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  1. Krimson

    S1 Base Griefing / BadRP | 2019-03-07, 19:55

    -User was cautioned for this post-
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    -Misty Vale-

    1V1 Me rn kid
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    -Misty Vale-

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    -Misty Vale-

    Could use some rings... And a lot of fire.... So much fire through that ring... Great photo! 10/10 Keep it up Sincerely, -Davidson
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    Lou in the wall

    Who even wears a motorcycle helmet in-doors? IT'S. 2018 PEOPLE! *RDR2 flashbacks* WaKe ThEm Up A lItTlE *Bang* *bang*
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    My discord picture is a dying monkey P.S - All you had to do, was follow the damn train CJ!
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    Van Troubles

    Things are getting a little wild in wolfics house
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    Wolfic Family Photo Album

    Now did I ask for a reply to my dedicated critique on your Photo Album? Sincerely, Your good friend -Davidson P.S FNV had the worst DLC's offered in the entire franchise.
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    Wolfic Family Photo Album

    AnY uNnEcEsSaRy BeAnS wIlL gEt TaKeN aWaY mR wOlFiC Sincerely, Your good friend - Davidson
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    Davidson's Scrapbook

    Welcome! A tidy recollection of past memories captured in photos and screenshots of mine and friends adventures through chernarus....
  11. Krimson

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Make sure to offer Good RP at all times. ?
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    New rules and whitelist

    Un-Whitelisted Problem I also accepted to rule changes to then get removed from the whitelist. Hope this gets fixed soon. ?
  13. The beginning My name is Samuel, I was born on a small but prosperous island known to the world as England. Life for myself and in the UK was tough and unfortunate around many corners, but from the length of time passed I have adapted and learned the world is cruel and untrustworthy... As for the people in this hellish world? Just the same to me. Through the years I've learned to keep to myself and I never really had much going for me in life, I was never good at keeping friends and other things that made me fit in with society and it's social construct, But now instead of hating myself for not fitting in I instead started working, training. I signed up for the Royal marine commandos and joined the military. My training was sufficient, and nothing more than what was expected from a soldier in training. And I ended up taking 2 tours in Afghanistan in total, After the completion of my training and having experienced the honour and the privilege of friendship, knowledge, courage, pride and more from life in the military. Now, after my discharge I've lived the next couple of years moving job to job, city to city, until one fateful day I met a man named Dimitri, His full name was Dimitri J. Raskalovich. He was a Russian entrepreneur taking a business trip to the UK on a recruitment drive, he was looking for individuals to take into his newly found but quickly flourishing business/contracting company as he stated. The types of individuals he wanted included specific talents such as Teamwork, Strength, Admiration and also people with previous military backgrounds was also valued most of all. 2 Years later... I'm now 22, I work for Raskalovich ENT. as a PMC in the company, and have on few occasions have been admired by Dimitri himself as a valued associate. Futhermore life in the company allowed me to be intrusted with very important contracts multiple times before. One day Dimtri personally asked me in private for a favour to go to the country of Chernarus on a business venture and help secure some illegal arms deals being held by his cousin from America, known as the asset called codename "Black Bear" who goes by the name of Rick T. Moss. I accepted and set way to the country with no doubts and no fears on a cargo ship from the company, with the only two goals in mind which was keeping Dimtri's cousin alive and securing the arms deals to make sure they were successful. After getting off the cargo ship, I finally arrived at Chernarus. Soon after I was greeted by Rick in a black Range Rover with a young male accompanying him as a bodyguard. Rick told me about how this bodyguard was in the same situation as myself and was going to stay with Rick for the duration of his visit on the country to make the deals. Chernarus to me was nothing. I saw it as another deal, another damn annoying boss to work with. Nothing out of the ordinary (except the pay rise). Except I couldn't account for what was going to happen and how my situation would turn from another contract to being stranded on a island where escape was impossible, assets were gone, and survival was everything. This is my story and I hope to god it won't be the last of it.
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