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    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Not a fan of the idea of someone being taken hostage while their friends are close by and getting a minute of rp before their friends try to rescue them and they get shot with their hands up. Executions are pretty easy to pull off now which is fine, don't think having this change would be helpful it would just make kills more instant and less enjoyable for the person being taken.
  2. Nihoolious

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    All good things must come to an end. We have been through hell and back and we still are going strong. We will pick up the pieces and accomplish our goals. We will start anew and create our own path. We will survive. We are New Moon. The world as we know it is in shambles. Civilized society is no more and people have banded together into rag tag groups in order to survive. However there were still people that could find a crowd or had lost theirs. They struggle to stay alive with barely enough supplies to keep going. Izaak knew this and it helped lead to the formation of New Moon. Izaak had previously been a member of the Chernarus Defense Force's military police unit known as COBR. When the outbreak occurred, his COBR unit ventured into the northern regions of South Zagoria to asses the situation and provide aid to survivors. The CDF command decided to cut communication with Izaak's unit and leave them for dead. In retaliation, Izaak and his comrades formed a small group called the Reclaimers and waged bloody guerrilla war on the CDF until their forces in South Zagoria collapsed and left. With their goal finished, Izaak began making plans for rebuilding society in South Zagoria. Things didn't go as he planned however. Izaak loved his men, but they were military men and weren't prepared for the task at hand. Their plans quickly fell apart and some of them began turning to common banditry. Izaak distanced himself from them and eventually they went their separate ways. It had only been two months since the fall of Chernarus and Izaak wasn't ready to turn into a common savage. He spent several months avoiding as much contact as possible. At one point he ended up injuring himself trying to escape a town full of infected and settled down in a barn, waiting out his time. He was approached by some survivors who patched him up and took him into a house they fortified. When Izaak awoke, they fed him and discussed for a few hours. A group was formed and over time they picked up more and more members. Now with a sizable group of survivors, a light uniform regarding green armbands was established as well as a name: New Moon. Now with a roster people he could rely on and trust, Izaak's plans to rebuild South Zagoria could begin. Grinishino was determined to be a suitable location to setup a community of sorts once all the necessary conflict had finished. Since the time of the Reclaimers, Izaak's views had also changed. Now he was not afraid to commit acts of banditry and violence in order to protect is people and achieve their goals. The landscape of South Zagoria was about to change forever. In the weeks following New Moon's debut in South Zagoria, the men quickly realized the chaotic state of the province they were now in. Several factions were warring with one another and civilians were trying to stay out of the crossfire as much as possible. It was here Izaak was able to recruit some members from the failing Abyss Corporation as well as a couple lone survivors found along the path. New Moon decided to introduce themselves to several of these groups by a show of force that proved both effective and detrimental. It made an enemy of the Kamenici quickly and started the relationship with the Saviors poorly. After a week of skirmishing a group of former Abyss reached out to New Moon and the Saviors to arrange a non aggression pact in hopes of taking on a bigger foe. After a long and drawn out meeting, New Moon, the Saviors and the former Abyss that would be nicknamed the House agreed on a two day non aggression pact in which a planned ambush would be set on the Wednesday of that week to try and do as much damage as possible to Kamenici. Unfortunately and somewhat unsurprisingly, things didn't go as planned. When Wednesday rolled around, the Saviors and New Moon were caught off guard and thrust into a fight they were not prepared for. The casualties were high and to make matters worse, the House, the people who organized this operation were entirely absent from the fight and did not respond to the calls for help. Later that day, the House were confronted by New Moon and the Saviors and it ended in a gunfight that saw relations with the House break down and the non aggression pact between New Moon and Saviors extended indefinitely. The next two weeks would see frequent skirmishes and changes in group relations. The Saviors would eventually suffer a devastating loss and would fall into the background for a time in order to regain strength and mourn. In their absence an ally came forward that no one expected. At one point Kamenici took Izaak captive mistaking him for a Savior with the intention of executing him. Instead, Izaak was able to talk his way out of not only