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  1. Yeah we didnt rob a single person at all today. We spent the majority of the day refueling the car and a good chunk of time crashing. He had no rights on me. When we got out of the car we already had our guns out. Its not a hostile action to chase someone that is running away from you for seemingly no reason. There was nothing aggressive in me walking up to you saying "hey whats up?" and with a repeater in my hands at that. Even if I had looked somewhat similar to one of the guys that you had rights on, you didn't try to confirm it. You just assumed.
  2. Server and location: S2 Gliniska Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-02-23, 01:00 Your in game name: Nicholas Mann Names of allies involved: @Dodge @Dustemane Name of suspect/s: No idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Maroon Lada Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We're driving around in our shit lada that started leaking fuel for some reason today when we spot some people on the road. We decide we're gonna try and get some RP after over 30 minutes of the server crashing and us reliving the same situation like its groundhog day. Dusty and I jump out the car and two of the four begin to run off. We give chase and get some zombies on us. I finally get in voip range after one of them puts on a juggernaut suit. I ask him "whats up" and he proceeds to gun me down. Shadowplay is set to record the shortest amount but the 15 seconds contains the extend of my RP with whoever killed me.
  3. Shout out to @YAKMOUTH and his guys for being hilarious hostages last night.
  4. Its not ruleplay to use our KoS rights on people that literally just initiated on us and were forcing us out of the compound we went to just to help you guys. Like I said before, no armbands to indicate you weren't Consortium coupled with your hostility to us after we nearly died in that base was enough to turn us on you. And if that wasn't you who initiated, who was it?
  5. Ok then. PoV is basically the same from the other report. We meet Consortium, have some RP and leave. We see their message on the server wide broadcast and decide to head to Sitnik to possibly assist An Pobal. They drop an initiation on them, we are shot while complying but live. We end up taking refuge from the onslaught of zombies and don't really see whats going on around the compound. We go to the initial corpses and talked to Consortium for like 5 seconds. Not too long after OP and his guys come up to us but I'm not 100% sure if they are An Pobal or Consortium (I had no color and I didn't see green armbands). Hollows tries to leave in the humvee they initiate and begin forcing us out of the compound. We open fire at the gate. I have no video.
  6. Nicholas Mann PoV: Me and the boys run into the Consortium in the middle of a town but I don't remember the name of it tbh. I try and work out a business deal as they express a strong disliking towards the leader of An Pobal but they refuse to cooperate and lay out a form of payment for us. This annoys me and we decide to leave and not go through with their request. A server wide radio message goes out announcing Consortium has occupied the Sitnik settlement. We decide to head over there and possibly try to assist An Pobal since our relations with them had improved the past couple days. We arrive in the compound as shown in OP's video and try and gauge the situation, preparing to either help An Pobal should they initiate or wait on the sidelines if it looks too messy. The initiation is dropped and within 3 seconds of Skeeterbolt's initiation and shooting the non compliant An Pobal guy, me Hollows and Grizz start getting shot at by Hectik32 while trying to put our hands up as shown in his video around 6:30. Grizz gets knocked unconscious while Hollows and I scream at them to stop shooting people that are compliant. We're told by Skeeter to keep our hands up despite bleeding profusely but he is eventually killed. Zombies start flooding in so me and Hollows get some high ground and try and survive the incoming horde. Grizz wakes up and barely makes it to us. A couple minutes pass and while we heal up Consortium seemingly leave but keep in mind myself and my boys are all seeing black and white so its unclear who is who and what color armbands they have. Not long after they leave some more heavily armed guys come up to us and we try and RP with them, still not entirely sure if its An Pobal or Consortium. Hollows attempts to use the Humvee to get us out of there seeing as the owners of it are dead, but he gets initiated on and we are told to leave at gunpoint. Once the gate is opened and we hear over the radio our backup has arrived, we decide to kill the people forcing us out eventually leading to a prolonged firefight. I die at the start. It was a super confusing situation where we almost died while complying and didn't know who was who during the majority of our time there. No video on my end.
