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  1. The backstory of Sergei Zhidkov, known loosely as 'Brute' by his close-knit circle. Don't let the nickname fool you. Sergei is not some hardened war veteran, nor is he some villainous bandit looking for the next unsuspecting victim to stray within his cross-hair. He is simply a survivor doing what needs to be done in a time of peril. He makes conscious attempts to avoid conflict where possible, although Sergei can sometimes finds himself placed in very difficult situations. Whilst his moral compass points in the right direction, others should be wary that his only motivation is survival - and if a situation boils down to a desperately needed can of beans or getting supplies for a gravely wounded ally, Sergei wouldn't think twice about the can of Heinz. Like many these days, Sergei doesn't have a place he can confidently call "Home" - what does "Home" even look like anymore? Instead he drifts from outpost to outpost, derelict town to derelict town in search of supplies to make it through to the next day.
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