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  1. Nihoolious

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Not gonna lie, I probably should've just kept this in the old lore and stayed away from the community. There were a some fun times, especially in the first few weeks when everything was fresh, and we had a lot of the old crew together again. But that quickly faded and all kinds of bullshit began pilling up to the point where this isn't fun anymore. I've always been willing to play DayZRP even if the game is shit because of the experience and the people. But when the RP is boring and mundane like it always ends up being and some of the people here are among the worst I've ever encountered in this community (DDOSed for breaking wood btw), and the game is still dogshit, what's the point in staying? I tried to keep things interesting. We had a settlement, we had extensive diplomacy with all the groups, another settlement, different types of RP choices for our characters, being among the first to try and broker peace among the groups. I brought in a variety of people over time even brought in some whitenames and we had some good laughs. Despite this we still had snakes and shitheads within the ranks, people actively trying to get us fucked over by staff from other groups and staff members trying to do the same thing. So it was all for nothing. To everyone that left on good terms, I thank you for your time and genuinely wish you the best in life. To the OGs who came back, you're the realest ones, honestly. Requesting this to be archived by someone other than JimRP.
  2. Nihoolious

    Be Grateful For What You Have

    shut up
  3. Nihoolious


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So when a staff member posts on my group page calling me inactive when I've logged in more recently than he has and I point that out its flaming? Didn't realize Jim wasn't allowed to be corrected on a false statement he made on my own thread. Its not flaming and getting upset over that post is petty. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: By his own logic hes inactive so I don't see why I should just take it when he tries calling me inactive when I've played more than he has. Aren't staff members supposed to be active in the first place? Looks to me like Jim trying to take a low blow on my group thread despite it not being true or making sense in context. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove points What could you have done better?: Don't question the co-owner and let him take shots on my thread
  4. Nihoolious

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    -User was warned for this post-
  5. Nihoolious

    Zombie Buff

    I had a zombie spawn around me while i was in a shed. The zombie decided to just walk through the wall and kill me in a few swings. They're so fucking garbage in this patch. They run through walls more often, they take way too many shots from high caliber weapons and way to many hits to the head from melee weapons like an axe or sword, they still are way to fast without worrying about stamina and from what I saw yesterday the respawn time is much shorter. If anything can be done, fix it please.
  6. Nihoolious

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I agree really solid erp today.
  7. Nihoolious


    I know you aren't supposed to bump appeals but its been two weeks.
  8. Nihoolious

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Updated the group thread because some shit was really out of date
  9. Nihoolious

    Eddie Malone 2.0?

    Well if it wasn't public then something could be thought up. A group member of mine survived a car bombing a couple months back but it seemed to everyone else based on his radio message that he perished. But fleshing out a new character is probably the better option. Makes you better at rping different styles and makes you a better rper in general.
  10. Nihoolious

    Eddie Malone 2.0?

    If his death was in a public setting and then you said it was a perma death afterwards you need to honor that. Its supposed to be a big decision, not something you can just change your mind on after a week. That being said, people make charaters that are near clones of each other with different names all the time. Its so common place no one would notice or care so you could do that.
  11. Nihoolious

    New Moon Media Thread

    I'm sorry for your loss of gear
  12. Nihoolious

    New Moon Media Thread

    ok boomer
  13. Alex Vivian

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  14. Nihoolious

    Everlasting Server War

    Says the guy who developed a strong ooc hate for us overnight because you were removed from ts server and we dismantled some wood. Doesn't matter If you didn't participate in it, you knew it was happening and did nothing about it. This war is ooc fueled. People develop distaste and hatred for each other because of what happens in game and on the forums. Deny it all you want, we all know what the private ts channel or discord sounds like when a fight is lost or someone is executed or a radio chatter is made. Both sides ooc don't want to concede defeat because they be humiliated and the other side would get bragging rights and would use them whenever they had the chance. The only time a war like this ends is when people get bored. That's how its always been and always will be unless there is significant rule changes that would probably alienate the server. So don't act like its something that its not.
  15. Nihoolious

    Closing Reports when OP is permd

    The accused admits to the rulebreak but because OP is banned in a separate report it automatically get closed? Usually reports get closed when the creator of it gets permd I understand that but in every instance I've seen that happen the report wasn't ready to be solved and a discussion was still going on. This report was done the second the accused posted his pov. Is this the new policy now because it doesn't really make sense and I just think that whoever agreed with closing the report just wanted to close it because they saw a permd player was the one that posted it.
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