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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: First of all, I would like to say that my name was mentioned in the above report, from what I see as no apparent reason. I was not present during the event reported above, I was only told what had happened and had encountered the person getting reported a bit earlier. With that out of the way I would like to approach my ban. The chat logs presented in the above report is from several different interactions with different people in different situations, and is not one log of one conversation. I will quote the chat logs here: I will go over my specific chat messages here, and give some explanation as I believe there to be importance to all of these messages except 1. 16:06:44 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //you're gun is aimed atm for me 16:06:49 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //your* This was to clarify in an RP situation what exactly was going on. I was unsure if I was getting initiated upon, or what was happening. DayZ is buggy and sometimes it's better to ask than act on something like this. 17:08:32 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //here it is, Leo is reloggin Leo was giving a guy, in RP, to another person and while giving it he bugged out and crashed. This meant I had to find the gun and give it to the guy, while playing off the RP as if he got the gun from Leo - to not spoil the RP of course. 17:10:58 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //you won't believe how much of that shit we have lol, just take it This I feel is unnecessary. I knew the second I typed it, but didn't think I would actually get a 5 day ban for saying this. 17:20:38 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //BRB I spilled water ugh 17:22:01 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //back sorry 17:25:37 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //lets go to 16 Here I had to pause an ongoing RP situation because, well, I spilled water. After the RP we had to establish communication over radio so I said "let's go to 16" to meet up in room 16 on TS. 18:04:33 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //Definitely This is the first chat message that has any relation whatsoever to the report in which I was tagged. I simply agreed that what the guy was explaining sounded like gear RP. 18:07:20 | Chat("Ken Cope"): //no RP Someone asked if there was any RP or if it was just gear, and I responded that it was no RP, as that is what Remi told me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am very surprised that I got this ban, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. It started out as me getting mentioned in a report I had nothing to do with, in a situation I wasn't even present in. The chat logs presented are from multiple encounters with different people in different situations and only 2 of the messages have any relation to the report, in which I was tagged. I believe all of my messages to be necessary except the 1 message mentioned above. I don't feel a 5 day ban is fair for simply utilizing in-game chat to clarify RP situations and avoid confusion. The goal of these messages is to improve the RP and make sure everyone knows what's going on. Except that one message of course. You might understand why I was so surprised to get this ban as I literally had nothing to do with the report that was filed, and suddenly a report like this resulting in me getting a ban was very confusing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My goal is to get unbanned as I do not feel this ban is in any way fair. I play by the rules, I always second-guess myself before initiating, I always second-guess before killing someone to protect myself - I do not wish to be a trouble-maker, I simply wish to RP and have fun. What could you have done better?: To be honest the only mistake that I feel I have made here is sending the one message "//you won't believe how much of that shit we have lol, just take it" as this could easily have been played out in RP. I regret making that comment from the second I said it, but hey everyone makes a slip sometimes.
  2. Ken's POV: I did not witness the incident either, but this is what I experienced. Remi Philips I met in Novoya Petrovka with Leo, and we went to the shop in Lopatino together where Remi asked if we needed an in-house medic, to which we responded yes. Remi was then in the process of setting up a clinic in our shop, but he needed supplies. He said "I will go to vybor to get medical equipment". Just after Remi left, Stan Gary came to our shop in Lopatino to trade with us, he was wearing a black cowboy hat, all black outfit with black backpack etc and a red face mask. He then traded his way to a skull face mask. THe thanked us for the trading, asked if we were looking for anything, and we (me and Leo) responded that we needed ammo and the likes. He then proceeded to stand guard at the Moretti house, where we found him not long after. He asked where Vybor was, and we pointed him in the right direction. He then ran to Vybor. Not long after, Remi came back and said that he was robbed in Vybor by a guy with all black gear, black cowboy hat and a red face mask. We quickly came to the conclusion that it must have been Stan that robbed Remi. And that's pretty much all I know EDIT: After speaking to Stan, I had the suspicion that he was underage, and even asked Remi after he was robbed, if the guy that robbed him sounded like a kid - to which he said yes.
  3. Ken is a British fighter pilot and got held up in Chernarus after being engaged in NATO bombing Chernarus. Refueling his plane at Charnarus International Airfield, the infected attacked. Ken and a group of other militants had to flee the scene and try to survive. The group was split between the ones who wanted to hunt, fish and farm to survive, and the ones who wanted to loot, kill and steal. Ken found himself in the middle. One night, the infected came into camp and killed many. Ken almost didn't make it out alive, and he lost the rest of his group. Ever since, Ken has been surviving on his own - trying to find a new group to survive with. But how do you trust a stranger.