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  1. I found a guy named Andrew that was trapped by a horde on top of a tent. That was a funny interaction
  2. *Marty picks up the radio and holds the PTT* Robert! Good to hear from you, I'll make my way up there as soon as I can. And Zeb, was it? I'm in a warehouse in the industrial part of Stonington. If you could spare some Tetracycline Antibiotics, i'd be very greatful- *Cough* Radio me when you're close... *A lot of coughing and spiting can be heard as the radio cuts to Static*
  3. * Static clears and a sickly voice begins to speak...* Hello, my name is Marty, the man you met on the bridge. *Cough* The one that has cholera... *Coughs and spits* You said you might have some meds that could help me, I have to rest my head for a bit... so maybe you could meet me on that bridge sometime tomorr- *Coughs Violently and sighs* Tomorrow, if i make it through the night... *The man stops talking and the radio returns to static*
  4. This is NOT family friendly RP!!
  5. Daryl T Moss

    The Line - Bigged.

    Is the event still going?
  6. *Marty holds down the PTT* "Jacob, i'm at Elektro. Where are you again?
  7. *Marty holds the PTT* "Ok Jacob, i'll see you there." *Marty releases the PTT*
  8. *Marty Opens his backpack, takes out his radio and holds down the PTT* "Elektro? Okay Jacob I'll radio when i'm there" *Marty clips the radio to his shirt and continues down the road*
  9. *Marty Takes out his radio and holds down the PTT* "Maybe Jacob, Stay safe" *Marty puts his radio on the table and eats a can of beans*
  10. *Marty Takes out his radio and holds down the PTT* "Well hey there, my name is Marty, Marty Wolfic. If you want to team up with me, just give me a time and a place." *Marty puts his radio in his backpack and continues walking down the road*
  11. So many things are going to the moon lately lol
  12. Daryl T Moss

    Oh Jesus....

    It's at the moon rn. lol
  13. Daryl T Moss

    Oh Jesus....

    Were you the guy with the blue helmet?
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