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"Cowards die many times before their actual deaths."

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  1. Nice to be a part of this, looks good LEEEEEEEEEETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  2. Thank you to everyone who made my stay with the CLF such a memorable time. I loved it and had a blast, wish you all fun on the server and a good life! Slava Liberation front and slava Chernarus!!!
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Not there anymore, report removed. Why the verdict is not fair: Reached out to an admin to remove the thing as when I changed it I knew it would be pointed uneededly. https://gyazo.com/16725e54fa022553fe1118b14b754fe9 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The first one I posted was legit but it was stupid, so changed it and asked for it removed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed. What could you have done better?: Not posted from the start?
  4. CLICK HERE FOR AN INTRO! (If you do not want to listen to my voice in the little thing where it says "Click here for an intro" read this. My upbringing was strict but I was always shown love from my mother and respect from my father. They always had very high requirements for me, how to behave, how to perform in school and how I took care about myself, both physical and mentally. It was strict but fair. I went to good schools thanks to my father and his friends in the army and never went without anything I needed. I took up wrestling at a
  5. Jack sends his regards, hope to see you folks again
  6. Good and enjoyable RP from these people, looking forward to more!
  7. @Kordruga and the transporters for last nights little RP. Yall got Nice characters, and a very diverse group which i , want to see more
  8. @Naatok and the Norweigan guy( @slipperyagent ) I did not get the name off (I was outside during the whole ordeal,) big ups! Best RP I´ve seen in months, pat yourselves on the shoulder and keep it up, excellent truly! Mikhail placed his officers cap on the grave o7
  9. Really good idea, and something I have not seen here before. Good graphics and good people from the little interaction I had way back. good luck!
  10. @TipZee You´re the one to talk? It follows no theme at all and theres always clickbait, only the first picture in every collection is even instagram-worthy, most of them... BAD! Who even uses black and white photos now days??
  11. @TipZee Your videos suck, and you´re mean. LOL
  12. @TipZee Ah, want to make some creator drama for more views?
  13. Hey, like the miscreant I am I will do follows for follow on DayZRP forums like the dirty youtuber I am. I will therfore be known as the new DayZRP tiktoker even though I don not make tiktoks at all. I just keep the bad traits a clickbait youtuber/ tiktoker has. FOLLOW ME, I WILL FOLLOW BACK. PLEASE, yeah and thanks. I dont have a patreon subscribe to it. What I used as research for this method:
  14. Hey guys how are everyone doing this evening/night? I´m doing stuff✌️

    1. Hanro


      is* stupid

    2. Banksyy



    3. Knight


      im depresso, didn't feel the urge to work on my parkas today,
      but thank you for askin hope you had a great day.

    4. Rutkiy


      hey, I'm doing stuff too!

    5. Hanro


      I am sad to hear this @Knight, hope ur day today is better!


      @Rutkiy Stuff is good, keep it up!

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