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  1. Laroslvl 10.29.1993 Sasha Vasnetsov was born in the local hospital, but it was not wanted, the mother of Sasha put him in an Orphanage and left him there. The caretaker Alexis of the orphanage took the Sasha and raised him nearly as his own. He taught him everything he knew, from common knowledge to forms of politeness. Sasha was a good child but not prepared for the world he got bullied a lot because he was too kind. After some years he understood that the kind fail and only the strong dominates. He blamed his carer for his bullying. So he decided to become strong in mind but before he needs to be physically strong, he joined a gym and concentrated on his body and his mind. After months and months of training he finally became what he wanted a strong person but he turned unkind he started to bully the kids that bullied Sasha, he went further and bullied the weak. He became his own worst enemy. When he turned 18 he joined the Russian Armed Forces as he was compelled to do. He exceeded in the military, he gained discipline and strength. As one of the best he could chose what he wanted to do so he decided to join the paratroopers. He loved it he bonded with his brothers and fought side by side with them. He was so good that he gained ranks very easily and became a Lieutenant in 106th Guards Airborne Division. He was proud of himself, the only thing which he cared about was himself and his brothers. After some years he received orders, theses were not standard orders these came from the president himself. He was pleased to have received them first and wanted to succeed no matter what. SO he went to the briefing and got all the Intel he needed. Him and others of the division geared up and got themselves ready to leave and to expect to never come back. This place where he was sent was called Chernarus. To be continued......
  2. / You can archive it not going to get the members I need sorry for the inconvenience
  3. Rebel Rp did most of it, as he was the previous leader, was thinking of finishing it tonight and re updating it as it should
  4. Thank you for the transfer I will make sure that Goals and etc.. will be reorganised in the next few days thank you
  5. You can archive this group I am leading my own group and most have other characters now
  6. Just pop by stary and we'll have that drink together ^^ @Kricket
  7. Cannot wait to interact with you guys more ? see you in game ?
  8. last night I was shocked to see the pop has risen so quickly I cannot wait to see more groups and different characters , it is a new beginning for DayZRP ?
  9. having a lot of fun and great RP with the Stary militia and its residents ? also the anarchy threat makes it more interesting and gives me a tingling of excitement ? so for everyone keep up the good rp
  10. After numerous skirmish battles with the Black Roses, Sanctuary/Renaissance the REDS had successfully driven out the groups from South Zagoria along with their Anarchy mercenaries. Only one enemy remained, The Nordic Battle Group. In what seems a never ending war which brought both factions to a standstill, The REDS supreme leader Gregori "Sandman" Makarov disappeared, some speculated that the NBG had kidnapped and executed him. Others said that he had grew tired of the fighting and went into exile. It made no difference. Wolfgang Karlsson a key figure in the REDS along with Sasha Vasnetov had to look to the future. They slowly began entrenching themselves in Stary Sobor and after enough support they started a settlement there. Wolfgang and Sasha came to an agreement, if they are to survive with the majority of their group gone missing after the war, they had to change their ways of pillaging and banditry. Once the settlement in Stary Sobor was up and running, people flocked to the town. With numbers growing daily, the group decided to start a paramilitary militia to help protect the town and it's civilians. They arranged a system within the town and began organising the militia, one security squad and one work force. People continued to flock to the town and so did the greed of men. In broad daylight the anarchist descended upon the city, and took the Militia by force. Once having the entire town under anarchist control, they forced the group into submission and after a long one sided negotiation. The Militia was forced to pay the Anarchist for protection in any way shape or from they saw fit. Wolf and Sasha disagreed with the deal seeing as their nature indoctrinated by "Sandman" was a sort of "Die, die, never comply" mentality however with the new found responsibility of managing a town filled with women, children and families they had no choice but to agree. The Counter Attack Some time after the Anarchy attack, they came back. Surely thinking that they have beaten us in submission they wandered Stary as if it was their own. They tried to teach us a lesson but while trying they fell. Thus started the war between Anarchy and the Militia. It was a bloody war, constant firefights every second day, men, woman and children dying in the crosfire. No one was winning the war. Both sides losing their best men and closest friends. Stary Sobor turned into a war zone even other groups which entered Stary were at danger. Both sides struggeled to keep their power until one cursed day. During a counter offensive towards the Anarchy controlled airfiled the Milita were caught in battle. The surviving members decided to baricade themselves in a house on the outskirst of Kabanino, surounded by Anarchy, the leader Wolfgang still defied them. After a few hours, Anarchy managed to open the doors and shot everyone who was inside. Wolfgang fell and the militia lost hope. The news traveled fast and and spreaded like wildfire, the famous Wolfgang died. Someone had to to take over and take the surviving members to a safe place. This job fell into the hands of Sasha. Leader of the Militia Sasha Vasnetsov Armed Militia Members @UndergroundLV Sasha Vasnetsov Recruitment Please message @UndergroundLV while using this format In Character Name Your Character's backstory Your age Why do you want to join us ? Your Reason to join us ?
  11. you betrayed me ? @Kricket but yeah loved it ?
  12. Had some good hostile and peace Rp guys shout to all of them @Eagle @Kricket @Zero @G19RP @DK_Major @Rayland276 @Kolya Vorona @RebelRP @James00 @Tomu @Joey @Liam_sinton
  13. I had an encounter with anarchy today... the RP was awesome I really loved it I just hope that they do not get too much hostile otherwise great RP guys ?
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