered a slight belief in Christianity, though keeping such closely guarded so as not to attract the ridicule of his peers. His secondary education proceeded normally aside from this injury, with him going on to attend college afterward, he proceeded as he had done before, leading an unremarkable life through his first year at the college, however during his second year of attendance he was promptly struck with grief as he learned of the passing of his grandmother. The grief proved rather debilitating for Chandler, and drove him off the rails for a time, becoming a recluse with little car for the happenings around him, this period of grieving severely impacted him academically, and caused him to drop out of college early. This state of dejection lasted for almost half a year, with Chandler doing little to further himself in life, and whilst having been raised in a supportive household, his parents were not entirely happy with the thought of Chandler whiling away his life whilst depression chipped away at his sanity, and suggested he look for employment, both suggesting he further himself for his own good, but mostly due to the fact he had become a considerable financial burden to the pair. After searching for a job, Chandler eventually found one working in one of the local chip shops, a job he soon came to hate, as after serving many of his former school and college friends he developed the idea that each was treating him with contempt for his prior failings in life, he promptly threw in the towel and spent several days thinking as to what he would do, eventually, after some discussion with his parents he decided a career in the armed forces would be best for him. After much consternation Chandler decided upon the RAF being the most desirable career path, and set about joining, going through his training with a determination he had lacked through life up until this point, the nagging notion that should he fail here, he would be forever relegated to working in a chip shop for the rest of his days hanging above him like a menacing cloud. He was eventually assigned to the crew of a C-17 Globemaster, a position he was perfectly happy with. His early military career offered little in the way of distinguishing moments, being a purely logistical role, several years into his service he was reassigned to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, his role often saw him flying to NATO airbases established during the wake of the 2009 civil war. During his time on leave from the base Chandler would often do his best to familiarize himself with the local area, having had an appreciation for Russian military hardware from a young age he sought to fill his hours with visits to museums that contained such. This aided him in partially learning the lay of the land. His postings to the NATO airbase in Chernarus become more and more frequent as time passed, many of his fellow cremates aboard his C-17 citing the rising political tensions in the country, aswell as the eventual declaration of martial law in South Zagoria. The cries for secession being echoed about the country leading Chandler and many other RAF personnel about the base that Chernarus would shortly return to war and chaos yet again. Rumors of Russian aggression on the night of the 10th of July set many personnel about the NATO airbase on edge, Chandler included. Not being one to question or spread idle chatter, Chandler awaited the word of his superiors in regards to the happenings, and what role they would have to play in them, whilst safe in the knowledge that Chernarus was not a NATO member state, and so the likelihood of open hostilities between NATO and Russian being unlikely, Chandler still harboured a deep distrust of Russia as a whole, as did many of his colleagues, many recalling the annexation of Crimea by Russian in 2014, this notion not leaving them wholly confident. Before long, the threat of a border dispute was overshadowed by reports of a rampant infection spreading about Chernarus, many likening it to a scene from a horror movie, with the dead walking the streets, communications in and out of the base were limited, and given his menial position Chandler was kept in the dark regarding all matters, resupply runs became even more frequent, the true scope of the horrors in Chernarus soon became known to Chandler and the crew of the C-17, as whilst grounded during a massive storm that wracked the Chernarussian countryside faltering US defensive lines had led to a horde of zombies besieging the airbase, with the garrison being only a token one the base was overrun almost immediately, in the confusion the crew of the C-17 fled, with many taking whatever transport they could from the garages and bolting, leaving Chandler and several others on foot and abandoned, with dereliction of duty being his last concern, Chandler ran for his life, eventually making his way out of the airbase thanks mostly in part to the storm. Terrified, dazed and wandering through a raging storm, Chandler once again attributed his survival to the Intervention of Christ, Chandler wandered the countryside for several days, his grip on sanity slowly falling apart as he bore witness to the horrors that now beset Chernarus, giving little thought to the outside world. His recklessness, perhaps even madness led to him using his faith as justification for whatever horrors he might commit, believing that if a divine being has saved his fate on two prior occasions, he would have to take the initiative to give them a helping hand, whatever the cost.