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  1. Throwback to that time I dunked on you.


    1. Nihoolious


      I was rping as a white name. That's why I made a retarded appeal like that

  2. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    You still don't explain why you had to make it public. Look at this thread. Do you see any discussion or recommendations for the accused party? I don't, I see people shaming and looking down upon them. There is nothing productive in that, its just a lynch mob mentality. It looks like your trying to start drama for shits and giggles. Correct me if I'm wrong. Its in a report already. It will be handled there. Why add all this? What does it serve but make the people who are shaming the suspects feel better about themselves and maybe get a sick roast in there. I rest my case. You made this thread so others could shit on the people involved. Classy
  3. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    @Joffrey, don't you think as someone who has been in this community for a long time and have been a part of groups that received lots of negative feedback and otherwise, that making a thread like this is a bad idea? Think about it, you are reposting a video from a report, an already public and highly viewed part of the forums, and making a thread basically putting the people involved on blast for beanz. Thats pretty low and hypocritical if you ask me. If we look back at some of your posts last month where you tried to defend yourself and your group mates in their group threads from people who judged you for being bandits and from their ooc biases, you tried to break the stereotype of bandits being filthy pvpers and whatnot. You complained about how people came on the thread to start drama and now here you are, starting drama by publicly shaming the people in that video. I'm pretty disappointed to be honest. You should have taken this to PMs with the people you are putting on blast or not said anything at all. By making a spectacle you've created drama and brought this to Rolle's attention. I hope the beanz were worth it.
  4. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    Uh oh
  5. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    DayZ sucks. People grow tired of waiting for the bi-yearly updates and stop playing. When people stop playing normal DayZ, there are less roleplayers for said game. Out of our control at this point.
  6. This is unacceptable inactivity from a high ranking staff member such as yourself.


    1. Hebee



    2. Nihoolious


      Very unprofessional of myself. I should know better. But the Burning Legion is invading. My city (Dalaran) needs me. 

  7. I'm Back Baby

    /moved to Introductions and Farewells Lot of things have changed, we had a lore wipe for instance.
  8. Koldz_ Odd blacklist

    Please update your appeal to follow the template below. Failure to do this in 24 hours will result in this appeal being closed
  9. Verdict: @Dusty - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Inconclusive Explanation: A group of staff members has looked through this report and have reached a verdict regarding it: In this scenario, Puncture is confronted by GrainSack and SandDancer97 for stealing from them. Puncture denies this and a standoff occurs. Eventually Sylva appears and accuses Puncture of robbing and attempting to murder him previously. After this announcement, GrainSack and SandDancer97 initiate on Puncture, tying him up in the street. Sylva offers rope for restraint but is refused. Puncture’s allies ExoticRainbow and Dusty open fire killing the two initiators. Sylva is killed not long after. Sylva, in this situation you claim to have not been initiated on and were killed when putting your hands up. Dusty and his party claim that you were initiated on after the two hostage takers were died and were killed for non compliance and attempting to pull out your gun. The video evidence provided by Loscham only shows the events leading up to the first set of gunfire as he runs away from the scene shortly afterwards. Sylva claims that he was not involved in the situation, but after watching Loscham’s video it does seem possible to be mistake him for being involved at first glance. Due to the evidence not giving the full picture, we cannot believe one word over the other thus leaving the validity on the kill Inconclusive. In the future, putting your hands up when you are unsure if gunshots are directed towards you is always the safest option. The same applies to if you hear an initiation and are unsure if it is on you as well. ExoticRainbow and Puncture, the validity of your characters being in a dynamic with an Islamic extremist group has been questioned. Dusty claims you were both converted to Islam and there are logs to support this for Puncture. He might as well join the group officially at this point with how long he has played with the extremists. ExoticRainbow already has a character for the group but chose not to play on him during this encounter. It does look strange and while we have no proof that you did this with malicious intent, on the surface it can appear as an abuse of alt characters. The abuse of alts in the previous lore was a serious problem and we don’t want to see it resurface. With the above stated the following applies, Outcome: @Dusty - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Inconclusive Verdict by @Nihoolious @[email protected]
  10. Hit Logs: Death Logs: Connection Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following for their PoVs: @evanm23 - Omar Mosa| @Puncture - Jayden Renolds| @Ronin47 - Brandon Terrano| @Levi Ackerman - Levi Sylveen| @Anoymouse - Roy Kalo| @iBleedHotSauce - Ron Bauher| @Saints - Wolfgang Winter Please post any video evidence you had from this encounter.
  11. Hit Logs: Death Logs: Connection Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following for their PoVs: @Puncture - Jayden Renolds| @SandDancer97 - Nikolai Petresk Please post any video evidence from this encounter and list any other allies you had at the time.
  12. Hit Logs: Death Logs: Connection Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following for their PoVs: @LadyInBlue - Quinn Gray| @BrickWall - Boris Orlov Please post any video evidence you might have as well as list any allies you had during this encounter.