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  1. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    fucka vdv, pvp scum If it wasn't for this group mine probably wouldn't be around right now. Like it or hate it, no one can deny this group made a lasting impact and changed the server. Thanks lads, glad to have fought you and be the only ones to best you in a firefight (to my knowledge).
  2. *Izaak responds to the broadcast* Finally pissed off enough people you are forced to retreat? I can't say I'm surprised. This was going to happen at some point. Do us, the CDF and the survivors of South Zagoria a big favor and never fucking return. Now step aside so we can take back our airfield. Thanks *The transmission ends*
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    1. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      I agree with this statement.

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      Hey Alex

    3. Alex Vivian
  3. An Address to the People of Chernaurus [Open]

    *Izaak chimes into the conversation* Was I not right the whole time? Were we not correct in telling you that the VDV were invaders who try to justify their war crimes with claims of "securing borders" and "assisting the CDF?" Did I not personally warn a CDF Lieutenant on one occasion that the VDV would eventually betray their so-called ally? That's right, I did. I fucking told you so. Now hopefully you can see why we no longer served the CDF. Me and my men saw this disaster coming as soon as we saw the VDV disarming civilians on the airfield they had just stolen. And what did we get for trying to warn and inform the rest of the CDF? We were ignored and abandoned. Now after weeks of the Russians and their bullshit antics, you finally have come to your senses and see them for what they truly are. Its unfortunate that it took the deaths of your men and countless civilians to see the truth. We still have issues with you CDF. I still have issues with you. But there is a bigger threat, one that we both are against. We are willing to have a truce for the time being. Who knows, maybe we might even fight side by side one day against these cocksuckers. But I am never taking orders from a CDF officer again, lets make that clear. Now, we have a war to win. Let's get on with it. *The transmission ends*
  4. Just here to think

    Hello DarkSide. You didn't miss much other than the lore wipe. Not much has changed
  5. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Media Thread

    Stop trying to get the last word. Closing for an hour.
  6. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Media Thread

    I don't think this is a discussion for their media thread. Let's take it to status updates instead, much more room to discuss there.
  7. Sad Reacts Please

    It was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy life while you can but don't be a stranger <3
  8. Roots

    I'm not sure if thissa joke or not but if possible try to keep group threads free of clutter. Take it to PMs or TS instead please.
  9. hey dude how was shleep

    1. Nihoolious


      I got a whole 3 hours before I had to run errands. Pretty bad roleplay

    2. evanm23


      roleplay tho? 

  10. I'm hyped. Having a nice chat with one of those pilots would be a huge win for us. We'll try not to get him killed.
  11. OP wishes in reports

    As you wish
  12. Restoring Chernarus [OPEN]

    *Izaak rests against the storage boxes on the top floor of a warehouse. He begins a broadcast* It has been over a month since this infection first broke out. In that time, our country has been reduced to a wasteland with survivors attempting to fend off both the hordes of infected, and any scum human being that would look to take advantage of them. In the past few weeks alone, we have been invaded by a rogue battalion of Russian paratroopers known as the VDV. The UN Peacekeepers have been hunted down and expelled from South Zagoria with the help of the VDV, CDF and even NATO, their closest allies. And the average survivors have been forcibly moved from the north to the south into Chernogorsk, a town that was occupied by hordes of infected. This is the opposite of what should be happening. We should be rebuilding civilization, not fucking over those who are just trying to survive. But unfortunately, the invading VDV have forced both the CDF and NATO to comply to their demands through fear and force. Although they have withdrawn their "Quarantine Zone" back to the north, their influence can still be seen through the CDF. The Chernarus Defense Force, a shell of its former self has resorted to the barbaric tactics of the Russians that made them their bitch and are now no better. They claim to be helping the people in Cherno, but their methods have only resulted in more civilian deaths than before. And NATO are too complacent to speak out against either military and are content with taking a backseat. This is unacceptable. My name is Izaak Sirkov, and I represent a people called the Reclaimers. We are former soldiers and survivors alike and our goal is to restore Chernarus back to a functioning civilization. Our methods can be brutal, but we do this for the average survivor. We won't take your weapons, your supplies, your freedom. We will fight for it. In the time we have been operating we have bested the CDF numerous times and stood toe-to-toe with the VDV's finest. We fight not because we want personal gain, we fight so that others don't have to. Our allies and us have our objectives of removing the CDF and VDV for their war crimes, but we need your help. We are not asking you to fight for us, nor are we demanding your supplies to do so. We are asking for your support through peaceful methods. Resist the CDF and VDV not by shooting them, but ignoring and refusing to cooperate with their demands. Let us help you rebuild this country. Help us remove the hordes of infected so we can turn these cities into liveable areas again. To anyone who does wish to fight, you can seek us out directly in Chernogorsk. To every other survivor, don't give in to the military and their demands. They only want to take advantage of you and involve you in their schemes. They will lie to your face saying they are doing it for the people. Don't believe it. That is all for now. Stay strong survivors, don't give in. *The broadcast ends*