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  1. Bill is just a normal guy that likes the outdoors. He loves hunting and travelling the world to hunt different types of game. He normally travels with his German Shepherd Beau who is a little hunter himself. Bill is a lawyer, but don't let that fool you, he grew up hunting and fighting for fun. He was known in his hometown for getting into bar fights and wanted to be an MMA fighter. his dream of going professional was lost when he broke his knee racing motocross. So, he went to school and became a lawyer.
  2. *Beau coughs as he pushes his PTT* "Glad ta hear that there are some medics out there offering help" *coughing again* "I think I got an infected wound or somethin, I took some antibiotics and it seemed to clear it up for a little while, then I get sick again a few hours later" *releases his PTT and starts coughing again* "I'm runnin low on antibiotics and don't know what else ta do, Imma head south to cherno and hopefully meet up with ya." *static can be heard as he releases his PTT, mumbling, cussing and coughing he gets to his feet and takes another antibiotic, picks up his pack and starts walking*
  3. *Presses PTT* Yup, dumb on my part, never asked for em. I was so tired I couldn't think straight. I figured I'd give it a shot. As far as game goes, don't need it *chuckles* thers no point in game these days. Ya either get along and look out for each other or ya don't. Hell, I aint lookin for a love connection, just thought I'd pass on some info she might want ta know and make sure she's alright. *Releases PTT and shakes his head. "these idgits are actually tryin ta hook up.."*chuckles to himself again* *Presses PTT* Well, if you fellers that heard this happen to run across a lil blonde named Ashley, last I saw she was wearin a black cowboy hat, I'd appreciate it if ya let her know her tent was taken over and I wanted ta make sure she was alright. *Releases PTT*
  4. *Beau is sitting in a little house north of Novaya Petrovka sipping a beer he found in a car. As he pushes his PTT on his radio static can be heard as he begins to speak* Well, I don't know if you can here me Ashley, I hope that was yer name, I'm horrible with names. It's Beau Jenkins I met ya up at that bar a few days ago in Novaya Petro somethin. That lil shit Brooks was feeding ya a lot of shit pickup lines and gifts that was supposed ta be from me. *He lets go of his PTT to take another sip of his beer before continuing* Anyway, ya showed me yer lil homestead up in the school with yer tent and whatnot, just wanted ta let ya know that that youngin brooks happened to find it and is makin it his lil stash house. He's buildin walls and stuff around it. I've been helpin them out a lil bit with the building and they're gonna let me stash some shit there too. *There's another pause as he finishes off his beer and smashed the can before throwing it in the fire. More static can be heard as he continues* I dunno if ya have been back by and seen it yet, I was keepin an eye on yer stuff for ya but they musta started buildin while I was sleepin. Anyway, I reckon if yer ever back in town I'll make sure ya git yer stuff back, I know it wasn't much but yer shit is yer shit. If ya need anythin just let me know hell, maybe we can go on that epic adventure you were talkin about. *Beau releases his PTT and puts his radio back on his vest, then remembers something and pushes his PTT one more time* Oh yea, I almost fergot, I know ya like bourbon an I happened ta find some, maybe we can have a drink sometime *He releases his PTT and figures he might as well go hunting for a little bit.*
  5. Journal Entry 2 Days since infection: Who knows... Not much to say today, I went out on a hunt this morning, I swung by Ashley's little camp in town on my way back and didn’t see her, it’s possible she went on her adventure she was talking about. I may send out a radio broadcast and see if she hears it.
  6. Date: Who the fuck knows Journal Entry: 1 Well, I have been out on my own for a couple of years now, always kept moving. Never was much for stayin in one spot for long. I recently started to venture out into more populated places in the hopes of meeting some trustworthy people. I don’t have much faith in that happening. Made it up to Novaya Petrovka a few days ago to find what seemed to be three different groups building up the town again. Not real sure of the two groups that were sharin the industrial complex, Wolf Pack and Saviors, or Sanctuary... something like that. Fuck, who knows..who really cares? The third group called themselves The Irish, men after my own heart, so far it seems they just want a place for people to hang out, trade and get drunk. The only reason I knew about this place was because I happened to run across three of the people from one of the industrial groups, Wolfpack guys I think. I think one was named Will or Willie, some other dude that asked me for my blood within the first 30 seconds of meetin them and a girl, don’t remember her name either. I’m pretty horrible with names. Within a few minutes of being there the shit talking begins. I hear both of the groups of witchever the fuck group talking shit about staying away from certain areas because the Irish are assholes, the Cherno-Russians are dickheads blah blah blah. Of course I sit there and start a fire, minding my own business (at least that’s what I wanted them to believe) and began to grill some lamb chops as I listen closely. The most valuable thing in this world isn’t guns, ammo, beer, liquor, tobacco or even weed, it’s information I’m after. The whole reason I went out on my own on a “spirit walk” or whatever ya want to call it was because it’s the same shit in every group, someone has something, another backstabs someone else and starts some sort of war over some horse shit. Anyway, as I sat there making small talk and trying to soak in as much information about what both groups seem to stand for, or claim to stand for. I start to overhear that one of the groups were sneaking around and whispering about one of their own needed urgent treatment for cannibalisism. The next little bit of information I gather is about someone in either the same group or the one sharing the complex was being accused of making some inappropriate comments to some kid. Of course I didn’t stay in town, didn’t want shit to do with either of them if the rumors turn out to be true. The next day I moseyed over near the bar supposedly owned by the Irish and meet a few people. I didn’t hear much shit talking about other group, but a lot of shit talking to each other, just like the bars back home. The next day both of the groups that were sharing the complex were either dead, or ran away. This is one of the main reasons I don’t settle in bases with big groups. I don’t trust people very easily, I always keep my head on a swivel and If I can find that select trusted few to travel with if someone can gain my trust I think it would make our lives a little easier. There seems to be more infected around every day, even traveling between towns through the woods is getting more difficult. I did meet a youngin at the bar, helped me out when I passed out and he saved my gear for me. I can’t remember his name to save my life, Elliot or something, maybe it started with a C... who knows. There was also a young girl named Storm I think watching those two and the awkward “thing” going on between them is hilarious. He tries so hard with cheesy pickup lines and shitty presents. There was a pretty interesting little blonde that showed up, very pretty with her black cowboy hat and the brains to match. I kind of helped her find a weapon she has been lookin for for a while. She showed me her little camp set up nearby. I should have gotten her radio frequency before going to bed, she had mentioned us going on an epic adventure but I would have just put her in danger, I had been awake for two days.
  7. I had a follow up question about bases. I searched and couldn't find an answer. If my character is planning on making his own little "homestead" instead of a group base and he comes along a base and no one is home. Can my character strip their base for materials? My character isn't so much interested in looting, unless he finds a weapon much better than his own, he is honest enough to at the least leave his current weapon behind with the ammo and attachments. Sort of like an unfair trade lol.
  8. *Beau presses his PTT* I'm headed that way. *Releases PTT and starts to sneak past the zombies*
  9. *Beau grabs his radio* It was dark, but there was a guy being held up by a Russian sounding guy, kept saying you're foreign and don't belong there. *releases PTT*
  10. *Beau grabs his radio when he hears Jet's transmission and responds* Hey man, I was just hoping to catch up and get the lay of the land, sounded like you guys knew a think or two about a couple of settlements or trading stations. I rekon you're right, not many people you can trust these days. I'm just outside of Vybor right now, ran into a sketchy situation in Lopatino so I hauled ass out of there. I don't really have a place I call home, not sure if I"m looking for one, they never last. *Beau releases his PTT and puts out his fire, figure I'd better move, that was sure to attract some sort of attention. He picks up his things and starts walking*
  11. Beau pushes the PTT button "Hey there... Faye I think was yer name" *short pause "you guys left from that nova petro somethin city up north" *releases PTT for a brief moment while he takes a bite of chicken "You were with two other guys...a medic lookin kid and another guy with about 5 or 6 really nice rifles, said yer headed south." *takes another bite of chicken "I fergot ta ask ya what city yer headed to, maybe ya said it and I fergot...I tried to catch up after them boys at the bar helped me out" *releases PTT and waits a little bit I rekon I'll head towards vavilovo or Lopatino." *releases PTT and waits for a response before finishing his chicken and continuing. "Ya might not even be on this frequency, I rekon I'll try another a little later" *releases PTT and puts out the fire and starts moving on.
  12. fitzy245


