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  1. Sverker grew up in a very strict religious family with his father being a judge. He has often hit for minor mistakes and once he started school he started to fail more and more. His father not taking any bullshit or faults sent him away to a military school and Sverker spent 12 years away from his family. He ran with a merccenary group before he came to Chernarus but now he doing whatever he feels like doing. He does not care about human lifes and likes to cause havoc and chaos wherever he goes. His mental state is bad and he believes he is a Judge. He therefor likes to act like he is one, even tho he isnt.
  2. It all started with his bad grades and hatred for his parents. They had cast him out, cast their own son out of the very home he grew up in. They told him he "had to find his own way" and that "he needed to grow up." He cursed their names for some time before he met a girl. Sofiya. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. He met her out on another one of his drunken adventures. Brian was as always shitfaced and had a hard time standing before a pretty little brunette came walking over. She had felt pity for him as all his friends had left him. She helped him home and left her number on a small piece of paper. Just a few months later they had moved in together. Love was in the air and they were very happy together. Sofiya originally from Chernaurus was here to study and she had only a few months left. Seeing how she was Brian's only reason to live he had studied her language and planned to move with her and work in her home town. The day eventually came and Brian and Sofiya took their packed bags and headed for the airport. Having no friends or family to say farewell to made the whole ordeal quite easy. As easy as leaving your home and going to a completely new place is. A few weeks later Sofiya had scored her dream job as an journalist and Brian had thanks to Vadim (a friend he had met) found a dead end job at a local paper company. He gladly took it and he actually liked it. Or at least he thought so. It might´ve just that he got to come home to Sofiya and their unborn daughter. He worked hard for his family and the dead end job eventually came to an end after the company had to close down do to financial struggle. It took it´s toll on Brian and his family and rightfully so. Sofiya being pregnant and at home and now Brian too without an income made everything hard. He and Sofiya began to fight more often. Sofiya would cry a lot and Brian would turn to the bottle. One day after a particularly nasty fight Sofiya had enough and she left Brian and went to live with her parents. Brian being piss poor had to sell the apartment and replace it with a small shack in the woods. He drank a lot and rarely left his house. He got everything he needed delivered to him. Every month or so. When he began to hear over the radio that something horrible had happened he just turned it off having been reminded about Sofiya. So another month came and he thought it was weird that no one had delivered his things. So he tried to call the grocery store but no one answered. He cursed the crappy phone connection. He waited another week having plenty of food as he mostly drank vodka and rum. But after yet another week he started to get irritated and worried. Brian had to eat after all. So he ventured out from his shack in the direction of the small town in hope of finding out what the hell is going on.
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