  7. Nicholas Mann PoV: We had previously robbed a couple people who had being rolling with Kyle earlier in the day but were unable to take him at the time. Eventually we came back to the soup kitchen and he was alone so we initiated on him. OP sees us and tries following but after a lot of shouting he backs off. We take Kyle to the pond to disarm him and do some hostage rp when OP and another person enter the scene. They ask questions and threaten that "they wont forget this." After two minutes of them not taking the hint we initiate, killing the other and capturing OP. We begin moving deeper into the woods since more randoms were coming to the scene. While we are moving OP is being extremely difficult by not listening to simple instructions like following his captors, not running into the reeds and keeping his insults to himself. This understandably pisses us off and we get more hostile with him. There are multiple instances where we could have simply shot him for non compliance but we kept the RP going. I grow a liking for Kyle and decide to have him beat up OP in exchange for his release. OP then shows how much he doesn't want to give a simple apology for being an asshole to his hostage takers and it becomes clear he wont ever comply. After many attempts to get him to just say sorry he eventually says "Shoot me" and Kyle pulls the trigger. We release him with food, water and one of his weapons and send him on his way. OP went OOC to express annoyance with our RP but never once tells us to stop, only that "05:47:20 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //im not going to play with people who use the n word" OP got himself into a situation that he could've easily avoided had he just acted with some common sense and then got upset when we insulted him back. Thats not how you have a civil RP back and fourth. His video will show this clear as day, I have none on my end.
  8. oh boy



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      This stuff can be fun.

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  9. Nicholas J Mann was born to a working class family on April 28th 1993. His father worked on the docks while his mother was a nurse. Money was always an issue, but when his father went missing one night and never returned, he needed to step up to become the man of the house at age 14. Nick was able to do odd jobs but it wasn't enough for him. He wasn't content with just having enough to survive, he wanted more for his mother and for himself. The only path that was open was crime and he dove headfirst. Nick began as a petty pick pocket, eventually getting him noticed for his ability to not be noticed and being able to blend in with a crowd. He started gathering and selling information, taking more and more risks as he began growing bored with time. Unsurprisingly, this got him in trouble with dangerous people but he always manged to weasel his way out of serious injury or death. His luck ran out and through some mutual friends he was able to stowaway on a ship headed for Spain. He was around 19 at the time in Barcelona when he decided he would stick around and try a new adventure, maybe learn something valuable. At the very least he was learning a new language. Nick spent 5 years in Spain before his history becomes very cloudy, the only concrete information being his presence in a backwater known as Chernarus during a civil war. What is known is now hes found his way in a former Soviet satellite known as Livonia. Assuming hes able to survive and communicate with semi intelligent human beings, he might just make it out of this situation.
  10. Not gonna lie, I probably should've just kept this in the old lore and stayed away from the community. There were a some fun times, especially in the first few weeks when everything was fresh, and we had a lot of the old crew together again. But that quickly faded and all kinds of bullshit began pilling up to the point where this isn't fun anymore. I've always been willing to play DayZRP even if the game is shit because of the experience and the people. But when the RP is boring and mundane like it always ends up being and some of the people here are among the worst I've ever encountered in this community (DDOSed for breaking wood btw), and the game is still dogshit, what's the point in staying? I tried to keep things interesting. We had a settlement, we had extensive diplomacy with all the groups, another settlement, different types of RP choices for our characters, being among the first to try and broker peace among the groups. I brought in a variety of people over time even brought in some whitenames and we had some good laughs. Despite this we still had snakes and shitheads within the ranks, people actively trying to get us fucked over by staff from other groups and staff members trying to do the same thing. So it was all for nothing. To everyone that left on good terms, I thank you for your time and genuinely wish you the best in life. To the OGs who came back, you're the realest ones, honestly. Requesting this to be archived by someone other than JimRP.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So when a staff member posts on my group page calling me inactive when I've logged in more recently than he has and I point that out its flaming? Didn't realize Jim wasn't allowed to be corrected on a false statement he made on my own thread. Its not flaming and getting upset over that post is petty. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: By his own logic hes inactive so I don't see why I should just take it when he tries calling me inactive when I've played more than he has. Aren't staff members supposed to be active in the first place? Looks to me like Jim trying to take a low blow on my group thread despite it not being true or making sense in context. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove points What could you have done better?: Don't question the co-owner and let him take shots on my thread
  12. I had a zombie spawn around me while i was in a shed. The zombie decided to just walk through the wall and kill me in a few swings. They're so fucking garbage in this patch. They run through walls more often, they take way too many shots from high caliber weapons and way to many hits to the head from melee weapons like an axe or sword, they still are way to fast without worrying about stamina and from what I saw yesterday the respawn time is much shorter. If anything can be done, fix it please.
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