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  1. John was born and raised in Luxembourg. He was part of small family, he did not have any siblings. His parents worked both in hotels and restaurants around Luxembourg. He decided to follow his parents footsteps and wanted to become a bartender. When he was old enough he went to a Bartender school in the north of Luxembourg to get his diploma in Bar tendering, whilst working in nightclubs earning him money. His family was very proud of him and with the money he saved up he decided to visit countries around the world and to discover different cultures. That is how he ended up in Chernarus. He fell in love in this beautiful girl called Doris and she fell in love with him too. After a while dating each other they started meeting each other parents they wanted to live together and they decided to stay in Chernarus as Doris's mother was very sick at the time. John took the initiative to search for jobs and did not find one. Instead he found a bar for sale and decided to ask his parents to lend him money to buy it and to start a career in Chernarus. It was a hit, a lot of people came to his bar and tasted the best cocktails even soldiers and police officers decided to go there on their lunch breaks. During the first few days of the outbreak he lost his bar to looters, they stole everything, money, drinks even family valuables. Doris was in shock, she could not handle it, the grasp of the situation was too much for her. John was there and supported her through everything. After some time later John's bar was under attack but not from humans, from something much worse. John and Doris made it out alive but soon lost each other through the woods. Still to this day John has not given hope on finding his one true love. To this day John will travel every town, look through every house to find her, the love of his life.