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  1. Nihoolious

    Hello everyone! Happy to be back!

    oh nah
  2. Nihoolious


    If this isn't a sign of hitting rock bottom, I don't know what is. Curious to see who actually goes through with it.
  3. Nihoolious

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Sure I'm fine with mass unbanning. Gonna be funny when the mod server dies anways like it has repeatedly since 2015.
  4. Nihoolious

    SCUM RP ?

    Not sure how you guys can still buy into early access survival games after years of dayz and clones. Looks to me like another game that makes big promises with lots of potential that fails to fulfill most of what it wanted to do but still makes plenty of money despite being an unfinished product.
  5. Nihoolious

    Why don't you get in game?

    The rule changes are a big step in the right direction to getting this community back on track. There are some other changes I'd like to see but they are unrealistic and I can accept what is here now. Unfortunately the game is still the main hindrance for me and many others I'm sure. .62 is beyond stale, its rotten and I have no desire to ever play the patch again. I hate .63 and believe it is a step backwards in several directions but I'd rather play that over .62 any day. When the servers switch to .63 the servers will see a second wind for sure. How long lasts is less certain.
  6. Nihoolious


    one of the best songs wcar ever made. rip kyle pavone


  7. Nihoolious


    ayy i made it back on the list


    1. Farmer-BorisRP



    2. EndeavourRP



  8. Dan

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    • Nihoolious

    screw you meanie pants 😞

    1. Nihoolious



    2. Whitename



  9. Nihoolious

    Dead Phaethon Racing Club

    can i join
  10. Nihoolious

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    As much as it would be nice to have things we both know its not happening. The server is different now and its only going to go further in the other direction from here.
  11. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • Nihoolious

    Fun times

    1. Nihoolious


      he got knocked the fuck out

    2. Eagle


      Yeahhh Bitchhh!!

  12. Nihoolious

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    Back in the day around 2010 I was playing Team Fortress 2 on Golden Machine Gun servers. One day a kid from South America came in and didn't understand what kind of server he joined and was generally really new to the game. With the help of most of the server, we convinced the kid to turn on his console and type "unbind all" into the console. We realized it worked when his mic finally stopped transmitting and he just stood there in spawn only able to move his mouse. Poor kid probably never figured out how to fix it and stopped playing the game altogether. Very mean, but hilarious at the time.
  13. Nihoolious

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    quality avatar 

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      Quality fox.

  14. Nihoolious



    1. Eagle


      No u

  15. Nihoolious

    A little late .. oops