death, but a shaky sort of non aggression between the two so long as they didnt get in each others ways for the time being. This eventually led to the rescue and deception of House members on the airfield that led to a lone Kamenici officer getting out safely with New Moon's help. This would lead to a cooperation that proved way more effective than expected. During this time, the House doubled their roster and began fighting more fiercely and aggressively against this new psuedo-coalition. They would also make several attempts to try and bring New Moon onto their side through persuasion and eventually force. This ultimately failed when they attacked a neutral settlement called Homestead killing a New Moon member before ultimately being defeated. With a renewed alliance with the Saviors and a strong bond with Kamenici, the lines were now drawn and settled between the groups. On October 25th 2018 New Grishino was officially launched. The city would be run by New Moon, the Saviors, general Arnost Visily and a series of elected officials. This ordeal would prove to be a much bigger task than anyone could have predicted. Only hours after the city was opened Kamenici pressured Izaak into removing the House from the neutral city lest he end up facing them as an enemy. He reluctantly violated the biggest principle the city was founded on and removed Harrison and his men peacefully. This would only be the beginning of a weekend of turmoil, betrayal and uncertainty among the groups. It seemed that every day the relations between the notable groups in the server would shift and blood would be spilled as a result. By the end of it all, Izaak came to the decision that the only way the city would survive was if both factions, Kamenici and House, conducted their business somewhere else, completely removed from anything happening in New Grishino. Bloody firefights and admittedly a poor hierarchy among the people who were supposed to be in charge of the town nearly lead to its demise. Now, hopefully, things could get back on track of how it was supposed to go and vicious faction wars would not be present in the town. But of course, this didn't go as anticipated. The town was attacked relentlessly by Kamenici and their puppets. Civilians that fought back were slaughtered and the ones who surrendered met similar fates sooner or later. The police force employed by New Moon was wiped out and the men were worn town from the constant fighting. The civilians retreated north and the settlement was left in the dust. New Moon now looked north for future endeavors. ↓MORE LORE WRITTEN AS IC EVENTS PLAY OUT ↓ Protect our members, our family at all cost Take in whoever needs our help and can be trusted Avoid unnecessary conflict that would lead to our demise Establish a permanent community in South Zagoria by claiming and renovating Grishino by the end of the year ✓ Beat the Kamenici into submission in order to proceed with the Grishino project by day 500 Continue friendly relations with the House unless they get in the way of goals specifically the Grishino project Defuse the issue of the Saviors peacefully or by force by day 520 ✓ Recruit scientists to assist in the Grishino project by the end of the year Relocate the Zelenogorsk bank to Grishino before the public establishment of the settlement ✓ Develop New Grishino into a civilized city-state (ONGOING) Establish a proper chain of command among the city's officials ✓ Keep the city as neutral as possible at all costs Recruit and train civilians and allies into important city roles Have a city with enough officials to run itself without constant intervention from New Moon Start a large scale labor project to fortify the city itself to defend better from attack (BASE BUILDING SOON PLS) Establish checkpoints for a new Confederacy in the north with the House Assist the Saviors, our only true allies, through any conflict to come See to the eventual destruction of the Free State of Zagoria @Nihoolious - Izaak Sirkov @Squillium - John Kingsman @Pepe Jones - Arvid Gustafsson Osip Ovechkin @Shroud - Yegor Krasnov @Viking - Yuan Ling @Dan - Garrett White @Hollows - Charles Hackett @Ben - Henry Shields @Dodge - Dodge Carter @Famous - Booker Canvran @Zombru - Ceslav Kruskal @Descendants - Jimmy Craft @MacMiller - Howell Grimm @Lewis scott - Daniil Marek Allied The Saviors Neutral Everyone else Hostile Kameníci Cerna Liska The House Fenians Recruiting will be done in game and through the forums. Step one is to PM @Nihoolious on the forums using this template: IG Name: OOC Age: Timezone: Character Backstory: Reason for joining: Previous Groups: Can you handle large amounts of banter? Can you return the favor?: Additional Notes: The second step is to find us in game and RP. You will have to find us in game naturally although we will have some pre-planning in order to make it as efficient as possible. This will also help to see if your time zone/schedule matches or conflicts with ours. If we end up keeping you around in game we will come to a conclusion as group and you will receive a CP invite if you pass. Credits go to @Dan who made this graphics in the original version of the group in 2016.
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    [NGA] New Generation Army (Recruitment Open)

