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    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


    2. Hebee


      I used to like him until I saw what he was really about tbh

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      hes the man

    4. Hebee


      Still nice to watch him smash sjws tho

    5. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


  1. DayZRP Community Memes

    Squillium harboring perma banned players circa 2018 no but seriously he didn't know free squillium
  2. The Stamina Bar and how it will effect DayZ SA + DayZRP

    Slowing down an already slow as fuck game is a god awful idea. Maybe if vehicles were reliable and more common it would even out, but thats not the case now and isn't going to change with this patch. I see one of two things happening. People either stay near the coast because they can't be asked going elsewhere. Or people will grind out the run up north and avoid any danger so they don't have to run back up ever again, which we already have now its just gonna be a lot worse.
  3. DayZRP Community Memes

    is there evidence that can change my mind that squillium played no part in what the rest of them apparently got banned for?
  4. DayZRP Community Memes

    swear you're gonna get permd for "glorifying" permabanned players not out of the realm of possibility at this point
    • Nihoolious
    • Refacture

    sorry for your loss

    1. Hebee


      Thots N Prayers.

    • Nihoolious
    • Squillium

    you're like a facebook grandma with your shit memes and inspirational quotes

  5. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Wow that's sad
  6. Nihoolious

    Gotta love rule 4 especially when its used because someone made a joke. o7 @Dom

    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      no fun allowed gots to remember

    2. Eagle


      What did he do? if it's too spooky to share here send me on steam.

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      made a light hearted joke yung eag

    4. Eagle


      Must have been on someone high up ?

    5. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      depends on your definition of high up

    6. Lost

      Fuck sakes another one? Didn't know em but o7 

    7. Mexi


      Anyone know where I can find a pocket Admin? Seems like they're worth collecting.

    8. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      lmao im ded

    9. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado

      i call dibs on @Jamie and @Voodoo the only realllll staff memebers immarite @Shane Is Dead also

      *hits a weak dab*

    10. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      It's ok one day our god zenu will come down to earth and rectify all wrong doings.

    11. Voodoo


      @Rebel Pado you know id be your pocket admin. Only problem is all my power was taken away due to bias and pocket admins for certain staff.

      Atleast i can say i was always fair as a staff members and always looked at ways to find someones innocence in troubling times rather than abuse my powers. 

    12. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado

      woah. real shit.

  7. Good Bye DayZ RP community.

    He's a low effort troll, don't give him too much attention not worth your time.
  8. Staff Appreciation Thread

    take me back to the helpdesk days with @Shane Is Dead some of the best times in my early days of staff. i miss working with fellow gms and all the slack banter too. would relive it in a heartbeat
  9. The Magnificent Seven of Chenaraus

    do it no balls
  10. SOOOOOOOOOOO this is dying isn't it?

  11. The Deal With It Attitude

    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
    • Nihoolious
    • Hebi Kotei


    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      It is, isn't it?

  12. The Deal With It Attitude

    So in your opinion do you think they would have a chance to appeal this ban? Or is it final since, as you said, an admin experienced it first hand and you trust her judgement.
  13. The Deal With It Attitude

    Is there evidence of this trolling? If so then this is you saying to have reviewed it and determined they will not be returning to the community?
  14. The Deal With It Attitude

    I think there is some confusion on what I am against there. To clarify I didn't make this thread to question the use of Rule 4 in general. Its a rule thats been around since I joined the community in 2013 and I saw it exercised soon after joining with the mass ban of SKA. I understand its purpose and why it exists, for important issues that need to be dealt with in a way the traditional process can't do. Why I don't agree with is how it has been used recently with the Aiko report being one of the biggest offenses that can be seen by the public, I'm sure there are some questionable final warnings I don't know about. Picture this for me: You believe yourself to be a rule abiding member of the community. You are roleplaying within the rules to your knowledge and behaving on the forums in a similar way. However, the admin team says you made a mistake and you are given a punishment through Rule 4. This could be points, a final warning or permanent ban. You cannot contest this punishment, it is set in stone. You don't think you did anything wrong but the admins exercised their right to deal with you in the way they saw fit. Now imagine this same thing is happening to other people, maybe even your friends for reason you don't agree with. Would you still have the same opinion over the Deal With It attitude then?
  15. The Deal With It Attitude

    Actually you just projected your own biases by making this reply. The only person I told I was making this thread was Shroud who already agreed with what I was saying in ts. But if you want to dismiss a differing opinion by saying a poll is fake go ahead. You actually are the dayz rp equivalent of people who think Russia hacked the American election to determine the outcome.
  16. Nihoolious

    o7 pretty retarded way to go out


    1. BostonRP


      The behavior of Ryan Huntington's admin team has somehow spread here. Banning in their own reports. 

    2. Nihoolious


      Next logical step for the admin team is to start talking to rulebreakers in game on an OOC level.

    3. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Im out of the loop

  17. Hmmm

    Please this shit has been an eye sore for way too long
  18. Nihoolious

    Hello staff.

    I would like to file a report for a missing post. I made a post in that spicy lgbt thread that did violate the forum rules and even received reputation. I would like to know why the post went missing and if I could have it restored as it breaks my heart whenever an innocent post goes missing and is never found again. 

    Here is a reply to prove it did indeed exist 


    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Another one bites the dust

    2. Eagle


      Kewl story bra

    3. Rolle


      Hello @Nihoolious,

      Your post was deleted through use of rule 4.2 due to your post not being relevant to the topic. It will not be restored. 

      Thanking you 


  19. DayZRP Community Memes

    he'll be ok hes strong and independent
  20. DayZRP Community Memes

    hes banned from my teampseak for this exact reason
    • Nihoolious
    • Alex Vivian

    great rp today

    1. LouieRP


      amazing hostile roleplay from you gents. 

    2. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      I'll have you know that I've been in game in the past three months and I had great rp with a couple of brick wall dudes, thank you very much

      also, you too