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  1. I used to be a normal guy living in a nice house with a pool and a big field. a kid a wife i was living the life. but then i see my wife in the pool face down in a circle of red. i think its blood then i see my kid on the floor as wel looks like he has bullet wounds in his chest both of them. i do not know what to do i go back inside and call the police. no answer . then i see my kid standing at the door. he looks pale. this is not my son. what is going on am i dreaming? i ran to the safe took my pistol and shot him right there and then. i locked myself in and spent weeks in my house. i started to have limited amounts of food i need to go. i pack my stuff and start walking. i am in the middle of nowhere with no food no drink a pistol with 6 bullets and a map compass and everything to survive for a little bit but i need food. i spot a house in the forest looks like nobody is there. i go inside. there is a dead couple on the bed. i take some food and a bottle of water and i head out leaving them in peace. the world is gone to ****. i start walking again for miles upon miles. i find a little city meet some other survivors. they tell me there is an outpost. i start walking to its coords. Finally i found it. it was a trap. i get taken hostage and all my stuff gets stolen. they leave me in the middle of nowhere knocked out. i wake up. where am i . how did i get here. i got baited. i start walking again just at random. i find a small city full of those dead people walking. i found a sharp stick and start killing them over and over again. i found some food a map and a compass in this city i start heading south. right be for i leave a hear explosions in the distance. is this the military? i do not know i hope they do not come for me. I reach another city and find a car that looks to be working. it just has a flat tire. i go over to a barn in the distance. i found a wheel and some gasoline it must be my lucky day. i go back put some gas in the fuel tank and put the wheel on. it works. i start driving and finally reach the coast its one of the last things that did not change. i camp out here for a few days. i drive to a little city next to the coast i stock up on food and drink gasoline and i found a gun got some ammo. i come across another survivor he seems to be friendly. i offer him a ride. we ended up staying together to survive this apocalypse or whatever it is that is going on. we see people fighting everywhere and try to stay away from all of that. we find a city called electro. we get out of the car to get some supplies. we start to getting shot. we run to the car and start driving as fast as wel could. we got out safely. we camp out in the middle of the forest. us getting shot scared us pretty bad we stay here for a week. we found a deer in the forest and there is a fresh stream of water next to our camp. we are surviving. we have food for days and fresh water that comes out of the mountain. we have not seen any animals for a while and we both think we need to go find food. we drive to a city. we carefully loot around and fill up the car. we killed a few walkers and moved on to the next city. we think we might be able to stop this if we kill them all. we cleared city after city. we find out there is to many and to many people are still fighting each other. we leave piles of food and drink next to the roads for fellow survivor. we try everything to help people surviving this mess. we find a big trading group and sell them a lot of stuff. food water clothes metal wood. we become great trading partners and we buy some guns from him. one day we drive up to the trader and he has some problems with bandit we start shooting and kill them be for they do more damage. he was so great full he said he would be for ever great full. we have another loaded car to sell we trade it for canned food and some extra bottles. ammo was also needed. we go to a big city and look for heavy duty metal to make the car more armored. we found some spikes and some plates we start attaching it. we now are able to fight back the bandits. we find there outpost and start an attack. they were surprised that they got attacked and panic. they all got slaughter. we feel bad about what we did they were people overall. we take their food guns clothes everything there was a lot and go back to the trader. when we get there its overrun with walkers we turn around and leave to the coast. we have not seen people for about a week now and think we are the last ones alive. we just keep driving and driving. we did not know there was an ambush set up at the beach we start getting shot. a wheel gets hit and explodes. the car starts spinning. i can not control it. i get knocked out on the impact of hitting a tree. i wake up in the car a short time after the crash. the passenger side of the car is fully gone. i killed my friend. i hear people talking and i try to get out. one of them comes over to my and knocked me out with the back of a gun. i wake up on the beach with nothing left . again.