    *he would ready the helicopter*
  4. Nihoolious

    S1: KoS in Vybor - 10/12/2018

    Izaak Sirkov PoV: We initiate on two guys in the middle of Vybor first. You were on the roof with one of our guys and we suspected you were with them and my guy who was on the roof with you recognized you from a previous hostile encounter so you were initiated on as well. I don't know what transpired with you and my guys that were taking you hostage but the commands you mention in your pov where me ordering the two hostages on the street, they were not directed at you. Sounds to me like the VOIP was bugging out as usual and there was a lack of proper communication that probably led to your death. No video on my end, I had sub 20 fps the whole time I was in town.
  5. Nihoolious

    The House

  6. Nihoolious

    [CNR] Chernarussian People’s Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Genuinly hope you guys can pull it off. Constant attacks and lag killed Grishino imo and you'll probably face the same challenges so be ready.
  7. Nihoolious

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I really think the hostile rp problem has been blown out of proportion. Before the rule changes in August this server was basically dead and you had one hostile group that got shit on by everyone ooc. It devolved to the point where people legit went on a pub server to do their IC wedding so they wouldn't have to deal with the hostile rpers. What we have now is imo one of the best rulesets for all types of rp we've had in years. Sure there are still some problems like ghosting, people being too execution happy and people flip flopping between allies and enemies but that's manageable. I guarantee you that if we had more content in the game itself to occupy people's time you wouldn't have as many people being way too attached to their gear or people feeling that the only thing to do is rob anything that moves.
  8. Nihoolious

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    I love roleplay
  9. Nihoolious

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    You really do have the worst sense of humor
  10. Nihoolious

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    Another YouTube rewind without Pewdiepie smh
  11. Nihoolious

    Productive / Informed Replies Idea

    You don't need to be an active player on the servers to have an opinion on something big like rule or lore changes. This place has generally the same for years, you can come back after a year of absence and people will be doing the same shit with the same opinions. Some people will hop in with a hot take despite being uninformed on the situation but those people will just be ignored by most.
  12. Nihoolious

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    I just think its funny that the experimental version of this beta patch was more stable than the stable version. I can only imagine how shit 1.0 is going to be.
  13. Nihoolious


    Well specifically I know someone who has sent in one a week or so ago and hasn't gotten a response yet. I was wondering if he has to resend it now or something.
  14. Nihoolious


    Does this apply to people who have already sent in an amnesty appeal before the changes, including ones who haven't met their year requirements?
  15. Nihoolious

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    It's salt from dying or being robbed but also people poorly expressing their criticism. They have issues with a group of people but they covey them in such a bad way that they use a blanket term like hostile rp when that isn't the problem. Hostile rp was never the problem, it was the specific actions of specific people who happened to be hostile rpers. But they only see it as us vs them and that ruins any form of legitimacy they could've had in their criticism.
  16. Nihoolious

    Public Service Announcement: After A Hard DayZ RPing

    Thank you for sharing with the class
  17. Nihoolious

    The House

    Great choice in leadership I must say. He gotta update the group thread tho
  18. Nihoolious

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Why make it even more of a hassle for people? Its already annoying as fuck right now to get in game only to be met with sub 20 fps or less when gunshots ring out. Not everyone has a PC that can record decent quality using OBS and not everyone has access to shadowplay. No one should be forced to record when they just want to get in game and roleplay a bit. It turns it into a chore instead of a fun activity you choose to set aside time for.
  19. Nihoolious

    New Moon Media Thread

    We've been racking up screenshots and now dank videos thanks to Hodgie so I figured we make one of these media threads to dump it all. If anyone body has media that involves any of us post here. [video=youtube]
  20. Nihoolious

    New Moon Media Thread

  21. Nihoolious


    How are you gonna brag about winning a fight where most people on the other side couldn't set foot near the castle with more than 15 fps and just left because it was unplayable

    1. Lucas

      Everyone had 15 fps, not just you..

    2. ShaneKOS


      imagine setting up in pustoshka lmao

    3. OnionRP


      We had 9 FPS when we were hunting down the attackers that where hiding in the trees

    4. Dew


      lmfao everyone was getting those frames, not a valid excuse Nihoo

    5. ShaneKOS


      pure factoid dewsef

    6. Nihoolious


      You're calling people out for hiding in the trees but what else are you going to do run to the front gate and get shot in the open because your moving at a snails pace. If you're going to big dick at least have a real accomplishment 

    7. Alex
    8. Dew


      Do you really think the only thing to do if you're not pushing the front gate is hiding in a tree? If so, then I see why the IFF lost.

    9. Nihoolious



    10. ShaneKOS
    11. Bruhstice


      There are literally more than 5 entrances to the castle, if you felt the front was the only option, then i feel bad for you.

    12. Max


      i was honestly surprised when we started getting attacked from behind once we almost had fully advanced to breach the castle, only about 25-30min into the event. the fps was bad enough lmao..

    13. Dino


      Several of the comments here are unnecessary and unneeded. If you don't have anything decent to say then don't post at all. //closed

  22. Nihoolious

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    When the total fps of everyone involved on both sides is like 60 frames. Great event in theory but we all forgot that we were playing DayZ so of course it was going to go to shit.
  23. Nihoolious

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Izaak Sirkov - IFF
  24. Nihoolious

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    1. @Hebee 2. @YungBrandonRP 3. Frank 4. TheLimited 5. @Puncture
  25. Nihoolious

    New Moon Media Thread

    From last night