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  1. I had a zombie spawn around me while i was in a shed. The zombie decided to just walk through the wall and kill me in a few swings. They're so fucking garbage in this patch. They run through walls more often, they take way too many shots from high caliber weapons and way to many hits to the head from melee weapons like an axe or sword, they still are way to fast without worrying about stamina and from what I saw yesterday the respawn time is much shorter. If anything can be done, fix it please.
  2. I know you aren't supposed to bump appeals but its been two weeks.
  3. Updated the group thread because some shit was really out of date
  4. Well if it wasn't public then something could be thought up. A group member of mine survived a car bombing a couple months back but it seemed to everyone else based on his radio message that he perished. But fleshing out a new character is probably the better option. Makes you better at rping different styles and makes you a better rper in general.
  5. If his death was in a public setting and then you said it was a perma death afterwards you need to honor that. Its supposed to be a big decision, not something you can just change your mind on after a week. That being said, people make charaters that are near clones of each other with different names all the time. Its so common place no one would notice or care so you could do that.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss of gear
  7. Says the guy who developed a strong ooc hate for us overnight because you were removed from ts server and we dismantled some wood. Doesn't matter If you didn't participate in it, you knew it was happening and did nothing about it. This war is ooc fueled. People develop distaste and hatred for each other because of what happens in game and on the forums. Deny it all you want, we all know what the private ts channel or discord sounds like when a fight is lost or someone is executed or a radio chatter is made. Both sides ooc don't want to concede defeat because they be humiliated and the other side would get bragging rights and would use them whenever they had the chance. The only time a war like this ends is when people get bored. That's how its always been and always will be unless there is significant rule changes that would probably alienate the server. So don't act like its something that its not.
  8. The accused admits to the rulebreak but because OP is banned in a separate report it automatically get closed? Usually reports get closed when the creator of it gets permd I understand that but in every instance I've seen that happen the report wasn't ready to be solved and a discussion was still going on. This report was done the second the accused posted his pov. Is this the new policy now because it doesn't really make sense and I just think that whoever agreed with closing the report just wanted to close it because they saw a permd player was the one that posted it.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: In the verdict Rolle only mentions the incident that happened the day of the raid as the justification for breaking it down. There is more justification than just that and this was stated many times in the report itself but seems to have been overlooked. Starting in sequential order, the people that took over the compound were mercenaries that we had employed for around 5 days. They were removed due to OOC reasons but they already talked about not wanting to be under contract forever and IC they had often times butted heads with me when I gave orders they didn't agree with or just straight up ignored them and did their own thing. A good example was when we made a peace deal with Free Territory and one of the conditions was they stopped attacking the Saviors, the mercs went behind our backs and had them attack Saviors in secret on their behalf. Immediately after the split they began attacking our longtime allies the Saviors relentlessly. They fought the Saviors in their compound at least 6 times between their removal from the group and the report taking place with a few of my guys helping the Saviors in battles. During this time they undermined our plans for Kabinino which eventually lead to their seizure of the piano house compound and subjugation of the entire town. So its not as simple as it was stated in the report. We had plenty of reason to strike at their base on top of their seizure of Kab the same day. You say we would need a long lasting conflict or war for there to be proper justification. I don't know about you, but all those actions I mentioned happening in a relatively short period of time all compounded together should give us enough justification. It wasn't just words exchanged, people from our group died fighting theirs. I did nothing wrong and neither did Leon or Viking. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't think all the povs were read in the report because I'm not sure how these details were overlooked. Its not as simple as "they say bad word and we destroy base." It was a raid conducted on a group of people that were not only openly against us but were slaughtering our allies daily with some of our men dying in the process. Call it a proxy war or open conflict, regardless we had an ample amount of reasoning behind it. Also, why did you also ban Striverus when he only took down one piece of the watch tower under our orders? He should not be given any punishment for that, he didn't know any better and was just going along with the RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points and ban What could you have done better?: I have no idea get into more firefights before doing an attack on a base I guess??
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict tries to say that scoutly and I purposely avoided RP with Eagle after we made eye contact with him and knew no one else is around. This is simply false. From Eagle's second video, you can see me on the lower level of the watchtower jump of the second I hear a voice and leave towards the back. I didn't see him up there and assumed he was at the side entrance by the barns or maybe at the front gate where random civilians were helping us with the task. In his video I was trying to get an angle on the metal sheets at the top of the tower when I heard his voice and got spooked, not me looking eye to eye and avoiding RP. We had been working with people that were complete randoms to us for some time. Several people came in and out of Kab and anyone of them could've been part of the mercenaries or would have informed them as that same thing happened earlier that day. For all we knew, it wasn't just Eagle logging in at the wrong time, it was their group. In his video you hear the people in his comms talk about logging in to confront us as well. Since logging into a hostile situation, even if its in the same compound is not a rulebreak that is what would've happened and our efforts would have been for nothing. I ran to a more advantageous position once I heard Eagle assuming he wasn't alone the second after he made contact. There was no Bad RP or avoiding RP because there was no RP to begin with other than "Oy fuck off you retarded piece of shit." Scoutly re-positioned on the other end of town in case a fight did break out but by then I had left the immediate area and did not wish to go into a fight off guard and blind. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If we had realized he was on the tower at the beginning taking him would have been impossible. There is maybe one angle you could take to shoot into that tower but even then the person up there only needs to lay prone and would be impossible to see or hit. We only knew he was up there after the report went up. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points and ban What could you have done better?: Nothing.
  11. Shout out @FireDude for some great rp as usual. Meeting Eddie is always entertaining even if this time he was quivering and groveling like a wimp.
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