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  1. Jack Woodland, ex-Nato pencil pusher was drafted alongside his peers to provide intelligence for the large, albeit rushed evacuation of the coastlines cities. Greener than life itself, "Woody" had only shot a rifle during his basic training, he had little experience for the torrent of shit about to be thrown his way. One set of experience he did have, was that of survival. Being able to live from the lands around him through extensive outdoors experience as a child and young adult. He would spend days on end camping across his local pastures, a hunting game for himself and sharing these experiences with his late Father, whom he credits with most of his knowledge. As the collapse was imminent and forces were quickly depleted he chose to flee, along with a few close companions to the nearby woodland areas until, what he believed to be a short-term solution until further help arrived. Upon the realization that he and his peers were in fact alone, they began to cross the country in the hopes of finding stability in an unstable environment. Often shunning outsiders and friends alike, however as supplies begin to dwindle and resources scarce for the first time since the incident, Woody has opened himself up the organised chaos surrounding him in the hope to find a likeminded group whom he can plant his roots.