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  1. lmao, if a small group wants to build a nice little camp in the woods, they should not have to apply to do so, people should be free to build wherever aslong as it isnt in a key location like in the middle of NWAF or Stary, unless they are an "Official" Settlement
  2. Jpurts

    Lawkeepers [Active Recruitment]

    https://www.grammarly.com/about Read through it, looks good but you might wanna check some of the english on it, use the link above, pretty helpful when it comes to writing things.
  3. Just a lot of people who think bringing mod back will do anything, sadly it wont, mod is dead, SA is the only real thing atm.
  4. Jpurts

    Anarchy Revamped media page.

    Regards from Roy and Macka
  5. Jpurts

    What mods for DayZRP (Not SA) would you like to see?

    Namalsk could be a possibility but Not Tavi sadly, the owners of DayZ Origins bought the right to the map and sue anyone that uses it.
  6. Thanks, didn't even know there was a news letter, but sounds like good stuff nevertheless.
  7. Just curious, does this mean anything for the DayZRP server and does it give Admins and such the creative tools to improve events in the future?
  8. Personally, its kinda disappointing to see how pessimistic some members of the community are being, I mean the server has hit max pop the last couple days which may mean things are looking up. IMO people should get in game and enjoy instead of moaning on the forums.
  9. Most mod players were banned at the latest almost 4 years ago at this point, maybe another chance for people who made mistakes and may have matured almost half a decade on.
  10. Jpurts

    The Pack

    But in what logical sense would men take on a wolf mentality, i mean you guys IC must all be mentally deranged to take on such an approach and "Train and Educate those open to our beliefs" as an example, how're you planning to do this? A common goal is to find and repair a radio station, this would achieve your goal.
  11. Jpurts

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

  12. Hi all, its a pleasure to be here and I am excited to meet all of you in game!
  13. Jpurts

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Cool Idea.
  14. So does this mean DayZRP can be moved onto 0.63 experimental?