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  1. Aestethic

    How to make your long name fit in .62

    Very helpful!
  2. Almost 40 years old men from Lake Beloe. Mechanic from a small town with no family at all. From the young age he loved spending time in forest and long walks around the woods quickly became his hobby. His mother was typical women that spent her life looking after her family. Dyry father was a mechanic, preapering his son for inheritance of the workshop by teaching him all about vehicles. He died with his wife in a car accident when Dyry was 16. Then he was put into care of his uncle ex-specnaz operator who teach him basic of survival in wildernes. Danil is one of the few that are actually happy at time like this. He enjoy the zombie calamity when he finally can live a life without neverending race for money. He spend most of his life in his workshop or survival expeditions in the Chernorus territory. He was unaware of the incident and he lived at peace. However when the infection spread and military movments were increasing he left his home and workshop to investigate situation. While traveling he saw infected, people struggling to survive and trying to escape the forbidden land. He end up at coast near Berezino with a clear view on situation. He started his own struggle for survival.
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