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  1. I don't know thinking maybe organising one next weekend ?
  2. Hi, I love playing Arma 3 and I am quite good doing missions so if anyone would like to play some custom mission just message me or join me channel -John
  3. While the sun is going up, John decides to play around his Radio and finally understands how it works. He starts shaking not in fear but in excitement. He pushes the PTT. " Hello does anyone read me ? I do not know if this is actually working. Anyway here goes nothing. " He pauses for a moment taking a deep breath ready to make his announcement. " Doris, this is John. I have been looking all over for you, but I still have not found you. I wandered through cities towns and villages. I survived the weather, the infected and any threats." His voice starts to break " In hope of finding you " He takes a moment to ready himself " I love you and I will always love you. Remember that. You are my cheese to my cheeseburger, that is what you always said to me " He stops and looks around enjoying the sun shining upon his face, the warmth comforts him " If you hear this try and contact me or try to go to a settlement I will find you even if I have to wander back and forth through hell." His voice breaks and tears start rolling down his cheeks " You are my baby and I will always love you " You can hear him crying while he lets go of the PTT
  4. The Story of John John although he was British, he was born and raised in Luxembourg. He was part of small family, he did not have any siblings. His parents worked both in hotels and restaurants around Luxembourg. After he was born his parents decided to have a divorce, since then he has been living between Luxembourg and France. His parents worked both in hotels and restaurants around Luxembourg. He enjoyed Luxembourg very much and had a lot of diverse friends. He decided to follow his parents footsteps and wanted to become a bartender. When he was old enough he went to a Bartender school in the north of Luxembourg to get his diploma in Bar-tendering, whilst working in nightclubs earning him money and experience. As he was schooled in Luxembourg he had the opportunity to learn a lot of languages. He learned to speak French, German and Luxembourgish. His family was very proud of him and with the money he saved up he decided to visit countries around the world and to discover different cultures and learn about life and how to live. That is how he ended up in Chernarus... He fell in love in this beautiful girl called Doris and she fell in love with him too. They met at a very famous bar in Svetlojarsk. After a while dating each other they started meeting each other parents. After some time they wanted to live together and they decided to stay in Chernarus as Doris's mother was very sick at the time. John took the initiative to search for jobs and did not find one. Instead with the money he still had left he found a bar for sale in Berezino and decided to ask his parents to lend him money to buy his stock and they did. He started a career in Chernarus. It was a hit, a lot of people came to his bar and tasted the best cocktails. It was visited by many people and tourist came to visit his famous bar. He even won an award of CNA (Chernarus Nightlife Awards). And then it came.... During the first few days of the outbreak he lost his bar to looters, they stole everything, money, drinks even family valuables. Doris was in shock, she could not handle it, the grasp of the situation was too much for her and losing her parents made it worse. John was there and supported her through everything even being in shock of circumstances. After some time later John's bar was under attack but not from Men, from something much worse. John and Doris made it out alive but soon lost each other through the commotion. he last saw her running through the woods. After some time ripping nearly all of his clothing he was at the coast and lost what was very dear to him. Still to this day John has not given hope on finding his one true love. To this day John will travel every town, look through every house to find her, the love of his life... Current Day... John has searched the entire region of South Zagoria, he still hasn't found his love. Every way he goes, every settlement he goes he asks the most important question to him "Do you know a woman called Doris ? ", but he never receives his answer only a simple "No". He has made acquaintances and possible friends through out his time searching for her. He has met good people, true to their word and help worthy. But he has also met bad people who execute and control people to do their bidding. It has been difficult to live after all the deaths he has seen, the man made murders. He has been in three gunfights not as an attacker nor a defender, but as a civilian caught in the middle. He does not understand their Ideology or their reason to wage war against each other, but he knows that it is common for men to go to war, it is what we are best at and it is in our nature. He wishes to get away from there but he knows that if there is any chance finding Doris, she will be at these so called settlements, in search of safety. Everyday he wakes up he keeps his hopes up, but slowly he is getting himself ready to face the truth that he might never see her again.