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"Cowards die many times before their actual deaths."

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  1. Hanro

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed getting eaten and getting high with you @Poncho Nice to see a very new guy do very good roleplay!!!
  2. Hanro

    The Playhouse [Open Recruitment]

    I am honored to be a part of this. Great role players who showed me the ropes and somehow gave me the chance to be a part of it.
  3. Martin was born in Malmö, Sweden to Edgar and Marita Berglund. He grew up poor but he was always happy, not a worry in the entire world. Not even when his father lost his job and turned to alcohol. Life changed drastically after his father lost his job, even though Martin was still the same boy everything else changed and his father got more and more frustrated to the point of beating both Martin and his mom black and blue. Martin had to hide the bruises and broken bones from his friends and soon they started to just leave him alone and he soon isolated himself completely. He became more bitter, angry. Martin began to take out his angers on others and as he grew older it became worse. He would start to hang around in the wrong circles, and soon found himself in tow with a bunch of shady individuals. He started hanging more and more with them and after a while he took over the reigns of the gang and reformed it completely. They began mugging old people but their hunger grew for bigger things. They began taking protection money from night clubs and smaller shops. Those who did not pay got their fucking heads smashed in. It all took a turn for the worse when the gang ran into Russian mobsters and they started working for them. They did whatever they were told, mostly acting loan sharks for the Russians. But they were soon contacted by the mobsters to perform a major robbery in Russia and they of course accepted ever so hungry for money. They traveled to Russia disguised as tourists and planned the hit with the Russians. It was all going to be easy and quick. Hit the bank and get out. Turns out Russian police is a big pain in the ass and Martin ended up having to shoot two of them. Once they finally escaped Martin and his money hungry friends shot their companions and dumped their bodies. They lived like kings in Moscow for a few days before both police and mobsters got a hold of their whereabouts and in the escape Martin was separated from his friend and just drove in one direction. He ended up in a small village and laid low for a few months. Jets, and people were running and flying all over. Martin being curious tried to ask another man but he just shouted at Martin in another language so Martin just kinda stayed in the village for a few more days before venturing outside to find the village empty.
  4. Hanro

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Hey, I read everything and here are some things I may suggest to get more and better RP. 1. Try to not always have the hostile approach(It´s not only about gear.) 2. Be friendly and try to talk instead of threaten someone. 3. IF you HAVE to robb someone and they perhaps talk back or do not comply directly - DO not shoot them directly, you could instead go with RP. You do not always have to shoot even if you have the rights. 4. Fucking over every other group might not be that smart. If you keep fucking them over they will hide and until you try to change I hope they continue to hide. They get good roleplay. Maybe reach out to these groups and set a good storyline up OOC. 5. Just have common sense, it might be fun for you, but think about how it is for the other side. It is never fun to be robbed but the roleplay can still be good. "Put your hands up, stand still and shut the fuck up" is not good roleplay. Just some tips from a campfire roleplayer to new and experienced players.
  5. Hanro

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    They´ve dpne that. Usually ends up with the weaker side getting shot. But it sure sounds good on paper.
  6. Hanro

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Most hostile rp sucks balls. Therefore people hide and rp with their own groups. Deal with it. They’ve dealt with all your hostile shot so I guess equal now?
  7. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    You´re right my bad. All I mean is that I don´t want any rules which I´ve explained in some of the former replies I simply want the PVP to be less. I guess. And I know nothing will change but I wanted everyone´s thoughts and stuff on this.
  8. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Imma repeat myself, ya´ll misunderstood if you think I wanna stop your way of roleplay.
  9. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Right. These advices have been posted a couple of times and I see where they are coming from. And I’m not a part of any hero group. I just think it would be more fun if everyone stopped to just completely fuck each other up all the time. Just take everything down a notch. There is no need to raid the same bases every day. If that is your only fun go maybe blow some steam off in like I don’t know rust? We are here to roleplay and as Mentioned before many times you’re not allowed to speak when taken hostile or it is a one way street when trying to talk to the bandits. But yeah I understand it is fun to reap havoc and chaos but maybe take it down a notch and we can all enjoy this lovely server:)
  10. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Firefights is not the thing discussed here but I hear you
  11. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    You clearly misunderstood everything but thank you for the feedback I am aware and have already answered multiple of these “guides” I think you guys misunderstood. I only tried to get people to perhaps try different paths than just Robb and shot someone in the face. But thank you for the guide and feedback.
  12. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    I feel you. No rule is needed but maybe just chill? Good groups don’t go around fucking with everyone. Bandit groups do. There is the difference. So if the bandit groups band together it is very hard for minor camps/ groups to do anything.
  13. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    That was my point if they provide good roleplay I am all for it. But sadly most do not. That was all I said:)
  14. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    I am fully aware about all of this. Still it is pretty stupid. I am not salty as I do know I might provide roleplay for the other party. I see your point friend. But I do believe you see mine as well.
  15. Hanro

    I know most like to kill people but...

    I am with you there buddy. It makes no real sense.
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