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  1. I was that big contract, they really wanted me so here I am! Good to be here
  2. Had a fucking blast I think? Can´t really remember but thank you for taking me with you even tho I was probably a liability
  3. Martin was born in Longford, Ireland by mother Mary Joyce as the runt of the litter, picked on by his brothers and sisters Martin grew up as the punching bag of those around him. He never cared much for he knew it was out of love and love his family he did. He grew up a happy lad, never having a care in the world. He saw neither good nor´ bad. It wasn´t untill Martin was older that he saw the bad things in this world. He was travelling to London to help with family business as he usually did, but this time was not like usual. A group of loud, drunk Englishmen came walking up and started blurting out all kinds of words to them. Told them they were lower and did not belong here, Martin woke to life and sprung up and beat one of them bloody before the rest of them jumped him and beat him to a pulp before his brothers could even react. Since that day he´s hated Englishmen as much as he loves his family, and he would do anything for it, he even follows the family wherever they may go...
  4. Hanro

    Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): There is no direct link it was a staff decision and made after I made a radio transmission on the forums. Why the verdict is not fair: I have never been punished or anything like it before, only ever been in one report that was closed and I think 10 points is a bit rash even though it was NLR. I believe a warning could have sufficed. I did a rash thing and that was stupid of me, but I was asked to post it to clear things out and didn´t think it through as I didn´t want to hurt the group when the fight was started by me and me only. It was stupid and rash and yes it was NLR but at the point my head was going so fast from adrenaline and everything else and the radio message did nothing to pinpoint out individuals or anything it only stated I was the soul perpetrator and that I am no longer a part of the group. It won´t happen again. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As the group thinks I did something stupid and I somewhat agree I immediately left the group as to not further draw them into anything and was therefore asked to clear things out on the radio that it was me alone who acted and not Kings ridge I made the post without thinking. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I was hoping to get the points removed. The ban can stay if a punishment is necessary. What could you have done better?: Think about the situation before going to the forums too quickly.
  5. Hanro

    Stitched Up

    Vodka has sugar in it and that will cause the wound to get fucked up, if you wanna further the RP:)
  6. Ilya grew up in Chernorussia in a very poor family. His parents were black in a country of white. They had in desperation moved there to find a better life for themselves but instead found themselves in the same position as in the home country, looked down upon and worth nothing. Ilyas parents fought along with other minorities in Chernorussia to be able to give their sons and daughters good lives. Ilya never had a bad life at home it was outside his home he was always picked on, looked at. He hated it and only wanted to feel apart of his country. When Ilya was old enough he joined the CDF to feel at home and show everyone that he loved his country and was willing to die for it.
  7. This is Ondrej Novotnych, I am on my way bratr.
  8. Ondřej Novotných was born into a lower income family. He was a happy child that ran around with his siblings playing, all with lively fantasies. His time in school is nothing special and he left school with normal grades. He joined the military right after school but was soon discharged after he was found closely tied to NAPA. Ondřej thought this was best anyway as he believed the CDF lost on the righteous path. That they were too soft.
  9. Hello, I am one of the guys responsible for the raid on your base. Here is my POV, and first I will make it clear we have no videos or photos taken of the incident. Some backstory to the whole ordeal and to why we stole from allies. I am one of the “higher-ups” of the playhouse. But I am fairly inactive due to my work time being a hell of a lot different than everyone else's. Therefore I rarely get to play with them and IC along with OOC info often slip past me as I miss it in the chats or as stated I am not in-game( If I knew we were allies the raid would´ve never happened.) Here comes the things relevant to the report. So as you probably know we have our base near Sosnovska(above Zelenogorsk.) And we decided to go to Berezino to check out the wolf pack and the CDF, so we all swapped to server 1(We usually stay on server 2.) We ran all the way to Berezino to find it very much empty of both wolf pack and CDF but we find some other friends and stay there for a bit before deciding to head back home but this time take the coast way home(Heading to Berezino we went the devil's castle way.) We were looking for a car to faster get to prison island (As this was the reason for taking the coast way home.) We ran into a base and found a partially destroyed car, so we try to make our way into the small base but are soon busted by our new friends we just meet and we again part as friends even tho our little adventure trying to get into the base involved using a hacksaw found in the back of the car. So we continue on our way to prison Island, we meet another new friend on the way there called Andrew and he comes along. We soon arrive at the broken down ship and argue for a few minutes if it is worth swimming across and later decide it is. JT one of the travellers decides to stay on the shore and wait for us to return so me and the others make our way across. Once we get there we make a fire and kills of some infected in the hopes of finding some people running out(We came to see the people living there.) No one comes out after wards and we decide to get closer starting to get closer, we see the first door(the one in metal is already open) so we go in to the wooden one and check it hastily before trying to find another way inside the other try to jump from the watchtower I believe while I run around the entire island, this is when either the server or something crashes(Mind we switched to server 2 before swimming across) and while I log back on S2 Vlad goes and checks S1 to see if the actual base is there and S2 just has it blocked off. He finds nothing and logs back on and finds himself inside so he open up as it is not locked. (This is mostly what I gathered from his POW, I think he can enlighten his POW far better.) We go inside and take the tent and some guns and head off towards home, when we get home we put the tent down and eat and drink and then we run back to prison Island and puts everything on the ground in different containers and tents, leaving nothing on the ground. But on our way out with the tent (First time there) we on pure instinct close the door not minding it very much(It was open afterall?) so we come back and find the door we closed unopenable from the outside and that is when we decide to ghost to get the stuff off of the ground, so Vlad hops on S1 and open for me and we clean everything up, taking some meds on our way out. This time we leave the door open. I am very sorry for what I did and I can't make it go away even if I wanted to. But I believe just being in a report has been a punishment and a realization for me. I won't do shit like this again, please reach out if you need further info.
  10. One of them was me. The others may reveal themselves. pow will be posted very soon!
  11. Hanro


  12. Thank you everyone for the good RP, I had a blast and I hope you had as well. @ScarletRose for the awesome emotional RP with ease had a blast plotting stuff listening to you guys role playing. @Method for our always fun “I’m gonna kill you one day” RP. @JkpFrog for the foremost awesome build up where we just pushed and pulled you and me both. Never have I seen such good development during such a “small” scene. @Dvlinhb for the good medical and creepy RP. Looking forward to RP with you again. Shoutout to @Omahgerd for not at all suspecting foul play;) and @brringbumf for the rp at your base
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