    I know it used to work, waaayyyy back in the day. I have done some google searches and they aren't any help. I don't think it's working at all ATM.
  13. fitzy245


    hmmmmm maybe if I set all keybinds back to original it may work? I tried to bind keys with my Trackir off, quit the game, started Trackir, re-launched the game and my Trackir opened my inventory and my inventory button didn't work. Info in Reddit doesn't really help either.
  14. fitzy245


    I haven't been able to find anything anywhere about this. My Trackir used to work in dayz but now it messes up my control binds. If I put it on my inventory and other keybinds just quit working. When I try to bind a key it binds that key plus the Trackir xyz axis'. Don't know if anyone else uses it or has come across this problem...
  15. Beau takes some old tobacco an stuffs it in his lip as he pushes the ptt on his radio. "Well, I reckon you guys moved again." His voice is gravelly and has a slightly muffled from the tobacco in his hip. "I went out a while back. He pauses and spits on the ground without letting go of the ptt. "Came back to Lapatino or whatever it's called to share some of the meat from my hunt with you sin city fellers." He lets go of the ptt for a second, then continues. As he pushes the ptt a sigh can be heard. "Well, since the town is empty i reckon maybe y'all went back up North, reckon I'll head up and see if I can find anyone. Heard something over the radio, sounded like some arguing over a car or something, didn't catch much cause this piece of shit radio doesn't have much range" The radio cuts out as he releases the ptt, he stuffs it in his vest and starts walking.
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